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πŸ’—28:-Dear Sis-ter πŸ’—

Running upstairs the twins wake up mihu and shreeya to inform them about tommorow . Saee went to wake up mihu and aishu to shreeya . The first reaction they got was negetive , saee got pillow thrown in her face while shreeya just groaned and swatted aishu's hand away .

The twins scowled and looked at each other as a plan brewed in their minds . They looked at each other and nodded as a smirk appeared on their faces .

Both of them went and sat in middle of the bed between the 2 sleeping queens . And then started tickling them and as to get away from the tickling they moved and as a result they felt flat on the floor and the twins laughed at it .

" What the fuck is wrong with you both !? "

" Ky yarr sakal sakali drama chulye tumchya !? "

( What drama are you guys doing so early in morning guys !?)

Mihika and shreeya said , more like yelled at the same time .

"You guys are the once who weren't waking up " they said . " So you mean this is our fault ? " Asked shreeya in a tine of disbelief .

" Glad you understand atleast something ! " Aishu stated and before shreeya could say anything again saee started " uh huh ha , before you even start , we have work to do , tommorow is Rakshabandhan , so mom will be going to Mama's place and most probably will stay there , and as Atya has fell and broken her leg even dad will be going there this year , so we have the whole house to ourselves and have a day to plan " she finished with a grin .

( Mama - mom's brother , in hindi also it's called mama .
Atya - father's sister , in hindi it's called bua I think )

" Oh n also we need to go buy rakhis and also gonna do shopping if you want anything " she added " so make your lists , we are gonna get ready and try to get out of hours as soon as possible . "

" I'll go take car keys from Arjun " said aishu and ran downstairs. " I'm gonna go shower first " said mihika and went into the bathroom to get ready . Saee and shreeya looked at each other . " I'm gonna continue my sleep till bathroom is empty " said shreeya and layed down but was kicked down on the floor again by none other than saee who had a scowl on her face .

" Sleep later , go and make a list of things you want and pick out the clothes you gonna wear now " with that she herself got up and and went down stairs while streaching her arms . bumping into someone she was about to fall on her ass but as if she was a kitten someone held her up in the air by none other than her mate .

" Slowly , you might fall" he said looking at her . She looked him in the eye and said " Leave me " . "Huh " he said dumbfounded . " I said leave me down " she repeated as she wriggled her feet in air so he could leave her and her feet could touch the ground .

He laughed a bit looking at his mate looking like a small child throwing tantrum after getting caught while sneaking candies .

As soon as her feet touched the ground she scowled at him and then was about to take a step but stopped in her tracks . Scratching her head she thought " What was I gonna do ...? " .
"How would I know ? " Said Alex looking at her . " Did I say it out loud ? " She frowned . " Yes and you did it again . " He said with a little laugh .

Scowling at him she decided to go find aishu and ask her if she took keys yet but found her talking with Mason , more like discussing with Mason .

"What are you guys talking about?" She asked ploping down beside aishu by descending on sofa from the back side . Aishu shooked and kept a hand an her chest " You scared me !" She said . Saee gave her a look saying 'Me? Look at my face , I'm so innocent' while pointed at herself and said "how?"

(Which we all know she isn't πŸ€¦πŸ™„)

" Yes ! You ! You dumb bitch ! Cuz unlike other NORMAL humans you didn't bother walking the distance beside the sofa to come from and sit , but rather just decided to crash from behind like a ghost you are " ranted aishu to her while giving her a smile dripping heavy with scarcasm .

" Aww " said saee " You're my twin baby , meaning you're my dumb bitch too" she finished with a grin . " Anyway did you take the keys yet ? And I was wondering if we should pick up sana on the way too , so we can introduce her to mau n yaya "

( Don't these didn't feel cute~ ?)

" Hm sure , and as for arjun he's on a important call out in backyard so I'm waiting here for him to finish up " said aishu and layed down on sofa with her head in saee's lap as saee unconsciously brushed her fingers through her twins hair .

" Brr , thik ahe , mihu angholila geliye ani me shreeya la list kadhayela ani ghalnare kapde kadhun thevatela sangitlet " saee told her " But I doubt if she slept again as I came out " she muttered thinking with a pout .

( Hm , ok , mihu has gone to take a bath and I've told shreeya to make a list and select the clothes she'll wear now )

" Ok , Tu ky ghalnar ahes ata ? " Asked aishu .

