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πŸ’—16:- Meeting SanaπŸ’—

Sitting on the sofa with mihika the twins were just chilling talking about how to surprise the groups fourth member a.k.a shreeya when she comes back from Pune .

Shreeya was gonna come the day after tomorrow from Pune and had told her mum to not tell these three so she could surprise them but aunty had other plans and spilled all the beans to them and they had decided to surprise her instead , but we'll see how it goes or does future has some different plans .

While they were chatting , their brother was setting up the table and tidying up the house a bit as his wife-to-be or also called as his fΓ­ance was gonna pay a visit so the twins could meet her as they were a little angry that even if they weren't invited ,they hadn't even been notified about their brothers engagement and when their parents had came , they directly dropped the bomb of his marriage on them .

Mihika was waiting for her dad to arrive so she could so for shopping with aunty . As aunty was gonna go already , mihika decided to tag along to shop and also to complete the main purpose of any child's life , to annoy the hell out of their parents , pure bliss guys , I tell you , pure bliss ~

The twins parents were gonna go out for shopping for sarees for aaheer and also the other material which will be needed .

The twins were pissed off at their dear brother as he hadn't even informed them , his sister's , about him even having girlfriend and had to find out from their parents , but most of all it hurt them . Even when they were small , they used to share everything with each other , may the thing be small or big , but he had kept them in darkness and for that , their brother dearest had to pay , let's see how the twins will make him regret it .

When their parents passed by the twins acted as if they were doing the work too but in reality the only thing that they are actually doing was making their brother do the work . And even though their brother was whining , well he should be prepared as this was just the tip of the ice-berg like bitter candy called as , sweet revenge 😈 .

Mihika had gone and had already started sending pictures of every cute guy she found out there just so she could prove that she was over that jerk faced Ex of her's . But the real question the twins asked her that when did she even have feeling for him , she only felt angry because she couldn't do the honour of dumping him herself , and that hurt her playgirl feelings .

Though the twins had decided a nice cozy and heated punishment for him , but only the time could tell how heated it will actually turn out for him .

It had been half an hour since their parents and mihika had left . There was still no sigh of Sana , their about to be sister-in-law . And their oh so lovely brother , Arjun was just lost in his dream world .

Aishu yawned and went limp on the sofa as she closed her eyes , just then the doorbell rung indicating the arrival of someone whom the twins prayed would be Sana .

The brother got up and almost ran to open the door . The twins looked at him as if he was a stranger , he had so much enthusiasm when he opens the door for them , they thought and followed him .

Arjun opened the door and his face into a big child-like grin , as if the child just saw his favourite candy - if you know what I mean - he stepped aside to let in like the gentleman which he isn't , but well she's a exception .

As soon as the door closed he hugged her mumbling a small 'i missed you' and standing back straight to look at her , but not before pressing a light kiss on her forehead .

" I'm sorry I'm late but do I look okay ? I am so nervous to meet you sisters that's why it took me long " sana asked him looking at herself but before he could utter a word a third voice came making them snap their neck in that direction .

" Don't worry sweetheart , " started saee and glanced at aishu with mischief in her eyes " you look ravishing " aishu finished the sentence with a chuckle .

" Hey ! I didn't quite see you there " said sana nervously , trying not to show her guts who were in a mess right now .

" Oh how will you ? " Started aishu n pouted " you were too busy ogling at our brother there " completed saee trying hard not to burst out laughing as Sana's face turned red and redder each passing second .

" Do they normally talk like this , like half-half ?" Sana asked Arjun in a small voice as her nerves started to kick in , but the twins heard her .

"Nope sweetie " started saee " just for you " finished aishu and then the twins winked at her . And finally started laughing . As their rolled him eyes at the duo muttering under his breath 'stupid twin bond' .

After seeing the playful side of them Sana's nerves started to settle in and she laughed a little too . " I like you guys already" said sana .

" Well that's just our charm you know " said saee and aishu leaned over her shoulder , grinning at the couple in front of them .

They went to living room area but aishu started whined " Can we please start to have lunch already ? At this rate Mere pait ke chuye bhi marjayenghe bhook se , that is if we didn't eat "

( Even the rats in my stomach will die out of hunger )

Sana and Arjun laughed at her but saee muttered a " I agree " and so the four of them were not sitting on the dining table eating quietly . The couple playing with their hands under the table , thinking the twins wouldn't notice it .

" Okay stop it now " aishu finally snapped at them . And the couple gave her a confused look . " Seriously ? " She asked her brother giving him a do-i-still-look-like-a-child-to-you . But seeing his face morf into more confusion she glanced at saee while while rolling her eyes , sighing .

" Oh come on , do you think we are fools ?? We can see you doing that googly eyes at each other the way she's biting her lip to stop laughing or smiling , they way you smirk a little as you won the hand fight or whatever you are doing down there ! Just go get a room already and finish up whatever your devil's tango is remaining " said saee stating the facts .

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