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After the fight the twins and mihu had dinner in the room while Arjun n their parents had theirs downstairs .

When the twins had went upstairs to give Arjun and Sana some time after Sana's failure of a joke they had googled about underage marriage , also known as child marriage .

If it happened and it was caught it could lead to 2 years of imprisonment or fine of more than 1 lakh and sometimes both . They didn't wanted to even have a chance of something like this to happen , as it's said 'Precaution is better than cure ' .

Everyone was in their rooms when suddenly the doorbell rang , it wasn't that late , around 09:07 . But no one seemed to open the door as they heard the door bell ring .

The twins went down to see who it was while mihu had went to washroom . Saee opened the door and seeing who was on the other side shocked her .

" You ??!!" Said saee surprised and aishu peaked from behind her to see who it was . " What the heck are you doing here ?!" Said aishu in disbelief " Did you follow us ???!! " Aishu continued " I'm calling the police "

Mihu came down as she couldn't find them in room . She was surprised to see who was standing there in front .

She went and side hugged him " Wow dude what a pleasure surprise ! " she said and turned to Twins " Why didn't you tell me you called him to Dada's wedding . " a questioning look on her face . " Wait omg ! Did you guys wanted to give me a surprise by inviting this Adonis here to help protect my eyes from the eye sores which I have to see without any escape" said mihu now holding a expression which showed she was touched .

Saee snapped out of her trance after hearing mihika but she was about to say something but aishu spoke up first " Why would we wanna surprise 'You' ? You get surprised at the smallest of things , like if someone told you dogs barked you'll be surprised , let alone if someone told you we respired you'll be surprised ! And Pleasent you say ? My ass ! And we didn't call him , he followed us here ! Stalker !" She said and bit her tongue .

" Adhic kami adchani hotya tyatun ha ani alay " she muttered under her breath . Saee heard it she wanted to say something , anything against it but she knew it was true . He being here , don't know how this will end up .

( As if we already had less problems that he is here as well now )

Mihu gave aishu a offended look yet a surprised one " Hey I don't don't get surprised that easily and we respire ? I thought we breathe " she said and aishu just shook her head and said " Who in the fucking hell checked this girl's paper and passed her ! "

Mihika rolled her eyes " shut up ! I was just kidding , I'm a anesthesiologist of course I know that " she bragged . Aishu narrowed her eyes at her " For your kind information you still haven't passed the finals so not yet " aishu countered back .

As they were causing a scene without really caring their positions had changed . Saee was still at the door , just her back was facing the door now . While in process of being at each other's throats , bitg if them came in , mihika standing near the sofa and aishu across her , a small table in between them .

Hearing the commotion downstairs Arjun came down while in the process of wearing his tee , a plain while tee with coffee stains which Arjun didn't really seem care about and in a pair of black shorts which had rolled up a little . He had a small towel on his shoulder which he had used to dry his face and had forgotten to keep it in room . In short , he didn't look presentable at all .

" Kon alay mahila mandal ? " Asked Arjun , more like shouted , walking while fixing his shorts . " Amhi azun muli ahe !! " Aishu and mihika shouted back .

( Who's there , woman group ?)

(We are still girls!!)

Arjun rolled his eyes " Brr think ahe mag muli mandaβ€”" Arjun's words stuck in his throat seeing Alex standing in his door way .

(Okay then girl grouβ€”)

He threw the towel towards the sofa without thinking which well landed on mihika's face and she scowled at him .

" Mr.Alexander ! What a surprise , come in please come in " he said to him and turned to the girls " Please Mazi hyachya samor layki kadhu naka , ani tyanna pani pan anun dhya " he said , his tone almost begging them .

(Please keep my respect in front of him, and also bring water for them )

While Arjun talked with Alex the trio had came near each other behind Arjun . As he told to bring water , saee told aishu and she to mihu who turned around to bring knowing her whining wasn't gonna help .

Mihu took some steps but stopped to say " Amhi nahi kadhnar layki karan ti nahic ahe but jevdhi ahe te tula nako zali ahe bhavte " she said making a sympathetic face and continued " Asudet , apan nantar tula changle changle kapde anuya , jar tu changlya bala sarkha vaglas tar " she said as if talking to a small child and went to kitchen giggling .

(We won't do anything about your respect as you don't have it but looks like whatever if it is left , you don't want that )

( Let it be , we'll but you , nice nice clothes if you behave like a good boy )

He frowned looked down to take a look at his clothes and cursed at himself for being so .... embrassing . He looked up as he heard a throat clearing and saw Alex and his PA aka Beta Mason .

"Please take a seat " Arjun said to them pointing at the sofa as he saw that towel he had threw on mihika's face lying there as well as saee's oversized tee which she was gonna change into until she had to come down to open the door .

Arjun leaned over to pick them but Alex kept them aside cutting Arjun off . To be honest , seeing his mate after even 2 days felt like long years had passed . Seeing her shocked reaction , in general seeing her made his wolf wag his tail is happiness .

As he kept the shirt beside him , he could smell her scent mildly on it . He felt so peaceful in just having her scent around him .

He could hear the chattering of the trio in kitchen, as the twins had followed mihika not wanting to burst out laughing at their not so poor brother , but his ears were particularly focused on a certain voice .

Arjun sat their fidgeting with his fingers . Alex sitting in front of him in a 3 piece suit and he sat in front of his business partner in shorts and a now not so plain coffee stained shirt .

Saee came out after a while with a tray which had two glasses of water . She was still wearing a kurta and leggings her mother had forced aishu n her into wearing as they were going to be meeting Sana .

Alex extended his hand to take the glass of water but instead of serving him she kept it on the small table and extended her hand towards him .

He raised a eyebrow at her , looked at her hand and back to her face for a few times until she spoke up " My t-shirt" she said and his look morfed into a understanding one .

He handed her the shirt while his finger tips brushed against her palm as she pulled her hands back at a alarming speed . Arjun saw all this but just thought that his sister's hormones were raging up .

Just then they heard their mother " Ha ky kartoy hite ? " She asked and Arjun saw that none of them were like who's he and all .

(What's he doing here)

" Ek minute , tumhi tyanna olakta ?" Asked Arjun confused . " Are me to tula mulga sangila bg , jyane saee chi madat kelele , hach tho " said their mum .

(One minute , you know them ?)

(You remember the guy I told you about who helped saee , that's him )

" Oh " said Arjun not really knowing what to say . Just then Mason's stomach growled loudly and their father joined the group .

Their father heard their conversation but didn't say anything to them and turned to his wife " Tumchya porinna vichara , tyanni bolavlay ka te " said their father in a distant voice .

(Ask your daughter's if they have invited them)

Saee grit her teeth and turned to her mother " Tuzya navryala sang ki amhi nahi bolavlela mahanun " their mother was stuck in between their fight , poor soul .

(Tell your husband that we aren't the one who called him )

" Maza business partner ahe tho " Arjun reveled . " Tu khup lavkar sangitlas asa nai ka vattat tula " said aishu . And Mason's poor stomach growled loudly again .

(He's my business partner )

(Don't you think you told this way too soon )

This time everyone looked at him and he froze and a blush covered his cheeks , like a deer caught in headlights .

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