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Climbing the ladder - which they had made when they were small and currently was still hanging from balcony as no one really knew about it- she reached up , slowly and steadily she moved towards the balcony door and as predicted it was open .

Silently she entered hoping to find them still awake - in hopes to scare them - but to her utter shock and disappointment they were all sleeping like pigs . She pouted at them with disapproval while her stomach grumbled at her with the same feeling .

Sighing she sat down on the chair near the desk which was still piled with books -which they had left before going to Delhi - and God knows what things , as if they had cleaned to whole room but all the things collected were kept on it , as usual never kept on their respective places , such clean freaks you know *cue scarcastic smile*.

She rolled her eyes her eyes seeing it but a small smile graced her lips at the same time , she missed them , she missed yelling and screaming at them to keep the room clean ,to keep the things back in its place , and as much as she hated it , she missed it too .

She took out a packets of lays and Kurkure from her bag at started eating , while watching at the sleeping beauties as if they were the weirdest creatures she had ever laid eyes on .

Just then saee opened her eyes and glanced at her and she waved at her , muttering under her breath she went back to sleep but as if possesed by something she sits up straight and looks at her as she eats .

While eating without looking she bit her already injured finger , rip opening her wound, making a hiss pass her lips and the blood to drip down her hand down to the floor , she got up and bent to take out the first aid but heard a screaching scream from none other than her friend saee .

She got up from the chair and stood up as her trio of friends were on the floor and were pointing at her calling her a bhoot , she was too shocked and was confused weather to laugh at them or to tell them to calm the fuck down ! So she just stood there looking at whatever was going on , quitely enjoying her friends fretting over her .

Just then the door opened and a muscular guy came in , tracking his way towards saee and picking her up and craddling her in his arms like a baby , even though technically her mental age was no more than 5 , she was still a grown ass woman ! With that thought shreeya stood there wondering with her one brow raised . ' Wait ... I thought it was Arjun's marriage not Saee's .....are they getting married on the same day or am I missing out on something ???? '

And then entered the messy person aka Arjun , looking messy as always ....he didn't say anything to that guy holding saee.......hmmm whats exactly going on ??

And just then to complete it as a family drama the parents were entered and the lights went on ...and the mysterious now not so mysterious guy's face was revealed . she stood there with her eyebrows raised and a nervous smile . Taking in the situation and ignoring the foreign guy she went towards twins parents greeting them like long lost friends .

Everyone was looking at Saee and the foreign guy now but shreeya saw another one behind their parents , standing there rubbing sleep out of his eyes as a yawn passed his lips making him look like a cute small chubby baby , she just wanted to awe at him and pinch his cheeks but remembered her friend .

She saw Saee still in his arms clutching onto him like her life depended on it . She saw Saee wasn't wearing any long pants and only a pair of shorts . Shreeya wanted to curse at her friend for creating this situation knowing what the outcomes could be but thanked the heavens that that guys back was to them showing Saee face which still sobbed once in a while .

While Shreeya was just looking arjun came near her and flicked her forehead motioning their parents to go back to sleep , totally forgetting about his sister , such a great brother you know .

He went back to his room yawning loudly scratching his neck not giving a flying fuck about anything and crashed on the sofa , elegantly . Not .

Mason saw his alpha and luna and went back grinning and chuckling . Now everyone was focused on the couple , feeling their stares saee climbed down from his warm figure .

" I'm sorry " she said looking at alex " And thank you " her head down in embrassesment . "thank you " said aishwarya from behind saee and mihika nodded " but don't think I'm start gonna behave nice or something with you just because of this " she muttred and alex rolled his eyes at her .

After thanking alex the trio togeather glared at shreeya . " Alex you can go back to sleep , I'll see you tomorrow " said saee and gave him a smile . He nodded and went back but not before doing a double take to see that she was safe .

As soon as the door to arjun's room closed the trio picked up their pillows and threw them at shreeya muttering curses at her and them after saee threw another pillow on mihika's face while saying " I knew watching a horror movie at night wasn't a good idea ! " then at pointing at mihika " and you slept through the movie except the first 5 mins or so and this one here " she pointed at her twin sis " was as good as asleep ! and then comes this person " turning and pointing at shreeya " look at her outfit , she looking like that evil nun or whatever it was named valaka or something wearing that black pant , black jacket while her white shirt poking out and the black and white beanie " she cried out .

Mihika pouted " I just suggested ...." she said and the twins looked at her like she commited a crime . Mihu rolled her eyes at them and said " Fine fine , I will never select and start the before asking you guys ! " she said and went to bed while yawing as did the twins .

shreeya stood there dumbfoulded " Um guys ? I need a little help here " she said and saee pushed out mihika from bed making her fall down " Go and help her " saee mumbled and turning her back to mihika " But I'm a anaesthesiologist " she whined .

" Right now the only thing I know is that you are a doctor " with that mihika got up whining to help shreeya , saee fell asleep thinking how warm alex's embrace felt , aishwarya fell asleep think if alex could be a exception to her worries , and alex fell asleep with a smile on his face remembering how his mate clutched onto her .

So this is it for now , I hope you enjoy these chapters ~

I'll try to update soon guys !
Till then ~
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