My Indian Mate

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πŸ’—2-Join me for lunch ?πŸ’—

Recap :-

Saee tried to stiffle her laugh and and took a deep breath saying " I think you would want to turn off the video and hold the phone properly before calling anyone . " She said and giggled a little .

He look at his phone and then at her rubbing the back of her neck awkwardly " Actually ...I um β€”"


He stuttered but she stopped him " You don't need to explain to me , it's okay " he laughed " I just wanted to thank you for earlier , for returning my hankie back , I just ... anyway I forgot to thank you so I just came to say it , Thank you ! " With that she gave him a tight lipped smile and turned around to go back to her table but he stopped her .

" Hey wait ! " He said and she turned around " Yes ? " . " Um , your welcome " . She nodded at him with a small smile and turned around to go back just to be stopped again . " Hey ! Um " .

"Yea?" . " Can you perhaps join me for lunch , I don't like eating alone and my friend here has to go out to buy some things " . His beta was gonna interrupt but Alex stumped on his foot indicating him to shut up .

Saee looked at him to see him giving her forced smile , but she didn't suspect him . " But I'm here with my friends " she said .

" The more the merrier " Alex said offering her a billion dollar smile . " Let me just ask them " she said and he nodded .

Saee went near her friends table and sat down " A aik na , he was asking if we could join him " . Aishwarya raised a eyebrow at her . " Ka ?" She asked .

[ 1- Listen here , 2- why ? ]

" Tyala ekta basayela nai avdat and his friend needs to go out to buy somethings " she answered .

[ He doesn't like to sit alone ]

" Tula ka ga tyacha yevdha pulka yet ahe ? " Asked mihika with a curious look .

[ And why do you want to help him out so badly ]

" No wait , bring him to sit with us , someone is desperate I see . " Then she sank back in the chair and continued " Looks like we have a new pray " she finished with a smirk saee knew too well .

Saee laughing a little " okay , just don't over do it , he genuinely looks like good guy " . Aishwarya rolled her eyes at her " Gappa bas tu , let me have my share of enjoyment "

[ You shut up ]

While their chit-chat was going on mason , Alexander's beta was having a little chat with him .

" What the heck dude ? Why did you say something like that to her huh ? I'm hungry too ! "

" Stop fuzzing like a old lady you are , go to your room and order room service " Alex said while rolling his eyes at him .

" I'm not a old lady , mommy's boy " he teased " You owe me one , dear Alpha " sneered mason and went away .

Just then saee came there " hey , um you haven't ordered yet right ? " Alex nodded " then how about you join us instead , we have already placed our orders so " she said . " Sure " .

They went and were about to sat down saee opposite to Aishwarya and Alex opposite to mihika but Aishwarya stopped him . " Honey ! sit near me " she said to saee .

Saee looked at Alex and said " You don't mind switching places with me right ? " She asked and he shook his head no and switched places with her .

They sat down and he placed his order while the trio was busy chatting on their group .

Saee :- Aishu what is going on in that pretty little brain of your ? What's your plan ?

Mihika :- Why do you wanna know ? πŸ€”πŸ€¨

Saee :- Just so I will not act surprised if anything happens.

Aishwarya :- * eyeroll * Just go with the flow .

Saee :- K.....

After the chat they kept their phones down and saee glared a little at Aishwarya but she being she didn't even bother to look at her .

They sat it silence , until mihika spoke up " A tumchyat kunacha contact zalay ka Shreeya shi ? Te yenar hoti bhavtek aplyala bhetayela "

[ Has anyone of you been in contact with Shreeya ? I think she was gonna come to meet us ]

" Me tila call karayecha try kela but tine tevha nai uchalla , ani mag nantar me ky try nai kela " Aishwarya said .

[ I tried to call her but she didn't pick up and then later I didn't try ]

" Maza tine call uchalla ekda but ti gadbadit hoti so laghec thevla " saee admitted .

[ She picked my call once but she was in hurry so she kept is soon ]

" mag kahi message or something ? " she asked again .

Both the girls shook their head in denial . Shreeya was their other friend , she lived in pune for her further studies , just like this trio lived in "Delhi" .

They were gonna continue their talk but Alex interrupted " Can you please talk english ? " He asked awkwardly.

The trio looked at him at the same time and he felt as if he committed a serious crime , but mihika answered him with a " yea , sure "

But the thing was that they didn't utter a single word and there was just silence .

The food arrived in a short while and they started eating . Aishwarya wanted to kick saee under the table to tell her that she didn't like the dish she ordered but when she tried to , he leg softly kicked a manly one .

Alex and Aishwarya both looked at each other with a " what the hell ? " Look on their faces . " Why are you trying to kick her ? " Asked Alex , pointing at saee but his great dismay the tables turned back on him .

" What is your , leg doing near hers ?" Aishwarya questioned back .

" My un slippers went there so I took my leg there " he came up with an excuse but again fell on face . " You are wearing shoes mister " Aishwarya stated .

" And how would you know that ? " Alex asked while sinking back in chair to look at his feet n indeed he was wearing a pair of shoes .

" Just some observations . Prove me wrong , if u dare " Aishwarya said with a straight face .

And just like that the atmosphere in around them became dense and awkward with silence .

I hope you all liked it !

Thank you for reading~β™₯

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