My Indian Mate

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πŸ’—25:- Alpha? Luna?πŸ’—

The dull bluish rays of sunlight fell across her face peeking in their room through the slits of the blinds . The bed was warm and cosy and it felt great as the blanket provided her shelter from the cold air slapping on her face in the room . It was still early , even a person with a blindfold could tell due to the environment , she could still hear the birds chirping even through the slight snores of her friend .

She had always been a heavy sleeper , but since the night she slept with him (a/n:- don't let your brains wonder , I'm talking about the time she got drunk n played ghoda ghoda with him πŸ˜‚) she has suddenly transformed into a light one , like she could sleep through a earthquake before but now she can't even sleep through these faint rays !

Stirring she slowly opened her eyes to see shreeya's sleeping slightly open mouthed face as she closed her eyelids back remembering the night before . The way she clinged onto him as if her life depended on it , the warth radiating off him , the sparks ,which come as a surprise everytime , felt insanely soothing . It was no news for her that she liked him..was falling for him ...for a stranger who she didn't even know much about .

The expressions on her face changed from nothing to a frown to scrunched and finally morphed into that of a internally crying one .

The sleep had completely left her but she didn't wanted to get up . She knew she had to get up in a while but being saee she wanted to check whether her bladder will burst first or her mum will be the one kicking her ass , not sure if her mum would be up so damn early but still .

She wanted to slap herself for feeling like this , just thinking of him made her blush like a bubbly teen girl which she wasn't .

Her feelings were just messing up with her mind , and having him here under the same roof , just a passage away wasn't really helping her uncontrolled harmones .

Sighing she got up , and hence was proved that her bladder was the one who could have become the killer here . After doing her business , washing her face , brushing her teeth while having random thoughts , she came out to see the ray of light has become a few shades lighter making her question herself for how long was she actually in there !? Probably an eternity

Her eyes were stinging a bit , from both less sleep and not using her glasses . She slipped on pair of long loose pants and tried finding her glasses but no luck.

She closed her stinging eyes and walked down stairs as she could walk the house like it's the palm of her hand , cuz guys obviously she grew up there .

Skipped to the dining table she poured herself a glass of water and started drinking it while opening her eyes slowly . As she opened her eyes she saw a blurry figure up-close to her face

Getting shock from the sudden closeness with the blurry figure she spit the containts of her mouth on its face . And then as she could see properly she saw it was none other than poor Mason !

"SHIT ! SHIT ! SHIT ! SHIT! SHIT! SHITTTT! she whisper screamed not wanting to wake up the sleeping people in the house but a certain someone heard it and was about to hurriedly run down but couldn't do it due to the condition he was in .

"I'm sorry ! I'm sorry ! I'm so freaking sorry ! " She said while wiping his face with the clean napkin on the table .

"It's okay ! It's okay " he said and took the napkin wiping his face . "It's okay luna , it happens " he said brightly . Wait a secβ€” did he just call her luna ? Fuck ! He thought , Alex was going to kill him.

"If you say so ..." She said hesitantly " And stop kidding me ! It's not like I have a handsome hulk of an alpha mate to make me a luna " she chuckled.

"Yea , right " he said nervously being grateful to moon goddess for saving his poor soul and also a little confused about whether she know or she doesn't .

"And even if do get a handsome alpha type guy they seem to be missing brain and a are a big baby " she signed " No offense but I mean just look at your boss " she said and giggled a little .

Saee drank her water and turned to him as he got ready to protect his face from another possibility of a water spray. She laughed and said " Chill ! I'm not gonna do it again ... I wanted to ask how come you are up so early ? " ." Oh that , we get up early daily " he said .

"How early ? " She asked " Around 4 or 4:30 " He said like it's normal ! " Oh by the way I hope you don't mind that we used your garden to workout a bit , and my we I mean me and our Alph-ex" he said and bit his tongue for his alomst tongue slip.....but wait did I just say alphex ?

She got out of her stare and said " 4 or 4:30 ? Dude are you even humans ? No are you guys even alive ? I mean how can you wake up so early and still are alive ?! But wait , Alphex? " Saee questions "Is it like some sort of weird nickname for Alex ? " ." YES ! I mean yea , it is " he said while scratching his neck nervously .

"Hmm " said saee " Anyway would you like some chai ? , I mean tea ? " She asked while standing up with her hair pin held by/between her teeth as she she rolled and put her hair up in a bun and then she secured it with the pin .

" Sure " he said grinning as she went in the kitchen and kept the tea vessel on the stove . Adding water , tea powder , some grated and smashed ginger in it she left it to boil on low flame as she checks the fridge to see if they have any gavti chaha , but couldn't find any .

( Gavti chaha literally translates to grass tea , I don't know what's it called in Hindi but according to my knowledge in English it's called lemongrass )

She waits until the sweet aroma of the ginger and tea powder boiling and creating the turning into the flavourfull mixture tingles at her nose .

Adding milk in it she lets it come to a boil again and till then she prepares the cups , tray n all .

As it come to a boil , turning off the flame she strains the tea into 3 cups respectively and places them into the tray with a jar and spoon.

She comes out to see Alex standing in front of Mason glaring daggers in his direction as if he wanted to strangle him himself with his bare hands .

Placing the tray on the table gently she wanted to break their stranz but then suddenly if possessed by a ghost he started laughing like a mad man .....must be a madman ghost ...

Guys ...I'm craving chai too now , garam garam , adrak wali and it's raining outside too which isn't really helping the situation , who doesn't love having hot ginger tea in bed as it rains outside ... I mean it's 1:58 AM here , my family is sleeping n if I go make it ...I'll probably get my ass handed back to me ...but anyway just seeing it made me crave it

Anyway good night to me ..n good morning/afternoon/evening/night to you , pick it according to what time you are reading it's 2:02 AM now , I need to go sleep so bye bye guys
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