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" Did you just kick my ass ? " Mihika asked astonishingly . " Yup ! I just literally kicked your ass , just be thankful that I had the manners to remove my slipper or that beautiful pair of black velvet textured jeans would have been dumped " said saee and threw her head back plumping down on sofa .

" Anyway do you guys want some tea ? " Aishwarya asked them and saee quickly said " yes please " while holding her head .

"Sure" said mihika .

Aishwarya looked at mihika and said " Now go make some tea " . " What ? Why me ? " She questioned . " Because saee's head is paining " she answered back .

" Wasn't it paining while kicking me " she muttered" Anyways what about you ? Can't you go and make it " mihika asked while raising her eyebrows at aishu . Aishu pouted and gave her a cute look as she said " My legs are paining too "

" You make tea with hands not legs " mihika deadpanned . " Okay so my hands are paining then " said aishu with a pout .

" Urgh stop fighting , I'll go make tea , and aishu you are incharge of calling mom and dad today ." With that saee left the room without giving aishu a chance to speak .

The trio sat in balcony , enjoying the rain which had suddenly started , with a cup of steamy hot ginger tea in their hand .

They sat in silence until mihika decided to break it . " So what was that kick for ? " . She questioned. Saee looked at her " For calling our mother even when you knew the consequences we would have to face , and giving that Alex my number . I mean are you out of your mind ? He looked nice and all that but he's still a stranger yarr , how can you just go around giving away my no. to anyone?"

[ Yarr - it's a term used to say friend ? Just like in English we use the term 'dude' , in hindi/marathi it's we use 'yarr' ]

" I was gonna give aishu's but he asked for yours " mihika said . Saee gave her a look of disbelief and mihika frowned at her look " what ? " She asked .

Saee sighed exaggeratedly shaking her head " you are impossible ! " She concluded as she took the empty tea cups back to kitchen .

Mihika looked at aishu and asked her " what happened to her now ? " . Aishu chuckled shaking her head and looked outside , ignoring her .


Alex was lost in thought of his mate . Thinking what she would be doing , while looking out of the window at the rain pouring down , will she be looking at the rain like he is ? What does she think of him ? Will she except him after knowing the truth ? How was he gonna explain everything to her ?

These were the questions going on in his head . But the biggest question which was haunting him was that how was he gonna reveal everything to her ?

His mind was replaying her image repeatedly , they way her chocolate brown eyes held a shine in them , they way her full lips formed that beautiful smile , they way her melodious voice spoke , the way she looked in that beautiful indian attire .

Everything about her was so enchanted , pulling him towards her more and more .

As he was lost in his thoughts he didn't notice mason coming in and plopping on his bed . " Hey man ? You okay ? You look a little lost " he said breaking Alex's chain of thoughts .

" Hey , yea I'm fine , I'm just thinking " he said . " About what ? " Mason questions . " Things " Alex said and got off the chair , going in the adjoining open balcony , standing in the rain , letting it seep through him . Mason saw this and understood that he needed some time and went back to his room.

As the rain stopped he came back in and took a shower . Didn't knew why , he was getting a feeling that the things with his mate were not gonna go as smooth as he thought they will .

He felt like he would have do so some things which he might have to regret later but he just wanted to shook off those thoughts and focus on the present .

He took a long shower , while arranging his thoughts in the process . He didn't have any appetite but being a werewolf he needs to have something in order for his body to keep going till the time he actually has something , so he just had some orange juice and decided to let sleep consume him for the time being .


Saee was washing the plates after dinner while Aishwarya and mihika were making the bed as mihika had decided to stay over . Saee was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice mihika entering the kitchen and asking her a question .

Mihika back hugged her after not receiveing a response , keeping her chin on her shoulder she asked again , " Hey ! I asked you a question , where are the extra blankets kept ? "

Saee got a little shocked as mihika poped out of nowhere . " They are kept in the upper shelf , left side inside , infront are kept some pillows " she said still a little unstable .

" Are you okay ? Do you wanna talk it out ? You seem a little shaky since we came back from the hotel . Everything is alright right ? " Mihika asked conserned .

" It's nothing honey , I'm fine . You don't need need to think too much about it with that pretty little brain of yours " saee said while bumping her head with mihika's lovingly and focused back on the plates in front of her.

" Okay , I think you need a break though , make life a little less focused and focus on yourself for a bit . " Mihika said with a underlying meaning behind it as her eyes twinkled .

" What are you trying to suggest or imply ? " Saee questions with a raised eyebrow .

Mihika smirked " You'll see " she said and turned to leave kitchen but not before slapping saee's ass lightly .

" You're gonna pay for that !! " Saee screamed behind her . " I didn't hear anything " mihika shouted back with a giggle hidden in her voice .

As mihika went saee got pulled back into her thoughts . She was confused and a little scared , she didn't understand what was going on .

Alex , Alex , Alex .

It was the only thought going on in her mind , a guy she met by chance on the airport , she didn't knew him , but she wanted to get to know him .

She felt undeniablely attracted to him for some reason , his deep husky voice , his enchanting dark forest green eyes , his plump maroon lips and especially the way he called her name , it rolled of his tongue as if was made for him to say .

She felt shivers as he took her name , it felt like a sin , her name from his lips . And oh my my how can we forget the sparks she feels when they touch , the current flowing through their bodies , calling out to each other .

With these thoughts she went sleep , thinking that this small escape from reality might help her gain perspective , but little did she know what was on her plate , kept by fate .

Two different people , from two different world , what was destiny's plan while tying them together ?

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