My Indian Mate

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I swere to hod guys I have last life's enimity with oil ! I was making some tries and while putting them in oil my finger went in it too ! And as much as I would like to show you that I'm not just making up excuses , it's my middle finger and I don't want you guys to get the wrong idea this time my weird habit won't come in between of me typing but there will be a lot of typos so please hare with me guys......I'll edit them as soon my finger recovers .....and now there's a water bubble type thingy there , on my wound ........T~T

So I'll be posting the new chapter sokn , maybe Tommy itself if ,so I'm really sorry for the typos in advance .....

And you know guys to top it off a thing gut added in my embrassement list ....... T~T

Anyway gtg.....I love you all with all my headt πŸ’™

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