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After the awkward moment Arjun got up and decided to drop off Sana at her home . They asked twins if they wanted to come but saee wanted to have a little 'chat' with their dad and aishu just wanted to enjoy the show n be there to support her if she needs her .

Arjun n sana drove in silence , enjoying each other's company . Arjun stopped the car in front of her house and turned to her just to find her sleeping peacefully .

He chuckled but got out of the car with her bags , sliding them to his elbow . He opened the door to her side and picked her up in his arms and she graons n wriggles a bit .

"Shh baby , it me " he said and after hearing his voice she stop wriggling and snuggled into him , fisting his shirt . He chuckled at her antics and started walking towards her home .

As he couldn't ring the doorbell by his hand due to carrying her he ringed it using his head , he pressed his head to ring it .

After a while he could hear footsteps and the door opened to reveal Sana's mother with a spatula in hand . She furrowed her eyebrows looking at her daughter sleeping in his arms but still stepped aside to invite him in .

She was gonna wake her up but seeing this Arjun shook his head and whispered β€œ Zopude tila , saee ani aishu sobat hote divasbhar , damli asel ” he said and smiled looking at Sana in his arms .

(Let her sleep , she was with saee and aishu all day , she must be tired )

Her mother saw all this and a small smile graced her lips . β€œ Mala tichi room dakhavta ka ? ” he asked and she gave him the instructions and went back to kitchen to look at her vegetables .

(Can you show me her room ?)

Her went up and found her rooms door slight ajar so her pushed the door open with his waist and again pushed it close same way . He gently layed her down on her bed and kept her purse and bags on the chair near her desk .

He went and sat near her and saw her constantly pushing her hair out of her face . He chuckled but took out a hair tie out of his pocket and took all of her hair together and then parting it in three and then started braiding it . He does remember that when she comes to visit and he's busy in work , she tends to get sleepy so she braids her hair and sleeps on the mini sofa in his office .

And after waking up she puts her hair in a hairpin and forgets the bow in his office then when she needs it she asks Arjun if he has one and when he denies she starts whining .

So he keeps her ties with him and he also bought a few to keep with him all time so whenever she needs it he will have it with him .

After securing her braid with a bow , he kissed her forehead and and got up to leave . Glancing at her once more he smiled a little , thinking how lucky he was to have her .

As soon as he got in his car he picked up the phone which he was ignoring even though it was vibranting continuesly . He picked it up seeing it was mihika .

" Hello ? " Came a voice from other side .

" Bola madam , ky karu shakto me aaplya Sathi ? " Said Arjun acting like a buttler .

( Speak madam , what can I do for you ? )

" Koni tari aaj changlya mood madhe distay ~ " said mihika chuckling a bit " Pan te navhe , mala gheyala ye na , me ata thoda saman ghetiye but maza zalyavar me baher yeyun thambeen " she finished .

( Someone looks in a good mood today~
But anyway , come and pick me up , I'm taking some things right now but after I'm done I'll come out n wait for you outside )

" Brr pan lavkar avra , me yach area madhe ahe " said Arjun and cut to call to stop her from further questioning her .

( Ok but get ready soon , I'm in this area only )

As he reached in front of her house and he saw her just coming out of the door with two bags and her purse .

She kept one back in the backseat along with her purse and sat in the front seat with the other bag .

Mihika saw him eyeing the bag and she hugged it " hey ! Keep your eyes if my goodies " she said fake glaring at him .

"Did aunt sent cookies ? " He asked while driving and stealing glances at the bag . Mihika saw and smirked " Yup , but not for you " she said grinning from ear to ear .

As soon as she said that he stopped the car and turned the car around . " What are you doing ?" Asked mihika raising a eyebrow at him .

" I want my cookies , we are going back to pick some up for me " he said without looking at her . And she shook her head in disbelief " You haven't grown up , don't you know how we love to tease you ? Of course you have cookies here , I was just kidding you dumbo " she said .

" Well you have seen to lost your mind , why would I go there ? I could just call her . We were supposed to go in the side lane but cookies distracted me so I went straight " he said laughing a bit .

She just glared at him and looked out of the window , looking at the at the almost empty street .

Being in your hometown after a long time , being in the presence of the people you love , being in the place where you grew up , is peaceful .

Was the last thought in her mind before her mind started becoming hazy and sleep was about to over take her . But the car suddenly came to a halt and she sat up straight and looked out to see that they reached .

He took her luggage from back seat and went it while mihika followed behind him like a lost puppy while rubbing her eyes .

As soon as they entered they heard a commotion and went in to find the twins and their father having a argument and honestly seeing the atmosphere around them , Arjun didn't even wanted to get involved .

" Don't talk to me like that young lady , I'm the parent here , not you " said their dad . " Well age is just a number ! And she will become legal adult in a few days anyways ....." said their father now annoyed .

" Well , jail is just a room where your son and our brother has to go until she becomes one anyways !!! " Said the twins back in unison sassily .

" Mind it girls ! I'm your father !! And what I say is will happen ! When the elders have decided you should listen to it ! You should learn some manners and respect your elders . And this is why I didn't wanted to sent you away , you have become totally ill-mannered and disrespectful " said their father angrily .

"Well if caring for the future of our brother and trying so that he and the family won't be seen behind the bars is disrespectful and ill-mannered then be it , we are . But as you said listen to your elders " saee said glaring at her father and called out "Aishu?"

After hearing her name aishu came out with laptop in her hand and placed it on the table behind saee and then saee came to a side so their father can see the screen .

Their father saw the screen and gulped seeing the grandfather of twins aka his father .

The elders started to talk while saee and aishu started talking to Arjun and their mother so they can distracted them and as mihika had a idea what was going on she helped the twins to distract .

After a while their father closed the laptop gruffly and scowled . " The marriage date is not gonna change " he said with gritted teeth and this made saee snap .

She slapped her hand on the table and bent to her fathers level . " You dare do it and I won't think twice before filing a police complaint against you and their family . And you know I will do it " saee said and sneering and stood aside .

" Baba we are smaller than you but if we need to tell you these things then think for yourself what you are doing ." Said aishwarya knowing what clearly was going on in saee's head .

And with that the twins headed back upstairs and mihika followed them while taking the laptop with her . Arjun glanced at their father and then shook his head getting idea of what is going on . He knew he couldn't change the mind if either of them .

Their father was stubborn but the twins were the definition of stubborn itself and he didn't wanted to get churned in between their fight .

Their father was respected and feared by twins and their father loved them dearly too . But if the twins get pissed , even their father thinks thrice before confronting them . God knows what will happen . ( A/n :- Well I'm the god here 😁)

He gave the bag which held the dabba of cookies to his mother informing her that aunty had sent them and then being the poor buttler he kinda is he took mihika's bags to drop it in twins room .
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