My Indian Mate

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πŸ’—1-He found her πŸ’—

Saee and Aishwarya were waiting on the airport for mihika to arrive and suddenly someone backhugged both of them mumbling " I missed you bitches ! " .

They instantly came to know who it was and hugged her back saying in unison " we missed you too bitch ! "

His flight has just landed and he got off the plane . As soon as he got in the waiting section he smelled the most enticing smell he has ever sniffed ! His wolf started howling in his head chanting Mate ! Mate !

He looked around the to see , and his gaze fell on a certain group of 3 girls hugging each other , not knowing what he felt attracted towards them , mostly towards the one who's back was facing him . He started walking towards them but suddenly a group of people came and was not able to see them .

After the crowd was gone , he couldn't find them , he couldn't feel her presence there , but he followed her scent and found them walking towards a car .

Suddenly the same girls hankie fell down , he quickly picked it up and called her " Miss ! Excuse me ! Miss ! " And she turned around .

His breath caught in his throat and he was lost looking at her , not noticing when she walked and stood in front of her .

She snapped her fingers in front of her eyes causing his stance to broke and he looked in her eyes .

She cleared her throat and folded her arms across her chest , giving him a look saying "what ? " . He started sputtering " hankie you fell , no , fell you hankie , no your hankie fell " he said finally and showed it to her .

She started giggling " I don't eat humans you know " she said softly and all he heard was a beautiful melodious voice saying something .

She gently took her hankie from his hand , her fingertips gently brushing again his hands . And there came the sparks , she gasped lightly and took a step back , having him a questioning and what the hell , Look .

She curtly nodded her head towards him and went back to her group . As soon as she went back to the group , they both started teasing her " Aww , someone looks whipped by just a flash of our beauty ."

She blushed as she said " oh shut up , let's just go ." The two of them giggled looking at her flushed self but they sat in their car and went away .

He stood there still , his emotions and feelings in a tangled mess . He was so happy that he found her atlast , she was such a beauty , and when she talked to him in her enchanting voice , he world just stopped .

He gently sniffed his hand , where her fingertips brushed , her scent was driving his wolf crazy , as if he was possessed by her and the funny things was he didn't even knew her name , his possessors name .

He stood there with a stupid grin on his face , eyes closed , lost in her scent when his beta found him . He patted his shoulder to gain his attention " You okay bro ? You look like a child who just got his candy , standing there grining , it looks a little creepy to be honest . " His beta accepted .

But he just hugged him " I found her ! " He mumbled as he let go of him . " What ? Who ? " Asked his beta with a questioning look . " . He just grinned from ear to ear " My mate ! I found her ! "

" What ? Are you serious ? Where is she ? " He asked looking around . Alexander just shook his head , his grin shrink " she just went away and I didn't even ask for her name " he said feeling stupid .

His beta gave him a small tight lipped smile while patting his back , " It's okay , we'll find her , we still have a lot of time " .

They got into a taxi and went to check in to their hotel rooms . They checked into their own rooms and showered and got ready to meet back together for brunch . As soon as they left their building , he got sniff of the same scent he was dying to get . He looked around frantically just to find her sitting with the same two girls he saw her with earlier . she was looking as pretty as he saw her earlier in that navy blue Indian attire , giggling and laughing with her friends .

His beta came and stood behind him and leaned near his ear and said " Is it her ? " . alexander jumped in surprise hearing his voice suddenly . " Geez ! do you wanna give me a heart attack ? " alexander said keeping a hand on his chest .

" No you were just too busy to notice me coming and were lost looking at her so I just guessed it was her , is she ? " he asked . Alexander nodded as a smile made its way on his face .

She was sitting at a table in gardens , so Alexander took his beta and sat nearby them , acting as if he was talking on phone and didnt saw her .

But she saw through that as while taking actions in speed he had held the phone upside down and the front to back .

She excused herself from her her group and went to him , just as he had sat down and tapped his shoulder lightly .

After feeling the sparks he turned around to come face to face with his shocked mate . She shook her head lightly and looked at him .

He being obvilious to everything continue to act and said " Hold on a sec " on his reversed phone and turned to her " yes ? " he said and then gave her a surprised look " hey ! " .

Saee tried to stiffle her laugh and and took a deep breath saying " I think you would want to turn off the video and hold the phone properly before calling anyone . " She said and giggled a little .

He look at his phone and then at her rubbing the back of her neck awkwardly " Actually ...I um β€”"

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