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Recap :-

This time everyone looked at him and he froze and a blush covered his cheeks , like a deer caught in headlights .


"Um...tyanchya jevnacha adhi baghuya ka ? Tya bicharyala khup bhook lagli ahe " said their mother . The tiredness was clear on her face but still she wanted to do something .

Saee sighed " Tumhi jaun zopa amhi bagto hitla ky karatecha te " she said . " Nakki na ? Ka me Kahi maddat karu " said their mother with concern .

"Aai tu ja , amhi ahe hite Kahi Tila lagla tar " said aishu . Their parents went to their room to sleep leaving them in living room .

Saee sighed as her shoulder slumped and she went upstairs with mihu and aishu while ranting about how uncomfortable the kurta has been .

Arjun not knowing what to do , excused himself and followed the girls like a lost puppy .

Saee went to change into the tee while aishu plopped on bed , having been changed already and mihika sat down beside her .

As saee came out she raised her eyebrow looking at the three of them looking at her " What?" She asked .

Aishu and mihika shrugged while Arjun spoke up " Where should we tell them to sleep ? " He asked . " You mean they are staying here ?" Aishu asked with a frown .

" Well where do you expect them to go at this time ? The road ? " He asked and she just rolled her eyes . "Like I care ! I will be more than happy if they sleep on road instead"said aishu .

" He's my business partner for god's sake ! " Said Arjun and aishu was gonna say something back but saee stepped in "Baas ! Chala " said saee .

( Enough ! Let's go )

Saee and mihu were in lead while aishu and Arjun followed them . They stood to the room opposite to their parents bed room .

It was supposed to be one of the twins room but they preferred to be together so the room wasn't really used much in the end the twins were shifted together and this room was turned into a guest room which to be honest wasn't used in ages , actually never used at all as they didn't really have any guests coming over , only their grandparents sometimes and they too would stay with twins as well , grandparents are our protection from our parents and they ever buy us chocolate ~

Saee was standing in front , aishu and mihu on either of her side While Arjun stood back . She unlocked the door and pushed it . The door creeked open as a gush of wind flowed to their direction carrying dirt with it .

The only source of light was throught the aperture of blinds , the small amount of moonlight illuminating the bed , covered with the white sheet which was now full of dust . They could hear weird noises , they saw some books and clothes were fallen on the floor , now in chunks as the mice had taken the liberty to nibble on them .

The cobwebs had claimed the corners as their domains and had spread around . As suddenly the curtain flew in air a bit by the wind flowing through the broken glass which they saw after it had flew up .

It looked creepy , the sound of wind passing through the small slits of window creating a horror effect making Arjun gulp a bit . He liked to watch horror but then needed his sister's beside him at night to protect him from the ghosts , knowing even the ghost will bow down and be the deciples of his sister's .

Seeing this , mihika moved to Arjun's back , saee to his right and aishu to his left and then they together pushed Arjun nearer to the door and almost inside , almost .

" Your business partner clean the room ....I'm gonna go and make food " said saee and literally ran to the kitchen as if her ass was on fire .Aishu and mihu glanced at each other and said "she may need help" and were about to leave poor Arjun standing at the haunted looking rooms door by himself to clean it but he stopped them .

" You can't cook shit , so you are helping me " aishu rolled her eyes at him , " We can cook just prefer not to " she said . " Yea , yea , you prefer not to be murderers " he said shrugging them off .

Hearing this aishu scoffed " Be thankful for it then , or you would be the first one to die " she said and both of them left him there . He stood there for a few minutes and saw around the room still standing at the door . He gulped and was about to abort the mission but heard a voice and turned around ...

In kitchen ~

Saee was leaning against the kitchen counter looking into the thin air . Mihu groaned at her while her twin stood in front of her snapping her finger in front of her face .

" Well hello there ! If you can see some alien which I'm lacking to see do let me know " said aishu which earned her a glare in return . " I'm think of what can I make easily and fast " said saee and them clasped her hand together .

" Okay so mihu , tu mala dahi ghusalun de and aishu come help me with ingredients first " said saee and the trio started working in sync .

[Okay , I honestly don't know how to translate that but I'm going to translate according to what i think it is ]

( Make some churned milk for me )

After around an hour later ...

Alex and mason were sitting on dining table with a plate carrying 2 bowls , one small which had chopped up tomatoes mixed with something and the the other one was a big medium sized bowl which contained a weird yellow rice .

Alex kept looking at the unknown dishes while mason just wanted to devour them , his mouth was watering looking at new dishes but was waiting for alpha to eat first . Ranks *eye roll on cue*

" You can rest assured that it is poison free , it's just some kadhi - khichdi " said saee glaring a bit at him . And Arjun who was sitting opposite - was embrassed before might I add due to the ruckus he had created - now scowled at his sister .

Saee rolled her eyes and gave him a scarcastic smile and went upstairs leaving Arjun to serve them as aishu and mihika went behind her deciding what to do .

As soon as saee reached upstairs she untied the knot - which had knotted holding two ends of her shirt - and got rid of the leggings which seemed to have stuck to her body like a second skin due to the sweat she shed the whole day .

Getting comfortable in the bed , her head started playing the conversation - which had taken place after Arjun's ruckus had settled down - and a frown formed on her face . Mihika and aishu weren't quite sleepy and were bored so they decided to watch a movie , asking , okay fine forcing , saee to watch as well .

Trying to be the daredevil they aren't they decided to watch ' The Conjuring ' , which they will be regretting later , in more than one ways . As Saee was already sprawled across the bed , her twin and mihu cuddled to either of her sides , making Saee , the cuddle buddy and the laptop stand , but she wasn't complaining.

By the time the movie ended , Mihika was asleep , her face stuffed behind Saee , betwee her back and pillow while the twins were on the verge of sleeping . Keeping the laptop aside and adjusting Mihika , they feel asleep as son as their heads touched the pillow .

Sometimes even a conversation can tire us out like a fight was what the twins thought as the warm embrace of sleep took them in .
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