My Indian Mate

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Recap :

" Just some observations . Prove me wrong , if you dare " Aishwarya said with a straight face .

And just like that the atmosphere around them became dense and awkward .


Mihika and saee were getting really uncomfortable in the tense environment . Saee cleared her throat and awkwardly said " Let's just eat " and was about to take put the bite in her mouth until Aishwarya whined .

" Heyy " Aishwarya whined to her quitely . Saee raised a eyebrow at her whispering to her " what ? " . " I didn't like this ! " She said and pouted .

Saee took a deep breath and signed " Its okay , keep that aside , you can have from mine . And from next time don't order something you won't eat , okay ?" She stated and called for a waiter .

" Excuse me , ye aap please parcel kar dejeye aur ek plate bhi dejeye , thank you "

[ Excuse me , please parcel this and please get one more plate , thank you . ]

" Ky zala ? " Asked mihika after hearing saee ask for a new plate and parcle aishwarya's dish .

[ What happened ? ]

" Tila je tine magavalela te avadla nai so mazyatla khayel ti " replied saee and before mihika could ask any more questions the waiter came with a new plate and the parcled dish in a bag .

[ She didn't like the dish she ordered so she can eat from mine's ]

Saee said thank you to him while taking the plate and bag from him . She served aishu and saw that she was chatting on her phone with someone .

" Aishu ! Eat first , then chat as much as you want . " Said saee but aishu ignored her and simply said " This is important so wait . "

Saee sighed and cursed aishu that she was gonna be old soon because of her and took a morsel and held it in front of aishu's mouth indicating that she'll feed her .

Aishu looked at what she was holding and continued to chat while eating as saee fed her . All this didn't go unseen by alex . He was getting jealous by every morsel she was feeding her .

He wanted her to feed him instead of her friend who he had taken a little disliking towards as she made him at a loss of words in front of his mate .

He clenched his knuckles under the table on acted as if he was busy on phone and wasn't bothered by them . He took a bite of his salad and chewed in rashly taking his and out on that poor piece of food .

The lunch went quitely , saee feeding aishu , aishu busy chatting ,mihika lost in her own world of music and alex silently glaring daggers at aishu and looking at saee dreamily . And now they were just sitting quietly while saee ate her own food . Mihika had excused herself to washroom .

" Eekkk!! " Aishwarya almost screamed " your favourite brand is launching another perfume " she stated .

Saee looked at her and hurriedly swallowed the bite in her mouth causing her to choke on it and then she started coughing loudly .

Aishwarya and alex got up to help her at the same time . He poured her water , but Aishwarya stopped him and told her to look up and patted her back gently and then as her cough died down slowly she gave her the water .

Even after this instead of taking a movement to herself she asked aishwarya in her hoarse voice " Are you serious ? What fragrance ? "

" Calm down first and it's not revealed yet just stated " aishwarya said calming her down .

" Which brand are you talking about ? " Alex asked as his interest piqued after hearing some perfume brand was his mate's favourite . He was internally wishing that it would be his .

Looks like goddess heard his prayers because without thinking twice his mate answered " Water Lilies " .

On the outside he was calm and composed and nodded his head but internally he was dancing and partying that his mate liked his work .

" Why though ? " He asked and she turned her head to look at him giving him a 'are you serious ?' look . " You got to be kidding me ! Have you ever used them ? The perfume is perfect it's not that heavely scented but not that faint in smell either .

They give personalized perfumes by their skin type so it doesn't cause any rashes and main thing is they are 100% natural , no chemicals added . " She ranted but he was just lost in looked at his sweet mate explaining him .

As aishwarya saw that he was just staring at her sister she snapped her fingers in front of his face , " Are you even listening to her ? " She asked suspiciously .

And he nodded giving her a looking saying 'how can you not believe me ! .'

" Hey I'm done let's go " said saee and was about to get up but he held her hand and sparks shot from her wrist to her body and she freed her hand from his hold , she was shocked but as not to make aishwarya worry she held a composed face .

He was hurt my his actions but he could see it in her eyes , the confusion about what was happening .

"Y-You need something" she asked hesitantly . " You barely ate anything " he stated and was about to continue but got interrupted " I ate enough ." She said and was about to leave .

" Hey ! I'm Alex by the way and you ? " He asked dying from inside to know her name .

She was about to answer but Aishwarya answered instead of her " Naam me kya Rakha hai ? " She said and continued " Don't worry you'll get to know her name if it's in your destiny " with that she turned around with saee's hand in her and got away saying a ' bye ' to him .

{ What is kept in name ? }

He stood there dumbfounded not knowing what to do . Of course it was in his destiny !!! She was his mate for crying out loud !

All his !

His to take !

His to have !

Only his !

He really didn't like that girl , his mate's friend , how could she say something like that ! How could she take his mate away from him in front of his eyes .

Technically she hasn't yet accepted him but she is his mate , he wanted to have her in the security of his arms , so he could protect her , provide her with every happiness she deserves but looks like fate had other ideas , which anyhow didn't include her being his this soon .

He ran after her to get a glimpse of her for good until he could see her again but what he saw was melted his heart , questioning the goddess what did to do to deserve a mate like her .

He is a monster while she was a angel , his angel which he didn't plan to let go of .

She stood there .....

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