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πŸ’—23:-Bloody Fucking Demon BH-BHO-BHOOT!!πŸ’—

As if feeling a stare on them saee's eyes opened and saw the figure wave at her in the dark . She turned her back at the fourth person in the room and snuggled into her sister at the opposite side .

Muttering "Bloody fucking demon" under her breath she got comfy . Wait With that she sat up straight - jerking her sister a little in the process which didn't really affect her - and her head turned to her left and she saw the figure waving at her while eating something from a bag . She was too stunned to utter anything , no words seemed to form , she wanted to scream and call for help but it felt like her vocals were choked and even when her mouth moved , her voice was stuck inside her and failing to reach out , even as she desparately tried to break free .

As the figure ate one more of whatever it was eating something seemed to drip from it and fell to the floor , her gaze went towards it to saw red drops ..........

Blood ........

Her heart rate accelerated.....the room seemed to be getting smaller , its walls coming together inside , trying to consume her with the unknown figure . Her ears seemed to have clogged up as she failed to hear the faint hiss in the air .

Her vision seemed to have fogged up due to the fear swimming in the air around . The rays of light coming from the street light while passing through the thin layer of curtain and its slits didn't really illuminate the room , not helping the situation at all .

As the figure kept that bag of whatever gotic thing it contained on her desk and bent down to a bag at its feet , she finally seemed to find her voice as she screamed bloody murder ! Making her and her sister fall on floor on their butts while Mihika jerked up and sat on middle of the bed .

" Ouch !! What the actual fuβ€”" aishu started but stopped seeing at the thing Saee was pointing at with her quickering hand while somehow drawing out "Bh-bh-bho-bhoot !!" due to breathing heavily , Mihika saw this and joined the twins on the floor as the fear seemed to have surged her , the trio was on the floor behind the bed which seemed to be the only obstacle between the them .

Just then the door seemed to barge open and a muscular figure entered and as if sensing his way in , with a few strides her came near trio and held his shaking mate in his arms trying to calm her down while standing in front of the other two in a protective manner, his back still facing the strange figure in the room , while Alex was trying to calm his mate down , his wolf tried to sense any danger but failed to sense anything other than fear in the air .

A huffing figure came at the door to their room , which turned out to be arjun , seeing the situationin front of him , he went near them and stood there , ready to fight whoever had broke into his sisters room .

Suddenly Saee removed her head from Alex's neck and started blabering , while pointing at the figure " Bh-bho-bhoot , blo-blood " , her eyes teary as fear and helplessness swimmed in them , but Alex just shushed her making her place her head back in his neck , gently rocking her like a baby in his arms , as she clutched onto his shirt tightly , her legs around his waist , crossed at the back , while one of his arm around her back patting her as well as to protect her and his other one under her butt , supporting her body .

Just then their parents arrived there , worried " ky challay hite ?! " Their father asked and turned on the light (a/n- Which they should have done as soon as they entered the room) just to get a bombshell dropped on him .

( What's going on here ?! )

On one side of bed , one of his daughter was shaking and craddled in his son's business partners arms while the other was on the floor scared , their brother standing there looking like a 3 year old kid and their friend beside his daughter on floor , hugging her, she being scared too .

And on the other side of bed stood none other than shreeya , their daughters other friend , the fourth member of their group , who was supposed to be coming tomorrow . (a/n- ky mahite kuthun tapakli , ani tapakli te tapakli ratric tapkayecha hota hila bhoota sarkha )

Shreeya gave a forced smile ,with raised eyebrows and laughed a little nervously . " Um....hi ! " She said and went near twins mum . " Ky kaki ! kashe ahat ? " She asked while hugged her . " Me chan , tu ? " Said their mother while internally questioning her own self . " Me mast " she replied

( Hey aunty ! How are you ? )
( I'm fine, you )
(I'm great )

As she turned to their father she raised her hand and made him hi-fi her , not giving him any choice saying " kaka ! " .

(Uncle ! )

He just nodded at her with his lips pressed togeather thinly and cleared his throat . everyone was focused was alex as he held saee as she was still trying to calm down , her heartheat beating fast against her chest , making alex held her even more close if possible , his wolf clawing his insides to reach out to his mate .

She wanted to deny his touch , deny how safe she felt in his arms , to deny all her feelings towards him , but even when she physically denied every goddammed thing , her heart had already admitted to the safeness in his arms to her .

She was hanging on a loose thread to give in to it , but even if she gave in , the only thing which she will get were tags of socity , and also a chance of getting disapproval from her family . she knew she had her friends , sister and her brother by she side but what about her parents , cuz even though we may fight with our family , curse at them , they are one of the most important people in our lives .

All these affecting factors were messing with her brain , making her want to curl into a ball and hide somewhere safe where no one could find her .

Even though she wasn't exactly estatic about the wedding - mostly due to meeting the judgy , mean and new dropping relatives - she was happy about her brother , wanted to join in his happiness and also relieved to get away from the place where she had met him , just to get time to think about everything and to distract herself a bit , but well destiny didn't really seemed to be working in her favour , bringing him back to her doorsteps .
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