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πŸ’—27- Is he for real?πŸ’—

As soon as she heard the word wifey her heart started to race , a small blush ascended her cheeks but it went away as soon as it came . " wi-wifey ?" She asked him .

" I m-mean tifey ! Tifey ! "

Wtf is tifey !?

He claimed " it was just a mistake "

Was it ?

"Mr.Alexander I don't know what it means either and would not want to know " she said . "And I would really appreciate it if you called me neither of them , it may be a slip of tongue for you but it could mean everything to me " she said and went in the kitchen .

Her heart was still racing and she feared it may pop out . How can he call her wifey ?! That too in front of them ?? Does he not understand the seriousness of the situation ??

Now the gulit which was gawning at her for the small fight before went away . It was the right thing to do she thought , biting her lip she got back to her work but her mind still wordered to their conversation .

She was making the tea lost in the thoughts when someone kept a hand on her shoulder . Her body jerked on her own and a scream was about to escape her mouth but a hand covered it .

Through the sparks dancing on her skin it won't take a Einstein to know who it was . Her wide brown eyes came in line with his dark jade once .

Slapping his hand away , she glared daggers at him . " What do you want !? Have you gone mad or what ?! What if someone see's you !? " She asked not bothering to hide her irritation and anger while her worry slipped away a bit too .

" I wanted to talk " He said and was about to continue again but was cut off " Hon , you need to understand that I'm not the only person in this goddamned world ! " She exclaimed " Go and talk to those humans sitting out there !"

" Lemme rephrase " he said " I want to talk to you about something " this timed she raised a eyebrow at him . " Ok , go ahead , I'm all ears " she said making distance between them and continuing with her work .

He didn't utter a work and she too didn't say anything waiting for him to speak up . As she put in the ingredients for tea she turned around to ask why he wasn't speaking up but as soon as she turned around she felt warm arms around her .

She stood there shocked not knowing what to do . He caught her by surprise . He said he wanted to talk to her and hugging her certainly wasn't talking .

Just then they heard a third voice . " Saee ? He ky challay mahanayecha ?! " Asked the twins mom standing in the doorway with frown on her face .

( Saee ? What is going on ?!)

"Pa-pal pal ! Baghitle tyane , paliche bhiti vatti tyala . Achanak baghun ghabarla tho " said saee getting Alex off her . Their mom looked at both of them .

( Li-lizard he saw a lizard ! He's scared of them . He got shocked seeing it out of the blue )

Saee smiled at looked at her mom and then at Alex speaking with still the fake smile on her face but the angry evident in her voice ." Haha , you better say lizard and point at the window else I'll kick you where the sun doesn't shine , and you know that I will do it " she finished with a voice so sure that Alex shrudded just imagining it happening.

After being kicked out of kitchen by none other than his lovely mate , he sat down on the table with a sad puppy like look , and seeing the big bad alpha sitting there with a pout on his lips , puppy eyes and the imaginary ear down just cracked up aishu and Mason and then he sneezed making them laugh more .

Whilst inside the kitchen saee kept on cursing Alex ! He should get his brain checked , or was he high ? First he called her wife in front of her twin and his assistant , then he hugged ge out of nowhere and got her caught in that position in front of her mother and foe that she was now getting inquired . She questioned whether she was still dreaming or was it really life playing a prank on her .

A few jokes and threats later the trio on the table was quite looking out of the window at the rain . Sometimes when our thoughts occupy us , looking at the nature makes us feel peaceful . The steady rhythm of rain falling and finally reaching the dry soil ,the smell of it as it turns wet , a gloomy yet serene atmosphere . Their wolves felt calm .

In a few minutes saee came out with tea again . Giving a cup to Alex she looked around to see which chair wasn't occupied . The table was circular and Alex sat at one side , Mason on his right . The chair on his left was empty and beside there aishu sat .

She was gonna take seat on the other side of aishu but she felt someone tugging at her shirt for which the culprit was none other than aishu. She looked up at saee with a pout . " Saee saee " she called out in a babyish tone .

" Hm ?" Saee hummed " water " she said. Saee turned to pour aishu a glass of water but found the jug empty . As she came out with the jug full of water , she saw the two seats between Mason and aishu were occupied by her brother and mother which seemed to be discussing something .

She glanced as at thinking that the more she tried to maintain distance between her and him , the more the destiny made it tough for her . Signing she sat down between her sister and her brothers business partner whom she shared her first actual kiss with .

It was peaceful , well unless you count the mom-son duo whispering and discussing things , but other than that it was calm . She closed her eyes enjoying it with a sip of tea in her mouth .

" It felt nice " she heard someone whisper in her ear , but by the shivers to her spine and her eyes opening on their own accord she knew who it was .

She turned to face him " what do you mean ? " She whispered back . " It feels nice, I meant being here with you " he explained wanting to further add ' callling you wifey too' but didn't wanna cause a scene . " Um you mean being here with us all ?" She asked .

" Yea ...but mostly you " he said looking at her with feeling she couldn't pin point . What was it exactly ? Adoration ? Admire ? Love ? Lust ? Or something else ?

She was about to say something to him again but felt aishu felt her with a sense of emergency . " What is it ? " She asked . " Check your phone " said aishu and looked at arjun to him still busy in the conversation .

Saee took her phone and opened to see a message from aishu . Clicking on it she went in the chat and her eyes went wide as they romed over the words .

Saee turned to look at aishu at a alarming speed such that Alex thought she was gonna snap her head . Alex was looking at the twins whispering to each other and giggling in between .

After a while they came to some sort of conclusion as it was flashing through their smiles . Meanwhile even thou Alex didn't understand a single thing they uttered he listened to it as if it was some secret code he had to work on .

Saee drank the tea in one big sip and started acting as if she was gonna puke bit just phanted saying " hot " . Alex was about to say something to her about this , tell her to be careful and all but even before he could even open his mouth the twins had ran upstairs as if their asses were on fire as they giggled.

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