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πŸ’—17:- Love story <3 πŸ’—

After having a awkward lunch , they were having some ice-cream as desert , in silence but aishu couldn't take it anymore and finally blurred out .

" Doesn't it feel like we are at someone's funeral and actually enjoying that someone died ..." Arjun gave her a weird look "What the heck are you splatturing about ?" He questioned .

" We all are together , we ate quitely , aren't talking a single word , does that seem like a circus to you them ?" Aishwarya replied back sassily .

" Handle your twin " Arjun said to saee and she rolled her eyes . " I've been handling her since the time we started sharing the womb , have some pity on me dude ,and handle your sister yourself " she said which somehow offended her twin .

"Heyyy !! I'm quite a easy going person " whined aishwarya and after hearing this both saee and Arjun started laughing which resulted in them choking on their ice-cream , which ended up looking like hyenas laughing .

"Serves you both , for teasing me " said aishu and showed them her tongue in return making weird faces .

" You? And easygoing.......?" Asked Arjun and started laughing again and started slapping saee's shoulder to get her attention " Remember the time when you were given the project on the topic 'babies' ? " He asked and he started laughing more loudly holding his stomach while laughed a bit on it .

He turned to Sana and started telling her the story after seeing the confusion on her face . " They were in around 8th or 9th grade and they were given the project 'babies' the project was to collect information about how animal babies are different than human once and these two devil's decided that it would be funny to test our parents .

That night we were all at the table having dinner and they decided to drop the bomb and asked out father the question acting like they were the epitome of innocence 'Daddy , how are the babies born ?' I still remember our dad choking on his food and spiting it out which accidentally was spit in my plate ." He said and the couple started laughing together while the twins whined .

" Heyy! You gotta admit that one was good " said aishu and the twins hi-fived . " Well I'm sure it wasn't that good for the teacher though " said saee and the twins started giggled looking at each other .

They chatting a while about the good old days also about the time when Arjun accidentally slipped on the plain damn floor and ended up breaking his arm and a slight fracture in his leg and how he acted like a child and the twins had to take care of him for about 3 - 4 months , which Arjun was embrassed about while talking . Like dude , how can you slip on plain floor ?

" Okay go , we'll be having some girls time " said saee while bowing and offering her hands to the two other ladies which took it and got up " till then you can do the dishes " she said and after hearing Arjun groaning it gave twins some sort of odd satisfaction .

" Okay , but don't you dare tell her anything weird " he warned the twins rolled their eyes completely ignoring him and aishu said " we've already kept the laundry basket in your room so wash them properly and I also expect our washed and dried clothes to be ironed and folded in our wardrobe before evening ~ so chop chop brother ~" she said lengthening out the word brother almost teasingly .


As they entered the room saee was quick to close the door and like a moth attracted to fire the went near Sana . " Okay spill already woman !" Said the twins excitedly .

" What ?" She asked confused . " Ugh tell us your love story already" said aishu impatiently . Though she wasn't much of a romance person but come on people , knowing our brothers/sisters love story and teasing them is our duty !

" Um , we met three years ago when he had come to my school to visit a teacher and then the teacher made him give speech to children , that was the first time I saw him in the auditorium . He was wearing a suit , looking like a gentleman , hair swept back and set by gel to perfection .

As it was my birthday that day , I was all dressed up and I was thankful for it . I was just mesmerised looking at him that I didn't hear a single thing he said , but I did hear his deep voice , and I also saw him glancing at me a few times which made my heart beat faster . The students left the auditorium with their respective teachers but I just couldn't get myself to walk out . That's when he finally looked at me in the eye and God the smile he gave me while walking towards me ...*sigh* " she said and sighed at the end in a dream came true manner .

"Wow , I never thought my brother could be like this ...I didn't know he even had such a side other than being a dumbass and a asshole to us " said aishu in disbelief .

" Well I would've never in a million years thought that my brother , wait lemme correct myself , my dumbass brother would have taken interest in a teacher , let alone marry one . " Said saee and quickly muttered a "no offence" to Sana but Sana offered her a questioning look .

" What teacher are you talking about , I'm still a student " she said . " Wait what ? What's your age ? " Saee questioned her and Sana became a little uncomfortable " um 17 ?" She said but it sounded more like a question .

" What the fuck ? " Aishu said out unconsciously . " You are still underage ! And my brother is like -" she paused and counted "- 8 years older than you !!" Aishu shericked out !!

" Shut up for a min aishu ! Sweetie are you being forced into this because they caught you kissing ? If so tell us , we can stop this marriage , you can get married when you want to , when you feel like it ! Not because of this fucking pressure coming from these people "

" It's your life , live it the way you want to live it ....don't let any control it ...I know how these circumstance can turn out against you and...I can't explain but I do understand you . " Saee said .

" How can they do this to their own children ??? Are the out of their fucking minds ?! Huh ! What kind of parents are they ?!! Probably monsters , no even that have a heart "aishu released her anger .

Sana just sighed and gave a small smile which didn't quite reach her eyes . " You know , I was happy , I am happy to marry the love of my life and I will be happy to spend my life with him but it's just too soon , I mean I want to study further and I doubt if I could now . I'm sure Arjun won't mind but I doubt if our family members will agree , especially mine , a very orthodox household , God knows how I've managed to let them make me study till now "

The twins pulled Sana in a warm bear hug . " Don't worry , just tell us if you want to prolong the wedding , and we'll do it " the twins encouraged her but Sana shook her head and smiled . "Don't , I'll be out of that hellhole to this one , but here atleast I have Arjun with me and you two are the most I look forward to living with ."

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