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He was sweating a little after their morning exercise , not due the workout but due to the climate difference in India . The climate was pleasent but the air was humid .

After their work out they just sat there on the grass looking up at the still dark sky . The fresh cold breeze of air blew around , making them close their eyes in bliss .

The cold air slapped against their warm skin and the morning air was fresh . The grass beneath them made their wolves feel more at peace .

" I'm gonna go brush my teeth " said Alex and left Mason outside , sprawled across the grass in the garden . Mason hummed and decided to enjoy the breeze for some more time .

Mason had brushed his teeth and had taken a shower until Alex was looking at some paperwork .

Mason had went downstairs and was drinking water while Alex was in the shower and was about to go back in garden to enjoy the nature until her heard footsteps .

He saw his luna coming downstairs with her eyes closed . He just started at her in awe like how she walked straight to the table and grabbed some water without get crashed into the small table in between and the chairs .

She sat down and took a sip of water , Mason was confused if she was sleeping walking or something so leanibg forwards he waved his hand in front of her face .

And if feeling it her eyes opened , as her saw her opening the water in her mouth was splashed on his face . He saw her panicking and then felt her wiping his face with a napkin .

While this happened Alex was in the bathroom . He was standing under the shower , as the water descended on it , falling of his hair , making them wet as he weaved his hand through it making them sleek backwards as if set by gel .

The water fell on his face rolling down his body , from his forehead to his nose , getting to his neck after kissing down in lips , it went down on his chest to his abs and went south it rolled off his body until it reached the floor and went to the drainage pipe .

The bathroom was foggy as he reached out for his essentials .As he was lathering and massaging the shampoo into his hair he heard his mate whisper scream and then Apologising to someone . He wanted to run out there and protect her if any danger was present , but his condition refrained her from doing so .

He was about to grab a towel and go there but then heard Mason's voice and he signed a breath of relief . He heard them talking a bit , but then tuned out from the conversation focusing back on his shower .

He quickly finished it and got ready . He came down with a towel on his shoulder and one of his hand rubbing his hair dry with one of the towels end .

He saw Mason sitting there with a frown . As he was about to ask Mason about it he smelled his mate . To be specific he smelled his mate of Mason , his beta .

His wolf was furious and wanted to strangle him but Alex controled him and let out a growl and asked him to mind link not wanting to create a scene .

" Why is MY MATE'S scent all over you ?! Or more like all over your face !?" He asked , his nostrils flared with anger . The Alpha tone seeping through his voice made Mason show him is neck in submission .

" Alpha , about that" he said , he was confused and knew what the Alpha must be thinking but telling hia alpha that their luna spit on his face was embarassing !!!

He fidgitted with jai fingers but said it not wanting to add oil in fire . " Lunaspitonme " he said his cheeks tingling pink .

Alex couldn't hear him but the pink on his cheeks didn't really help the situation . The waves of angers could be felt around him so madon took a deep breath and said after clearing his throat .

" Luna ...she spit on me..." Alex was stunned and hearing this he burst out laughing . He had seen his mate coming out a few seconds ago and saw the tea she was carrying , he wanted to taste the tea she had made and wanted to tell her to make but he couldn't control his laughter .

As he was laughing aishu decended down the stairs while rubbing one of her eye and giving Alex a weird look , she came and sat there . Pouring herself a glass of water she asked "Why is he laughing like dying Hyena ? "

Like a normal human instead of getting offended even at this joke he started laughing out more . Chucking at him aishu commented "Looks like he's high on laughing gas "

They all laughed a bit and Alex removed the water in his eyes the could hear the pit pat of the rain outside . It wasn't anything out of the blue as it was rainy season but the weather was clear for s few days in between .

It was already cold , and then it started raining outside , to he smell of wet soil after it had dried up could be smelled and it was beautiful .

Aishu saw the tea and awwed " Aww saee tu yevdhi kashi hushar ahes , tula kasa kalala ki me yenar and paus padnar mahanun tu chaha kelas ? " She said looking at saee .

(Aww , how come you are so smart , how did you know that when I'll come rain will also come and so you made tea ? )

" It's my tea honey " said saee chuckling a bit knowing clearing what was going to happen .

" Tech ki , thanks for giving me your tea " saee laughed a bit and shook her head forwarding one tea cup in Mason's direction .

( I don't know its proper English translation , in hindi it'll be " vahi to" but in English I guess it will be " same thing " but I'm not sure , so if you know it plz DM me )

Aishu saw Alex looking at saee as if she was a angle but only she knew how much of a devil she was but seeing this a plan brewed in her mind .

As saee had bend forward aishu leaned in and kissed saee's cheek muttering " thank you babe , while looking at Alex in the eye alomst teasing him as if saying ' I can do this can you ? I won '

Alex couldn't believe his wolf and even himself , he was getting jealous of his mates twin sister for goddesses sake !

Saee was about to forward the jar to Mason but he already took a sip and took his tongue out like a small kid . The twins laughed at him .

" I was about to give you jaggery powder " said saee and aishu was still laughing " pi ha , pi , pi , tasac chaha pi tu " said aishu teasing him.

( Drink ha , drink , drink , drink the tea like that only )
(Here 'ha' is used as a word to put more pressure on the word drink , it's doesn't have any specific meaning , it's like the word 'na' used in a previous chapter )

Saee laughed but added the sweetner according to how much would be needed as per the sugar he used and said to aishu . " Konitari changlya mood madhe distay aaj " said saee and aishu grinned and said " laich ! "

( Someone looks in a good mood today )

Saee turned Alex " Would you like some tea ? " she asked , she looked very cute in the baby blue apron she wore , her hair up in a bun , she looked like a house wife . Looking at her Alex's mind wondered off to the far future in his mind .

She waking up early making his tea and breakfast like this , while their children would still be sleeping . And until the little copies would wake up they can have some romantic movements , like she sitting on his lap and would feed both of them breakfast .

Then when he'll go to do his work and/it alpha duties he would kiss her and she'll blush and he'll say ' bye wifey ' .

He was so lost in the little world created by him that he forgot where her was physically . He was back when saee snapped her fingers in front of his face .

"Tea?" She asked .

"Sure wifey" he said .

He bit his tongue for his slip . " wi-wifey ?" Saee asked with a hanging face while the shrill sound of aishu's laughter could be heard in the background .

Alex was hoping that the floor could swallow him alive while Mason was looking at his Alpha like he was the weirdest creature he was questioning himself if wheather his hearing had gone bad .

" I m-mean tifey ! Tifey ! " He claimed " it was just a mistake "

"Mr.Alexander I don't know what it means either and would not want to know " she said . "And I would really appreciate it if you called me neither of them , it may be a slip of tongue for you but it could mean everything to me " she said and went in the kitchen .

Aishu knew the seriousness behind saee's words but her laughter didn't seem to stop , she couldn't forget the look on his face when he said it out loud by accident .

" Dude you made my day " said aishu as she calmed down and focused on her tea while still chuckling .

He was shocked at her words , 'it could mean everything to me ' were her words which ringed in his mind . That's what he wanted though right ? He wanted her words to mean everything to her .

He wanted her to know that he meant everything he said and thou he acted like it was a mistake he really meant to say wifey ! He wanted to make her his wifey ! To claim her for himself !

Now he knew what he needed to do , he just needs to make her believe in him , that he won't leave her , he will be hers till death parts them , that he loves her and they were meant to be .

But would that be enough and most of all is it what she means ?


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