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The next day saee woke up looking like a zombie . Last night she didn't sleep a blink . She did every possible things she knows and thinks will work but nothing seemed to help her .

She was tired and was in need of a much needed break . She thanked God that it was Saturday as she could stay in and not even care for the upcoming day .

It was 5:30 AM when she decided to get up instead of sleeping in . She got up and made herself some tea as she was about to put on the gas someone questioned her from behind .

" For the love of God what are you doing at this ungodly hour , instead of laying in that cozy and comfy bed . " Asked aishwarya .

" I could ask you the same thing" she replied " but to answer your question , I couldn't sleep so decided to get up at this ungodly hour of 5:30 " she answered while making air quotes . " Anyway would you like some tea ? "

" Um ....okay " aishu answered while rubbing her eyes . She yawned and settled herself on the dining chair .

Aishwarya was carefully observing saee's every action and every step . Saee gave aishu her cup of tea and took hers . " Let's go sit in balcony " she said and made her way to the half open balcony attached to their bedroom .

They sat down and saee sipped on her tea peacefully while aishu was looking at her . Suddenly she spoke up " spill " . Saee gave a questioning look " spill what ? Tea ? " She said trying to use her non-existing sense of humour and laughed a little at her own joke .

But Aishwarya didn't find it funny at all she stared at her with her eyebrows raised . Saee squirmed under her gaze " Don't look at me like that " she mumbled as she looked away .

" Like what ? " Aishu asked in a monotone . " Like I'm doing some crime " saee said quietly but due to the silence of early morning aishu heard her clearly .

" Saee , Don't make me force it out of you " she said calmly " you know very well what will happen at the end . We don't want a repeat of last time now , do we ? " Her calmness was a little freaky but saee knew exactly what she wanted to say and imply .

She signed " Aishu yar I don't know how to explain it . You remember Alex right ? " Aishu nodded for her to continue " I feel as if there is a connection between us you know , I feel hopelessly attracted to him , I don't know a single shit about him , but there is this urge within me , which wants to get to know him , when he said my name on the call ,I felt like the world stopped for a second , and whenever we have any type of skin contact I feel these sparks , I don't know if it's just my imagination or something but ..... I just ...don't know what to do " saee finally let it all out .

Aishu got up and went near her and patted her back softly " Maybe , you have developed a crush , you'll get over it . "

" But it doesn't feel like it , it feels like we have a deep connection " saee said .

Aishu looked at her with pityful eyes " But saee you know that you ca- " saee cut aishu off .

" I know , I know , I can't afford to have a crush on him , or be with him , but I'm trying okay , I'm trying to forget him but whenever I try not to think about him , the only thoughts which come to my mind are about him , nothing seems to help " she said .

" That's why I said you need a break " came a third voice . The twins looked to see mihika sitting on the bed and the blanked around her , looking like a mountain grown a head .

" When did you get up ? " Asked saee . Mihika shrugged " maybe when the cold breeze hit me as you opened the balcony door " she said "Anyway , we are going out tonight , so you can get your mind away from him " she said and got up going out of the room .

" Where are we going ? " Asked aishu . " You'll see it , anyway I gotta go pee " with that she skipped out of the room .


Alex was sleeping just when mason barged in his room and went near his sleeping body to scream " Get Up !!!! "

Alex jumped out of the bed only to fell on the floor as his leg for tangled in the sheets . He groaned as he picked up his body from floor .

" What the fuck dude ? " Alex murmured and she sat on bed . " Mason rolled his eyes as she sat on the chair , fully dressed and ready to go " we have a meeting if you don't remember which is correctly in " he said and looked at his watch " 1 hour and it will take us about 15 mins to reach there if we don't get caught in traffic , so you have 15 mins to get your ass up and get ready . "

Alex cursed under his breath and got up and ran to the bathroom .


It was 7 pm when he came out of the building where the meeting was held . He loosened his tie and opened the first few buttons on his shirt . They were waiting for a cab which they are booked until he saw his mate , getting inside a cab in a pair black skirt which reached her mid-thigh and a red crop top , her dark brown hair left open cascading down her back till her waist .

Her plump lips coated with a layer of red lipstick , she was wearing minimal makeup but looked like a angel , but what grabbed his attention was the eye mask she was wearing as her friends were guiding her .

Their cab arrived and they sat down , but all his attention was on his mate . Mason was about to tell the driver to go the their hotel but Alex interrupted him .

" Please follow that car " he said and the driver nodded following it . Mason asked him what was going on but Alex completely ignored him . Mason continued to annoy him till that point that Alex snapped at him " shup up ! " He said with his Alpha voice which seemed to came out on its own .

Due to that voice/ command mason sat quietly but what they didn't notice was that they driver got scared too .

Soon his mate's cab stopped in front of a pub , which alex could tell easily due to the strong stench of alcohol coming from there .

He waited in the car to see what his mate was up to .


Saee and Aishwarya were watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S when suddenly the door bell ringed . Aishwarya paused the video as Saee got up to open the door .

Mihika stood there with one hand full of bags and the other hand holding her phone on which she was scrolling .

As soon the door opened , mihika barged in and started ordering around , saee stood there looking at her sister and her best friend discussing something privately .

Soon aishwarya came and tied a eye mask around her eyes . " Guys what are you doβ€” ahhh " saee screamed as aishwarya pushed her making her sit on bed .

" Now saee just one thing " said mihika " just shut up and let us do what we want with you " with that , before saee could say a word they thrusted a lollipop in her mouth . ' That's two things you said ' saee wanted to say but the lollipop in her mouth refrained her from saying so .

After around an hour or two they were done getting ready themselves and making saee ready for the fun they had planned . They removed her eye mask shortly to do her makeup but she was not allowed to to open her eyes .

At around 7 they went down each of them hold her either hands . They made her sit in a car and gave her one more lollipop to shut her mouth as she kept on annoying both of them to tell her where they were going .

As the car stopped they helped her get out of car . Aishwarya held saee from back as mihika gently removed the eye mask .

Saee opened her eyes and closed then due to the bright light and opened them slowly but what she saw made her sherik , she was standing in front of a pub .

" No , no , no ,no, please no , nahi ha , me yenar nai ahe . Tumhala lakshat ahe na last time ky zala te , mag ka ?? Nako na yar please " saee mumbled but aishu and mihika paid no heed to her and pulled her with them inside .

( no , I'm not coming. You remember what happened last time right , then why ?? No dude please )

[ Na , is used as a word to show the pressure on what we are trying to say , but it is also indicated as 'no' if used only that much to a question asked , informally ]

Alex saw all this , he didn't understand what she said later but he decided to follow her inside to keep a eye on her . He removed his suit jacket and tie .

Giving all his things to mason he went inside pub with a little amount of money with him sending mason back to the hotel .

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