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πŸ’—18:- CozyπŸ’—

After the girls time , it was tea time so the three of them came down to find Arjun sleeping like a animal on the chair .

Saee and Sana settled down on the sofa while aishu stood there " would you like some coffee Sana? " Asked aishu and Sana nodded with a confused look as aishu was walking towards Arjun . " Sure "

Aishu went and stood behind arjun's chair and then by one hand she held his chin so he couldn't open his mouth and then she pressed his nose close while bending to his level and muttering in a babyish voice "wakey-wakey big bro" .

Due to lack of oxygen Arjun Shericked and got up from his seat and started looking around asking " Who died ?? " After seeing this Sana burst out laughing .

" Well no one had died but someone will if you don't make us , the three prettiest ladies in your life , some coffee " said aishu smiling innocently .

" Argh ! I'm not doing it ! " Said Arjun and plopped back in chair aishu pouted and looked at saee and Sana and went near them and sat down .

" Stop whining and go make some coffee okay " saee said and Arjun just looked at her and showed her his tongue and closed his eyes. " We had a deal , brother " she warned and after that he got up and went to the kitchen quitely .

" What kind of deal ? " Asked Sana . "Well that's for us to know and you to" said aishu n paused "dot dot dot ?" Provided Sana , using TVD quote " Nah , you to simply not know " finished saee and the trio laughed .

" Well look how we have prepared our brother to be a great house husband already" said aishwarya to Sana teasingly and she blushed a little .

After a while Arjun came out with four cups of coffee and served them acting like a gentleman . Taking a cup he settled down on the chair across them , sana was sitting right in middle of the sofa , in Indian pose , saee was sitting down on the carpet , with her legs intertwined and unfolded , leaning on the sofa on Sana's right side , whereas aishu was laying down on the carpet with saee , her head in saee's lap .

It felt cozy and comfortable around sana , it didn't felt like any guest was there , it felt like home , even before marriage and all , Sana had already became a part of that family , she felt happy around them .

If we see them as a third person , it would look like a young mother sat with her children who were playing and fooling around and while the father was just sitting observing them , a cozy , warmth filled family .

"Oh before I forget, look what I found " said Arjun and took out a small phone from his pocket . It was a pic of kid-teen versions of Saee , Aishwarya and Arjun tied together with a frown and pouts on their faces .

"Mum had stuck it to the fridge by magnet , I just found it while throwing away the done list's " he said with a smile on his face . Saee and Aishwarya laughing as they took a look at that picture and passed it to Sana .

" Omg , you three look so cute ! But why are you tied together ?" She asked with a smile which came while looking at that picture , which didn't seem to leave her lips .

"Well that would be because I told them they were adopted ?" He said which sounded like a question , while rubbing his neck nervously .

" What ? " Asked Sana astonishingly . " It was a lie " he further said and laughed nervously . The twins rolled their eyes before looking at each other .

"Well " said saee " We were adopted because you were a mistake who was missing a brain " the twins said in unison and started laughing while Sana and Arjun joined them .

" And there you have it why we were tied together ! " Said aishu " mum wanted us to stop saying these weird things and bond together " she finished . " So did you ? " Asked sana hesitantly . Aishu gave her a shocked look and kept her hand on her chest " you think we would bond with this dumb, brain less creature ?" She question back and Arjun whined .

" Arjun ? " Sana said out of nowhere " yea ? " He said and looked at her . " I'm breaking up with you " she said in a serious manner and the three siblings turned to her together , twins in shock and Arjun with panic .

At first Arjun thought she was joking but after seeing her expression he Panicked thinking if by any chance she was serious .

Arjun sprung up from his seat and came near her and kneeled down in front of her , the twins on the either side of him .

" Honey what happened , why are you saying such things ? Don't leave me , I can't live without you . You can't leave me you promised! We are getting married in a few days and what are you saying ? Is this because marriage is too soon ? I'll do something and postpone it " He said looking at her venurablely .

" I'm ... I'm sorry Arjun , but I may have to break that promise now " she said a small voice . But seeing his face she regretted ever saying it , she regretted even thinking about it .

He gulped as tears glistened in his eyes . " Sana , even though he is dumb and all he is a really good guy , he has always been a good brother , he was there for us even when mom or dad couldn't be , he was there for us when our parents weren't supporting our decision and I'm sure he will be a good husband and if he doesn't then tell us " said saee .

" We'll kick his ass for you , and make him understand what is he doing wrongly , but don't leave him , you both love each other remember ? And love can't just get lost in thin air " said aishu but Sana just shook her head .

" I'm sorry but I'm breaking up with you because.......


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How do you like my cliffhanger ? πŸ˜πŸ˜‰

Anyway what do you think must be the reason for Sana to act like this ?

Do tell me your opinion , I'll be looking forward to it πŸ˜ƒ

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