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He looked down at her just to find her sleeping ...... yup you read it right .... She was sleeping like a little puppy in his arms , her face snuggled into his chest as his heartbeat worked as a lullaby , lulling her to sleep as his warm , huge hands embraced her .

He chuckled a bit not knowing weather to be embrassesed or thankful that he spoke up but she didn't hear it . Not really wanting to go back in he decided to Stay there for a while , just so he could hold her a bit longer .

He wanted to stay there , holding her , holding his world in his arms bit knowing that if her family members saw this it won't be pretty he tried to pick her up but instead of that she slightly opened her eyes jumped on his and slept again , just like a monkey .


A figure turned under the blanked , changing its position to get more comfort . Suddenly as if someone just electrified it , the figure jumped up to adreline .

Glaring at her twin who just kicked her butt she asked " The fuck you did that for ? " . Rolling her eyes at her , her twin plopped on the bed , resting her head on saee's lap she looked her in the eye and said " Because , we need to talk " .

Groaning saee pushed aishu off her - who then had a pout on her face - and entered the bathroom . " Talking is done by using your mouths when a person is awake , not by waking them with a kick and telling we need to talk "

" Well it worked either way " she said leaning on the door frame of the bathroom , looking at her twins as she still drowsily brushed her teeth .

" Soooo....? " Started aishu , expecting her sister to start spitting the info . "Aoooo...?" Said saee still with her brush in her mouth .

" Wash you damn mouth and come out , cuz we have a lot of things to go through " said aishu and marched out of the bathroom , making saee roll her eyes at her .

Getting in a lookable condition she stepped out of the bathroom to check her sister dozing off on the desk . Saee's lips twitched thinking "Ruining my sleep madam is sleeping peacefully huh ? "

She was gonna wake her up for whatever talk she wanted to have but her phone started ringing . Signing she picked it up to see Anmol's name flashing on the screen .

" Bola saheb " she started as soon she picked up . " Aree hello vagare kahi bolayeshi padhat ? " He said with a slight laugh at the end of the sentence . " Mag , alay ka nai Kolhapur la azun ? " He asked

( Speak sir )

(Hey no hello ? / Hey no greetings ?

Ps :- the literal translation is different so if you want that one too ,lemme know )

(So , have you came to Kolhapur yet or not ? )

" Aree amhi kadhic aloy , tula phone karnarac hote baag thodya velat bolvayela aaj " she said with a sense of happiness in her voice . " Yenar na ? " She asked playfully .

(We've came a while back , I was about to call you in a bit to come over )

( You will come right ?)

" Aho tumhi bolvat ahe mahanje yayelac paheje amhi , rahun chaltay hoi ? " He said acting along .

( If you are calling , we having to come , we don't have another choice now , do we ? )

" Hey ! Don't act as if I'm forcing you ! " Saee said laughing out along with him as they continued to chit-chat for a while , talking about random things , their school days and stuff .

She walked downstairs to drink some water while still on phone . " God I miss our school ! And as unbelievable it sounds I miss our teachers , chota bheem as well ! " She exclaimed laughing .

While they talked she found a piece of paper on the table written by their mother about what she had made , what she had done preparations for and how she knew they were gonna party so she had given money to Arjun and she could take it from him .

" Yeah yeah , come around 6:30 . Ani aik ! " She said . " Ata ky ani ? " He asked . " Tuzya bayko la anayela visru nakos ! " She spoke trying to control her laughter but miserably failed as she burst out laughing .

( And listen ! )

(Now what ? )

(Don't forget to bring your wife )

" Gap ki bai " he said laughing with her " yeto gheun tyala pan " And with this laughter their conversation ended .

( Shut up women )

(I'll bring him along with me )

As she ended the call and turned around while drinking the water she choked on it and died .......end of story .........

Just kidding guys ! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

As she ended the call and turned around while drinking the water she choked on it and spit the water on the figure in front of her and started coughing as if her life depended on it .

As she calmed down she looked up to find a dripping alex standing in front of her with water dripping down his hair as they stuck to his forehead and a litter bit lower near his eyes , they droplets traced down his face , past his plump lips , down to his neck where the veins poped out , travelling, rolling over his Adam's apple down to the valley at the base of his neck , going down and finally seeping into his white shirt making it wet and a bit transparent and it instantly stuck to his skin .

Saee just kept on starting at him , not being able to take her eyes off him . After breaking out of her trance she looking at his face to find it a bit pinkish and then it stuck to her ...... She spit out water ...... On someone's face ....... Again ........ And this time it was a guy she liked !

Fuckkkk !!!! She screamed inside her head as she made him sit down on a chair and started patting his face dry with a napkin while chanting "I'm sorry" as if it was a spell .

