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πŸ’—29:-Why?Why me?πŸ’—

The girls had already called and informed at home that they will be coming home a bit late and will have dinner at shreeya's as they were gonna go there after shopping .

It was around 8 when the duo reached home . After having dinner they bid goodbye to shreeya and on their way the dropped mihika home . And as for sana they did went to pick her up but due to her upcoming exams she couldn't really join them .

To say that the twins were excited would be an understatement ! The enthusiasm was dancing in the in the air around . They couldn't wait for the get together they had arranged , to meet their group after so long !

As soon as they got home , they saw Alex and Mason there , mason helping their mother a bit and Alex and arjun were discussing something .

Both stared at each other until saee spoke up " why is he still here ? " As soon as she said it a pained look flashed across Alex's face .

" What I mean is , they said they had booked or were gonna book a hotel or something so I asked , I didn't mean it in a rude.way " she explained and then questioned herself , why did she gave a explanation ?! It was her home !

" Mom asked them to stay " said Arjun and the twins nodded . The twins went to their room with the shopping bags and crashed on the bed .

They had enjoyed themselves to the fullest ! Roaming around shopping , gossiping cracking internal jokes and then after getting looks from people and then again laughing on them .

Aishu got up and quickly changed into her bed clothes while saee still layed in bed . Aishu poked saee and she opened one of her eye and closed it again muttering a "what?"

" Spill the beans missy " she said and saee turned around , her back facing her twin .

" Uh huh not gonna work honey , you better start speaking or I'm gonna kick your ass " she said and saee turned to her twin with a pout .

Sighing saee started to narrate the incident they way it was in her memory whilst she changed and was ready for bed .

" Now happy ? " Said saee as she finished . " So you mean to say that , when you were inspecting his wound , he suddenly kisses you and instead to behaving in your normal way and slapping him away or something you kissed him back ? " Asked aishu . " Oh and you feel sparks when you touch him ? To sum it up it's weird , sounds untrue but it's real as you say it is ..."

Saee hummed at her and got up as she took the car keys from her jeans pocket . " I'm gonna give these keys to dada and also talk with him a bit " said saee and went to Arjun's room not wanting to further extend the conversation yet for some reason .

She wanted to make sure what was happening with her before she could explain properly to anyone . And she knew for a fact that only one person could answer her questions , Alex . She was hesitant but knew she had to have a talk with him deciding to do it later she entered Arjun's room just to find it empty .

Sighing she threw the keys on bed just from them to slip down . Pouting she bent down to pick them up but accidentally ended up kicked them under the bed instead.

Groaning she got down on her knees and tried reaching for them , it touched her fingertips but she couldn't get a hold of it .

Finally she crawled under the bed a bit , while her rose butt up in air , she looked like a puppy trying to go under something which was small for its size .

As she got a hold of the keys she crawled outwards while shaking her ass , with a smile of victory on her lips .


But while she was under the bed Alex had entered the room from the small attached balcony ending a call with his mother dearest .

And as soon as he entered he smelled his mate and he looked around to find no one but when he head something jiggling he looked down to find his mate's butt up facing the air as her torso was hidden under the bed .

He gulped as he saw her wriggling and coming out of her hideout with a bunch of keys in her hand as a victorious smile overtook her features .

As she felt someone looking at her she look around to see Alex stood there frozen in his position . She got up quickly and kept the keys on the bedside table and wiped her hands on the side of her long shorts . " Um I'll just step out " she said as light coat of blush covered her cheeks .

She was about to head out of the room but Alex held her by her upperarm which made her get pulled back which then made it look as if she was drunk . She looked at him with a frown .

"Aren't boys like supposed to gently held the girl back by holding their wrist ? It's good you aren't doing things clique but holding me by upper hand just made me feel like a criminal ..." She muttered to herself but he heard it , not knowing what to say he just responded with a short 'sorry' .

" Um can we talk ?" He asked and she narrowed her eyes at him . " You said the same thing this morning which reminds me , talking is people having a conversation and as far as I know hugging certainly isn't talking Mr.Alex " she sassed back but internally slapping herself for saying it knowing that if he didn't take the initiative she would have to !

Nervously rubbing the back of his neck he sighed . " Please , let's just talk " he said . She sighed in relief but not wanting to show it to him she just acted along and motioned him to follow her .

Stepping out she told him to wait a min and entered her room to find it empty . Thinking aishu was in bathroom she wrote a small note saying she was up on terrace and will come down in a while and stuck it to the door and went upstairs with Alex following her .

But a certain someone had spotted them together going up.


Both of them stood under the wide night sky as moonlight fell on them illuminating their faces . The cold breeze slapped against their warm skin making it more alive than ever , as goosebumps arouse .