" Idk you select for both of us " said saee and then heard a unknown voice screaming " you stupid dumba-"

Hearing it everyone ran upstairs to the source of voice , which was from inside of Arjun's room . The twins put their ears to the door but still couldn't hear anything properly but Mason could hear everything as clearly as water , he could hear every word ,every sentence neatly and was trying his best to not laugh out .

After a few movements saee knocked on the door . Their was some noise then came a voice " Come in " . Slightly opening the door ahe peeked her head in with a frown on her face " Everything okay ?" She asked .

Alex was about to reply but a voice came from behind his chair " Is that her ? Get away from camera ! I wanna see her ! " Sighing Alex pushing himself with chair aside to reveal a beautiful woman on the video call who looked like she was in her late 20's .

"Aww Alex , she's so beautiful " said the woman looking at saee who just bowed in her direction to show respect . Just then aishu came from behind her with Mason following them .

The woman frowned a bit and looked at Alex who again sighed but spoke up " Let me introduce you guys " .

" Thi is Saee " he said pointing at saee and then pointing at aishu he said " And this is her twin sister ..." He started not knowing her name .

" Aishwarya " provided saee with a smile on her face . " Right " said Alex .

" It's so nice to finally meet to guys ! I've heard so much about you from alex ! " The woman said with a bright smile on her face . " Mooomm " whined Alex with a faint blush coating his cheeks .

( God's know what will happen to a alpha if it's in front of his mate )

" Mom ?" Questioned saee surprised " you mean to say she isn't your sister , cousin , friend or something ? "

" What ? No look at her can't you see the resemblence ? She's my mom " he said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world .

" I'd rather believe that she was your daughter than you as her son " started saee " she looks so gorgeous , and young .....I still can't believe she's your mom " finished aishu .

" Oh come on , stop fooling around , you're just making me blush " said aunty .

" No we aren't kidding ! I mean he could easily pass as your father! You look so young " said the twins and Alex's mum just laughed .

" Come on girls stop teasing my boy ! And my name is Mary a " she introduced.

" Hold on if she's your mother , how old are you exactly ? " asked aishu to Alex . " Oh I'm 32 years old " . " You what ? " Exclaimed saee " you'll look so young ! Maybe it's the genes " she said and everyone laughed.

" Oh Mason dear ! I didn't see you there " started Mary " oh honey call your mother she keeps worrying about you , she complainted to me that neither you call her nor pick up her calls "

Hearing it Mason groaned " she just keeps on insisting about me finding a partner as soon as possible , it not like it's in my hands ! " Grumbled Mason and Mary nodded .

" Still atleast talk it out with her " said Mary . " Oh and while we are on topic of partners , sayee , wait soe " tried Mary to pronounce her name .

" It's ok you can just call me 'sa' that would be more convenient " said saee with a smile and Mary nodded

" As I was saying , sa , please explain it to this duffer that you didn't mean what you said that day and you just need time !" Exclaimed Mary .

" Um I didn't get what you are talking about " said saee " I mean tell him that you just need some time to process the fact and you didn't mean it when you said that ' that kiss didn't hapβ€”" Mary was about to finish the sentence but was cut off by a the weird sounds saee made .

Running towards the laptop she turned it to herself " Aunt Mary ! It was really a pleasure to meet you , but Alex will call you later , bye , take care have a nice day " she said and shut off the laptop cutting the call .

It was pin drop slience until aishu opened her mouth " A Kiss ? " She questioned , saee was about to answer but a third voice invaded their conversation .

" Kiss ? What kiss ? How kiss ? Who kiss ? " She asked while still rubbing the sleep out of her eyes .

" NOTHING ! nothing ! " Said saee , more like screamed . " Let's go see if arjun is done " she said and got out of room with aishu and shreeya but not before getting a look from aishu which clearly said β€˜ You have some beans you spill there , dear sis-ter ’ .


Hey Guys
So I'm officially announcing that my brain has stopped working and I'm just writing with the flow with no idea what will happen ahead .

I hope you are atleast enjoying them a little bit cuz I am not , I wanna give you guys something worth reading but it seems as if , I'm just not getting the exact word , as if everything I'm writing right now is nothing but worthless .....

Hope I'll be able to do something about it and sort it out as soon as possible , till then if you still wait , I'll be grateful to you'll , and even if you don't , I understand , still thank you for sticking around till here .

And also for some reason I'm not able to edit the chapters here or inkitt , whenever I select anything or try to select a para so something something different happens , when I try to go back that doesn't work too , so I don't know what to do about it , if yiu do let me know .

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