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"Um...tyanchya jevnacha adhi baghuya ka ? Tya bicharyala khup bhook lagli ahe " said their mother . The tiredness was clear on her face but still she wanted to do something .

(Um... let's do something about their dinner first ? That poor soul seems hungry )

Saee sighed " Tumhi jaun zopa amhi bagto hitla ky karatecha te " she said . " Nakki na ? Ka me Kahi maddat karu " said their mother with concern .

( You go and sleep , we'll handle it here )
( You sure ? Or should i help ? )

"Aai tu ja , amhi ahe hite Kahi Tila lagla tar " said aishu . Their parents went to their room to sleep leaving them in living room .

( Mum you can go , we are here if she needs any help )

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