My Indian Mate

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πŸ’—15:-wedding to attendπŸ’—

The twins had boarded the flight and were now bickering on which movie to watch whereas mihika was fast asleep beside them .

Finally settling on the movie 'Enola Homes' they settled in . Saee was a little nervous as she didn't wanted to go back and face 'him' , her biggest nightmares but she didn't wanted to hurt her brother too .

Aishu sensed her nervousness and squeezed her hand to assure her that nothing would happen and she was there for her . As the time passed their eyes started to droop down and after a while sleep finally embraced them .


They were shook awoke by none other than a now energetic looking mihika . " We're landed , get up " she said and even though they still wanted to sleep they got up .

As soon as they entered the Bombay airport the twins saw their brother frantically waving his hands to get their attention . They chucked at his childishness . They swore that even though he was the bigger sibling he behaved liked the smallest one .

As the siblings hugged eachother in content mihika clicked their pics and then her dramatic mode kicked in and she scoffed " What ? No hug for me ? " She acted and then joined the group hug happily .

The twins didn't bother to change out of their outfits as their brother didn't mind them wearing shorts and they were pretty sure that their parents will be dead asleep by the time they reach there .

Leaving all the luggage for their brother and mihika to load in the car they took their seats in the back and let the sleep embrace them again .


Saee was woken up by someone shaking her . She opened her eyes to see everything blurry , in her blurry vision she saw someone moving and heard the voice of her brother muttering something . Her mind was too groggy to process anything so she shrugged it off and snuggled back to her twin .


Saee woke up to stomach cramps , groaning she kept twisting and turning in bed but finally after a while she got up and made it to the door and slowly but steadily she entered the kitchen and sat on the chair , clutching her stomach hard .

" You okay?" She heard a voice speaking to her and jumped in her seat to see her brother , Neil standing there looking at her with consern in his eyes . Saee just shook her head no and clutched her stomach again .

" My s-stomach pains like h-hell " she stuttered out in pain . " Those days ?" He asked her hesitantly but she again shook her head negatively and this time her eyes watered .

" Can you make me a heat pad or hot water bag please " she asked desperately and trying hard not to cry . He nodded and quickly got to work . He gave her the hot water bag and sat down on the chair beside her .

She closed her eyes and started taking deep breaths trying to calm her down , suddenly she felt vomit coming up her throat and she ran back to her room where her sister was still sleeping unaware of everything .

She barged into the washroom and sat on her knees infront of the toilet , emptying the contents of her stomach which weren't much but some white bubbly/foamy substance was falling out .

Holding her hair back securely but gently he soothingly patted her back . After she while she sat there tired , she had just calmed down when the second batch came out and she was again back to heaving and throwing up in the toilet .


He was sad that he couldn't see his mate for the last time as he had to leave . He wanted to see her atleast once , so he could capture her image , her scent , the erupting sparks till he comes back here to claim what is his , to claim what belongs to him , to claim her .

He was quite pissed off as his wolf wasn't even bothering talking to him as he didn't wanted to leave this place without his mate , he wanted her by his side when he walks back to his pack , he wanted to show off his beauty to his sub-ordinates .

He maybe a beast to her kind but for him she was just his beautiful mate and this beast surely wasn't gonna go back without claiming his beauty .

His wolf was literally nailing out his insides , maybe not literally but well you get the gist . Just then mason came and gave him a knowing look as he found him scowling .

"Alpha , you may want to attend this wedding " mason said showing him the invitation he had already decided not at attend and send flowers instead .

" Mason why would go there when I have already decided not to " Alex said still pissed off . Mason signed and sat on the bed as he saw his alpha getting ready to leave .

" Well then I guess the Luna may have to wait till your next return " hearing about his mate his wolf's ears perked up .

" See what happen mate ! " His wolf said finally decided to talk .

"Oh now you talk I see " said Alex still pissed at his wolf but still listened to him . " What about her ? " Alex questioned mason but Mason just shrugged .

"Mason!.." Alex said seriously and Mason signed rolling his eyes " Well look again at what I showed you " said he as handed the tablet into Alex's hand .

Alex saw the invitation and then scrolled down to see information of his supplier and some pics but as he scrolled down more he saw his mate and his sister hugging someone and that was the groom .

Down the information was written and he came to know this was her brother . He remembered her saying that she was going to his hometown first and then was gonna attend her brother's wedding .

" Mason give me Mr. Pahil's contact number and get ready . We have a wedding to attend " he said with with a smirk on his face and his wolf agreed on it .

" Mr. PATIL's no. is there itself " said mason , correcting his alpha and Alex just rolled his eyes at him not in the mood to speak anything , the only things going on his head with his wolf were about saee .

" Get ready mate , cause soon your gonna be mine , with me , by my side , in my arms ...."

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