My Indian Mate

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πŸ’—7-Drunken talks about virginityπŸ’—

He followed them in and went to sit a corner , so they won't see him but unfortunately someone did . Mihika saw him sitting in the corner , looking at saee with mixed emotions in his eyes .

Mihika wanted to do something but she had heard saee's talk in the morning and also knowing her family , she shrugged the idea off .

Mihika ordered 6 shots for them , 2 per head . Saee was in denial of drinking , remembering the last time what happened .

" Nahi yarr , kyu force kar raheho . Pichlebar ky hua tha bhul gaye kya . " She said trying to avoid drinking .

( No guys , why are you forcing . Did you forget what had happened last time )

" Aree , kuch nahi hoga , trust me baby " said mihika pushing the shots towards her .

( Dude nothing will happen )

" Mummy aur papa tho mujhe kha hi jayenge agar unhe pata chala tho ." She still argued .

( Mom and dad will literally eat me if they come to know about this )

" Exactly !! ' agar pata chala tho ' ani tasa pan kon sangayela challah tyanna " said aishu .

( Exactly !! If they come to know )

{ And anyway who if going to tell them }

" But β€”" saee started again but was cut off by mihika " No buts ! Just shut up and drink ! I arranged all this with some effort , and if something happens I'll talk full responsibility . "

Saee gave them a uneasy look but still gulped both of them down . As the drink started to take its effect , saee relaxed and ordered for more .

After some drinks she was totally wasted . Mihika was still a little sober , but seeing the way they were drinking , it's wasn't unpredictable that it wasn't gonna last long .

Aishwarya just like them was wasted but she had already called a cab beforehand to carry their drunken asses back to their apartment .

Mihika was busy making out with her boyfriend who had decided to join them later . Aishwarya was sitting peacefully drinking more and more .

While saee was on the dance floor , dancing her ass off. Some guys were checking her out . Seeing this alex's blood boiled and he decided to take the matter in his own hands .

He booked a cab and got down on the dance floor himself , prying off all the men around his mate . Suddenly saee grabbed his hand and started dancing with him .

" Hey this is my favourite song , dance with me " she screamed over the loud music , it was still almost inaudible , but his werewolf hearing helped him .

He started dancing with her , ignoring all the other girls drooling on him . He was too busy to notice them , too busy seeing how his mate was dancing , to the beats .

Saee was unconsciously rubbing her rare on his crotch , making his pants a little uncomfortable for him . He groaned and turned her around holding her waist .

He felt something vibrant in the side pocket of her skirt . He took it out to see a video message popped up on the screen under the name ' personal bitch ' !

Suddenly the phone was taken away from his hands . "Don't touch my phone misssterrr" slurred his mate to him .

Seeing her condition , he navigated her out to the door . It was around 11 when he saw the time . He failed to notice how the time passed by quickly when he was his mate .

She played the video and he saw her friends speaking to them , more like slurring . " Heyyy ! Weee saww you dancinggg so we are going by ourselves . Book a cab and come homee " . Said mihika while at the back aishwarya was seeing non-existing butterflies and trying to catch them.

The cab which was booked by Alex came . " Come I'll give you a lift " said Alex to him dear mate who was trying to book a cab on Instagram . ( totally wasted , poor child )

She looked at him with sparkle in her eyes " You will ?? Thank youuuuuu" she slurred again .

Alex helped her sitting in and due to the deep v neck crop top she flashed him her cleavage by flunder . " Opps ! " She said and started giggling .

They were on their way to his hotel room as she was not ready to tell him her address saying , she said and he quote " what if you come to my house to rob and rob all my pretty dresses !! "

Alex tried to make her understand that he won't , but she was being adamant , so due to these circumstances he decided to take her to his hotel room .

There was a silence in the car until she decided to break it . " Are you a virgin ? " She asked Alex at the same time he decided to drink so water .

He choked on his sip and spit the water back into the bottom . " What do you think about virginity ? " She asked again .

He was about to say something but she started to speak again " you know what I think ? No one's a virgin ! I mean we literally pop out of a vagina . The boys thing was in and came out of a vagina , so how the fuck are they virgin ? " She screamed a bit loudly , making the atmosphere in the car a little awkward for Alex and the cab driver .

Alex had no words for his mate . Just when he thought she was done , she started laughing again " you on now what that means , girls have lesbian sex at their birth " she said and started laughing loudly .

Though her laughter was a music to her ears , he was embarassed and for the first time in his life , he had no idea , what he should do or say .

Soon they reached they reached the hotel . Paying the cab driver with some extra money he got down from the car helping his mate get down who's legs were a little wobbly .

As he let go of her hand to take out his room key , she started running here and there saying " woo-hoo I'm a aeroplane !! "

Alex quickly got a hold of her and kept his hand on her mouth to make her shut up . She kept mumbling things against his hand as he opened the door to his room and got both of them inside .

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