She cursed herself inside her mind on how can she do same mistake twice , how careless was she and how much of a stupid she is .

While dear Alex kept on looking at her as she cared for him . He wish that time would stop and she would kept on touching his face , patting it dry , while cearsing it in the process .

He sighed and hugged her waist pulling her closer , snuggling his face on her tummy as she was short in front of him .

" What are you doing !!! My dada , I mean my older brother is up ! What if he sees us , god forbid it from happening , leave me ! " She whisper yelled.

" Then let him , I've told you clearly how I feel about you , and I know you reciprocate my feelings , what I don't understand is why you aren't giving in and accepting me . Have I treated you badly ? Or do you not like me ? Are my instincts wrong ? Do you have someone else you like ? And many more questions haunt me , and I don't know what to do about them " he sighed .

Saee froze for a bit , not knowing what to do , what to tell or rather how to explain . Detaching herself from him she took a seat beside his . " It's ..... Complicated ..... I don't know how to explain this to you ..... "

" Is it your family ? Don't worry about them I'll make them understand that I will take good care of you " he said holding her hands looking her in the eyes .

She shook her head " It ain't that simple Alex .... Look around you , observe , I even have restrictions on what I wear , what I speak , I'm not even allowed to speak up , to stand up against wrong things to people just because they are elder to me , even thou I don't follow every rule , but in this household they are way too many things which I am bound to .....

You know why they are making my brother marry in such hurry ? Because my father caught him kissing his girlfriend , and the part which surprises me the most is that they aren't even giving a thought about her age , she's literally underage ! Why they are doing this ? They think what if she turns out to be pregnant , what if something happens ? What will the society say ? They didn't even bother confirming the facts first !

If a boy wears shorts , he must probably be feeling hot , but if a girl wears shorts even in summers , then yea , she's mannerless , she doesn't care about her family's reputation , she revolting . Yes , times are changing , things are changing , but is the society changing ? No !

Having a love marriage is sometime treated as if you've commited a crime , a sin, if you do find good and understanding people then you're in luck but you will also find some rude once who'll speak to you with a honey tongue but will say shit about you behind your back , or will sometimes even say those things to your face with a smile , making it out as if they are joking even when they completely understand that their words Pierce at the other person's heart ...

Your is a good family I can feel it , understand it just by speaking to your mom , they would accept me if you do , but you have spoken to my father , didn't you hear the tone of suspicion in his voice ? The time you came to return my clothes ? Even if nothing really happened between us , couldn't you sense the way he looked at me as if i had walked the road of shame ?

Things are really fucked up here , they simply don't care ! If something does happen , in front of the world they'll behave like they are open and they are okay with their children's choices , but they don't fully accept the other person for a while .

People are changing Alex , I understand that , but they are moving with a really slow speed , if we try , there is a chance that they will come by , but not confirmed and if they do it will take up a lot of time and problems !

I'm ok with facing problems and all , but what I'm scared about is the outcome , what if even after we try everything , we don't get the result we fought for ? " She finished her long speech with a small sad smile and teary eyes .

Suddenly a pair of hands came from behind saee and hugged her and she too hugged back immediately as if knowing who it was , she probably did , call it twin instincts?

" Shut up you dumbo , you do have me beside you " said aishu hugging her . " You have us too" said a feminine voice from the doorway .

Saee looked up to see Sana and Arjun standing there with slight smiles over their faces .

" You too ? " Asked saee starting at Arjun in the eye . He stared back and after a while he sighed " I'll see but only after I talk to you both " he said and saee smiled with joy .

" Well 2 more to go I guess then " said Alex tryna make saee laugh which he did accomplished .

" Technically you have 5 more to go " saee corrected him with a smile and everyone laughed out at it except Alex .


So .... I know I've been on long break .....extra long well you know my exams n stuff came up .....

And then I lost my inspiration ....I literally couldn't do anything ......but then I found a song ..... It somehow inspired me again ... I plan to use it in this book so you'll hear it .... I have really special plans for it , don't know if I'll keep up with it as my plans change often af but let's hope they don't ...

Anyway guys let me know what you think about this chapter , I literally poured out everything I could think of at this ungodly hour .... It's 3:02 rn

Lemme know wt you think , if you think whatever I've written is true then comment this "✨" and if you think all tgst I've written is pure bullshit then comment "πŸ’©" .

I know some of many of you will disagree but that is how I feel , how many of girls are trapped even when we don't know.... So I just want to get you guys opinion too ...

Will wait for it eagerly...
Thank you

And if you like this book do share it with your friends
I love everyone of you for supporting me .... ❀️

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