As it was late at night , it was nothing but the peaceful silence surrounding them . The streets were empty , the lights were out . As far as it seemed their house was the only one with lights still on .

" So .. what do you wanna talk about ? " She asked him as her arms crossed and her palms rubbed them to make them a little warm .

He removed his t-shirt and handed it to him , which gained him nothing he wished but just a blank look . "Wear it "he said " A added layer will make you a little more warmer " he finished with a small smile .

" Alex , that's .. really sweet of you , and I truely appreciate it but you should wear it or you'll catch a cold " she said handing it back to him " and it's fine , I love the crispy coldness , makes me feel more alive"

How was he supposed to tell her that it would take a lot for him to catch a cold because due to his wolf , his body heat was higher than humans .

" Let's just get to the point , if anyone saw us together right now , I'm just dead meat " she said as she unconsciously bit her lip which didn't go unnoticed by him . His eyes zeroed on her lips which now moved , but her words fell just fell on deaf ears .

He remembered how sweet they tasted , how innocent they were and how cautiously they fought back for dominance . He knew how plump they were , how soft they felt against his own .

He wanted to taste them again and they way his wolf kept on giving him images of making out with her under the white light , the way he could make her sit on the wall , stand in between her legs , pressing her closer to his chest , as he hugged her , as his fingers tangled themselves into her hair messing them up , they way her cheeks would flush red as she phanted for oxygen to fill her lungs , certainly wasn't helpful .

He wolf just begged him to kiss her , things could wait . And for once he just wanted to listen to his wolf , he wanted to see her short of breath under the moon due to him , but decided against it as his hand reached out to her and pulled her in a hug .

" I don't know how to explain it to you but you mean the world to me , I don't know what happened or why you are denying our kiss or your feelings towards me but I want to know them , I want to be there for you , to help you solve the complications . I want you to depend on me , and not run away " he said , he wanted to further speak but before he could open his mouth his mate beat him to it .

" Why me ? " She asked , more like whispered " why me huh ? There are so many wonderful girls out ..." she was about to speak but he spoke up .

" But they aren't you .."

"Huh?...." She said dumbfounded

" Those girls you speak of , they maybe wonderful , beautiful , they may not run away from me ...." He started which broke her heart little by little " But they aren't you ... I want you ... I like you for who you are , I don't care if you aren't wonderful as u say they are ,.....but for me you are more than wonderful , you are perfect for me "

As he ended her heartbeat spiked , she had no words for how good he was . Her eyes teared up a bit .

" Why ? " She said as her voice cracked a bit " why do you have to be so good to me huh ? You made me confuse myself , took my first kiss , and when I came here so I could think about everything , you just came and stood at my doorstep . You made me fall for you , even while all these unanswered questions lingered in the air and put me in a situation so difficult that at this point I don't know what to do anymore " she said and gently hugged him back as she sighed , determined not to cry .

" I'm in such a deep mess that I don't even know what to do right now " she muttered against his shoulder "Argh ! Life sucks ! ... You're so warm thou always " she spoke hugging him more closer . " I honestly don't know what future has in store for me , for us , but in this moment , I just want to be close to you and forget about everything surrounding us " Her breath fanned hid neck , he could feel her heartbeat going back to normal against his chest .

How they wished the world could stop , the time could stop and give them a few breaths together without having to worry about anyone catching them .

In that moment he decided , he needed to tell her , to explain her how the things actually were , the reality and how he planned to make her family accept them .

They stood under the wide sky as moonlight shined upon their cuddled figures . His steady heartbeat a soft melody to her ears as she closed her eyes in ecstasy .

A few minutes later he decided to speak up . Encouraging himself saying it's now or never ! He took a deep breath and opened his mouth .

" You always wanted to know why you feel those sparks right ? " He asked and she hummed in response " I feel them too , those sparks , those shivers , the need to be constantly near each other , the always feel our skins brushing against each other , the abiding pull . "

He sighed " it's because you're my mate , my soulmate , I know you may not believe me right now but it's true , just trust me on this . I love you not because of just us being mates , but also because of how beautiful of a person you are " as he finished he felt cold , her arms had fell from around his body . He gupled knowing how many questions , Disbeliefs and many more things were coming his way .

Finally taking a deep breath he look down at her ....


Hey guys !

Here I am , back with a new chapter . And I swere guys this is the longest chapter I've written for this book , excluding my rant ...

So I'm a little nervous about this chapter cuz this is a kind of emotions chapter and I'm the kind of person who get more emotional on useless weird things rather than where I'm supposed to be ..

So um yea , do lemme know ur thought and also lemme know if u prefer longer chapters or shorter once . Oh n I hope this turned out better than the last one 😢

And sorry for the long wait .......
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