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" I'm sorry but I'm breaking up with you because......." She said and paused looking at them and decided to stop it " fuck it ! Arjun I'm not breaking up " she said looking at him with sadness in her eyes .

He didn't say anything and just burried his face in her lap , hugging her waist and pulling their bodies together and Sana hugged him back . The twins were relieved to see them back together .

"I'm sorry , I was just fooling around ...." Said Sana in a apologetic manner . " What " said the twins while frowning at her , while Arjun didn't say a word and just hugged her closer , content in having her in his arms .

" I just wanted to joke , saying I'll break up with him and marry you two instead as I like you guys better , but clearly the joke took another way and took a deep turn instead " she said and Arjun tightened his hold more - if that was even possible - after hearing the mery words .

Sana just kissed his head and rested her cheek on his head and closed her eyes , hugging his neck with one arms while playing with his hair in a soothing manner with the second one .

The twins quitely went back to their room , to give the couple some space . The joke may have failed but it showed them how much they cared for each other . It was clear how they had fell for each other .

While downstairs Arjun has layed down on sofa , curled up to Sana , still hugging her waist and face burried in her lap , while she sat there letting his cool down , combing her hand through his hair soothing , to calm him down .

" Would you really leave me ? Ever ? " He asked her still not wanting to show her his face . His eyes were red as they water frequently but he didn't let them fall .

She chuckled " Of course I will , but that will only happen when I leave this world , and don't you dare say anything like you'll leave first and all , I'll drag your soul from wherever you would be and make you live with me till I would take my last breath ." She said and as if their meeting came in front of her eyes she started confessing .

" The first time I saw you , the only thing I wanted to do was to make you look at me and keep staring at you , more like gazing . Then the second time we met was when gave me lift when it was raining ,..... I was go scared you know ,... that you will notice me gawking at you and will start ignoring me if you ever saw me again , thinking I'm some weirdo " Sana confessed .

" I did notice you gawking .....and you are a weirdo...still I'm with you " he said to lighten up the mood " your not really helping the situation you know " Sana said lightly and he turned around his position , his face now directly in front of her .

She was sitting in the right corner , with folded legs and her elbow resting on the armrest as her face rested on her hand and her face bent to look at Arjun , while her open hair forming a curtain for the other side , hiding their faces .

" What situation huh ? " He said as he faced her and saw her blushing but the blush went away as quick as it came , as she saw his red eyes , and bit her lip unconsciously .

" Why are you sad ? " He asked her , cupping her lower face , while his thumb moved along the edge of her lips . "I'm not sad " she said , capturing her lip back in her teeth .

As she did it his gaze moved from her eyes to her lips , looking at the captured , he moved his thumb along her lower lips , making her leave it from her hold .

He grazed her lip again with his thumb and looked back in her eye " You only bite your lips when either you are sad or nervous and I don't see my parents here to make you nervous and you won't be nervous due to the two demons for sure. " He said and rolled his eyes at the end .

" Come on they couldn't be that bad " Sana said , her mood instantly lightning hearing about them . " Believe me , I grew up up with those demons . " He said and looked at her again " And careful there , I might really think you like them more than me " he said a little possesively and Sana laughed out loud , her laugh a melodic sound .

" Well even if I do , I'm stuck with you mister , happily stucked" Sana said , her lips holding a big smile , reaching her eyes , which made him smile back . " Come here " said Arjun , telling her to lower her face a bit .

" No Arjun , no kissing , I've had my 'I'm gonna piss my pants any minute now' movement when you dad walked in on us , I can't really handle it again if your sisters walk in " she rambled and he just rolled his eyes , ignored her and got up straight , holding her face in his hands , and lifting it a bit , kissing her forehead , his eyes closed in satisfaction while her eyes closed in content .

His lips on her forehead , his hands holding her face and his fingers in her hair , her hands holding his wrists and a smile adoring her lips .

Just them they heard a "Aww " sound coming which stopped suddenly as if it saw a ghost . The couple turned their head to the direction on sound to find the twins standing there , a phone in each hands . But instead of the awed look as they did say aww , their faces held a look as if they saw a ghost .

Arjun looked at aishu to see him looking behind them and then looked at saee to see her giving him a signal to turn around .

The young couple turned around to see , his and twins , parents standing there . The quartet gulped and just looked at the elders . The twins slowly but steadily ran upstairs as if their asses were on fire , leaving both the couple alone .

The older couple was quite not knowing what to say about what all they saw and heard while the younger couple was speechless due to embrassment .

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