My Indian Mate

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πŸ’—4-Twins ?πŸ’—

Recap :

He is a monster while she was a angel , his angel which he didn't plan to let go of .

She stood there .....


She stood there giving the parcled food to the beggers . A old beggers woman patted her head saying things in language unknown to Alex .

He made a mental to learn her language so he won't miss out on her life .

She and her friend took a cab and went away . And turned around to go back to his room , disappointed .

On his way back he bumped into someone . He looked up to area familiar figure , it was his mate's other friend .

" Hey ? " Alex said confused about what she was still doing there .

" Have you seen them both , I can't seem to find them . " She asked confused . Alex pointed at the exit gate " They just went away " he said and she groaned .

" They left me ! " She whinned " How can they do this ?! " She turned to him " Did they say anything to you ? Or any message for me ? " She asked and Alex shook his head in denial .

She took out her phone from her back pocket and called someone but no answer . " Hey can I ask you a favour ? " She asked Alex and he nodded his head .

" I'll give you aishu's no. Call her and if she picks up plz give it to me " she said and cointinues " till then I'll try to call saee " . As soon as she took saee's name something happened to him , his heart was racing .

" S-saye ? " He tried to pronounce but failed miserably . " No no , saee , the one in that blue dress , and God don't misspell her name , she eat you alive ." she told him .

" Saee ?" he said and the name rolled off his tongue smoothly sending shivers down his back just by her name .

" I'll call saee if you don't mind " Alex said trying not to show how badly he wanted her no. she looked at him a bit suspiciously but said okay and gave him her no. and tried to call aishu again .

As the phone ringed , his heart beat increased , it ringed and ringed and he grew anxious but as soon as it dinged on the other side indicating she picked up and her sweet voice came " Hello ? " His felt his world stopped and he took a deep breath .

" Hello ? " He heard his mate repeat herself .


Saee and aishwarya took a cab and were on their way back to their apartment until aishwarya's phone started ringing , it was mihika .

As she saw the name flashing on the screen she looked at saee just to find her looking at her . " We forgot about mihika !!! " They both said in unison .

Saee was panicking a bit about what they should do then but Aishwarya remained as cool as a cucumber " Calm down she's not a child you should worry about !" Aishu stated .

" I know but she still is younger than us " she said " by a year !" Aishwarya fired back " Don't worry okay , she'll be fine " she reassured her and saee nodded .

Suddenly her phone ringed and looked at it . It was a international no. so she hesitantly picked it up . " Hello ? " She said and she heard the person on the other line taking a deep breath .

" Hello ? " She repeated .

" Saee " she heard a familiar yet unfamiliar voice which made shivers run down her spine .

" Y-Yes , w-who is calling if I-I may ask ? " Saee stuttered pathetically .

" It's me , Alex " the voice on the other side said calmly .

" Alex !? How did you know my name ? " She asked shocked " Wait but before that , how did you get my number !!? " She panicked .

" You actually forgot your friend here , she gave me while she calls your friend with you . " He explained .

" Well the one I'm with is my twin and we didn't forget her okay ! " She said looking at aishwarya giving her a ' what should I do ?' look while she was busy denying mihika's continues calls .

"Your twin ? Anyway then what's she still doing here and why were you not picking up her calls ? " He questioned .

" Dizygotic twins ! Did you skip your biology class ? And as for that , um our parents wanted to talk with us , so we got off early and we were gonna call her later as mom wanted to talk about something ASAP " Saee lied " I'll um , I gotta keep the call right now . Bye . " She ended and hanged up as they reached their apartment , without giving him a chance to speak .

They got off as they payed the cab driver . They were climbing stairs when saee's phone ringed . Thinking it was Alex again she picked up and fired , irritated " I told you I can't talk now , can't you understand !?"

" Honey , are you okay ? " Came a voice which belonged to their mother , she looked at the phone screen to see that it was her mother's number.

" Mum ! I thought it was in mihika calling so I said all that " she lied . " But honey , we called because we got a call for mihika herself saying , aishwarya was not picking up her calls and you both left her in the restaurant . We taught you both better than that babies , how could you do this ? " She scolded .

" Mom actually teacher called aishu and she wanted to talk to both of us about our practical exams or something , so we took our leave early , and we were talking to mam on phone also so we didn't attend to her calls , you know na mom that we can never do something like this , how can you not believe us " saee started her drama and made a mental note to kick mihika's ass .

[ Na - it's a word used to make more impact I guess , it's more like a sound we make while speaking , okay I don't know kown how to explain this one , but if you are Indian , you'll get it , others who doesn't know can ignore as it's not that important ]

As aishwarya unlocked the door to their apartment saee hanged up the call after saying " Mum I'll call you later , mam has come on the video call , bye ! " Without giving her any time to say anything .

" I'm sooo gonna kick mihika's ass !!! Call that bitch here !! " Saee said while sprawling herself across the bed .

" Aishwarya called mihika and told her to come to their apartment . Till she arrived there both saee and aishwarya were changed in their comfy clothes and were getting sleepy by the second .

The bell ringed and saee got up to open it while groaning a bit . She opened the door and saw mihika in her normal bubbly self standing there smiling .

As soon as she stepped in saee shut the door and gave her a nice tight kick on her ass and then as if nothing ever happened she went and sat back in her seat near aishu .

" What the fuck !?" Mihika said with a gasp and aishwarya and saee turned to look at her and said in unison " we should be the one saying that ! "

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