My Indian Mate

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πŸ’—14:- OverthinkingπŸ’—

Saee nodded weakly at aishu and dropped her gaze down at her hands and took a few seconds for herself . Finally she cleared her throat and looked up " It's still early , you should probably catch some rest , as should we " she said and left to aishu's room with aishu following her .

Alex saw it though , the moisture in her eyes , her trying hard not to cry . Before leaving the room aishu turned to face Alex " I don't know what type of person you are Alex , but just don't do anything which will hurt her , she's always been there for me and I'll be there for her too if she needs me but instead I wanna make sure to be there for her in her success instead of being a shoulder to lean on and cry as I won't allow bad things to come her way in the first place ."

Alex though over her words and he didn't know what was happening or what to do . He was happy that his mate has such a caring and supporting sister , but he didn't understand what was happening ! He was confused over their reaction .


Saee layed down in bed and stared up at the celing feeling tired . Aishu got in bed beside her and said " Get some rest , you need it " with that she left her alone with her thoughts and fell asleep .

Her head started paining more and due to overthinking about the question

' Was he worth all the pain ?...'

Sure he was sweet and caring , he could protect her , provide for her , but was he worth the pain her parents would be put through , her sister , friends would be put through if she decided to run away ?

She groaned while holding her throbbing forehead and got up as she couldn't sleep . She went out to see mihika sitting on the sofa up straight and trying had to not close her drooping eyes .

Going near her saee ordered her to sleep but she pouted and denied . Finally saee said beside her and mihika leaned her head on her shoulder .


As her alarm rang aishu got up to see the other side of the bed empty . There wasn't even the lingering warmth so she froaned and got up . She couldn't find her anywhere , the bathroom , the kitchen , the living room .

Just then a thought strick aishu , what if she had sleep walked towards her own room where Alex was sleeping . Muttering profanities under her breath she went there and peaked in to see nothing but a disheveled alex sitting there holding his head in his hand .

Aishu knocked on the door and Alex got surprised resulting in falling on the floor . He was too lost in his thoughts about what must have happened that he failed to notice her coming there .

He groaned due to the impact of falling but got up and looked at her . " Have you seen saee ? " She asked bluntly without any greetings . He rolled her eyes saying ' as expected ' but then his mind processed the question .

" What do you mean ? , Wasn't she with you ? " He asked confusion laced in his voice . Aishu rolled her eyes at him with annoyed look " If she was with me do you think I would be asking you this question ? " She said and got back out .

Alex got up quickly and came out and started looking for her too , he could feel her in the house , using his wolf's instincts he came to a stop near the sofa where mihika had laid but suddenly she looked twice her size .

So Alex removed the blanket just to be shocked . Saee and mihika were sleeping hugging each other tightly as if their life depended on it .

Mihika sleeping on half the sofa beside saee , more like ON saee . Alex cleared his throat and aishu came there to witness the scean and grit her teeth as her eye twitched and without thinking she twisted both of their ears and they sprang up the sofa shouting " Ow! ow! ow! " And as they got up aishu left their ears .

Both saee and mihika kneeled on the ground in front of her and gulped . " Aww I'm so sorry , did it hurt ? " Asked aishu with no remorse on her face .

" You know the list ladies so get yo ass up " aishu said and turned to Alex " And mr.alex , I would really appreciate it if you would wear some clothes around our house " she said pointing at his body which was on display as he was wearing only a pair of boxers .

Aishu returned back to her room and saee and mihika sighed in relief , relying on each other . They closed their eyes in relief and just then aishu's voice came yelling " AVARA !! "

(Get ready !!)

Both saee and mihika as if possessed by ghost's got up and went to saee's room leaving a almost naked Alex alone in the living room .

Alex sat down quitely on the sofa not knowing what to do . After a while saee came out with some clothes in her hand .

" I didn't know if you were gonna go to work or stay in or something so I brought you what I liked and I'm not fashion expert or anything so don't expect too much from me " she said and sat down near him .

She showed him 2 t-shirts , one was a plain black and the other was a stripped grey and white . And then there was a plain white button down shirt . She then showed him a casual pair of trousers .

" I just guessed the sizes , the shirt may fit but I'm not quite sure about the pants ...." She said and sinked back in the sofa . Just then aishu's came out and saee got up sighing . She handed the clothes to Alex " Have you taken a shower yet ? " She asked and Alex denied .

She went to her room and came back with a towel and two bags . Handing the towel to Alex she turned to aishu . " I'm done with packing my clothes , yat jaga ahe azun so yat kapde pack kar thoprent me bakicha saman pack karte " saee said and handed the half empty bag to aishu and turned around but stopped as Alex spoke up .

( This still has some space so pack your clothes in this till then I'll pack our other stuff )

" Are you going somewhere ? " He asked eyeing the luggage she was carrying . She nodded at him and said " Yea , we are visiting our hometown first then we'll be going to panhala for our brothers wedding " she said .

" How about you take a bath and get ready , till then I can pack up ? " She said and went to the kitchen keeping the other bag in the Corner of that room .

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