My Indian Mate

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πŸ’—8-I'm gonna ride you πŸ’—

As soon as they got in she got out of his hold and went to the balcony . Alex stood at the balcony door , leaning against it , looking at her as she roamed here and there like a busy bee .

After some time she came back in and sat down on the chair . " I'm bored !!! " She said cutely with a pout .

" How about you decided to end the your long day here and grab some sleep " he said looking at her flushed self .

She giggled at what he said " how do you grab sleep ? It isn't a thing , it should be get some sleep " .

"Oh really ? Where would you get it then ? " Alex said keeping up with her lost and drunk self as he guided her to the bed to sleep looking at her half closed eyes .

" On the bed of course " saee said as if it was the most obvious thing .

" Okay then how about you get some ? " Alex said , almost making her lay down . Key word being "almost" .

As soon as he said it she got up " No ! " She said stubbornly and started playing that " I'm a aeroplane " game again .

He at sat the end end of the bed , his head hanging down , waiting for his mate to use up all her energy so her tired self can sleep , but looks like luck wasn't on his side as she seemed pretty energetic even in the middle of the night .

Suddenly a pair of legs came in his view . He looked up to see his mate looking at him with a pout . " What happened ? " He asked cautiously and softly .

" I want a ride !!! " She said with that pout still attached to her face .

" Whaβ€”" he got cut off by her " I'm gonna ride you " she said making advances towards him . He gulped as she held him by his collar and made him stand up . He towered her height .

He looked at her as she looked at his face intensely as if there was a question written there .

" Are you strong ? Because if you're not you'll make me fall off you . Let's see " she said . " Huh ? " Said Alex as she left him and ordered him " Down " .

He sat down but she shook her head and went near him . She again held his collar and said to him dominantly " I said down . On your four's now . "

It was a turn on for Alex to see the dominant side is his mate but he was confused as hell by what see wanted him to do .

She looked him dead in the eye and said again , intensely . " Now " . He sat down on his four and soon he felt a weight on his back and limbs around him .

His mate had sat on his back , her legs around his waist and hands around his neck . The proximity was too much for him as he gulped .

" Come on , walk , run do something !!! " His mate ordered childishly . He swallowed his pride and started crawling here and there around the room while her drunk self said some things foreign to his ears .

" Chal mere ghode tik-tik-tik " she said and ranted this a few times .

( Walk my horse tik-tik-tik )

She was about to sleep on his back for which Alex was thankful for but the door to his room opened and mason stood there looking at them in shock .

This sound make saee get up straight and she grinned at the intruder . " Heyyyy " she said and made a hand gesture for him to come closer to them .

The way Alex was looking at mason made him gulp in fear but nonetheless he came in as it was his future Luna's order . His hands were tied as if he listened to Alpha he will get his ass busted by Luna , and if listen to Luna then reciprocated by Alpha .

But in the end he decided to listen to Luna , as Luna's can make alphas calm down but alphas are whipped always listening to whatever Luna says cuz well know the reason ....the big bad alpha doesn't wanna sleep on couch now , does he ?

Alex was ready to hear the booming laughter but none came . He looked up to see a red faced mason as he was trying hard to keep in the laugh .

She look at mason and giggled like a 2 year old finding God knows what funny . " Your face is getting red ! Just like mine when I go in sun or doing any work . Did you just came from under the sun ? " She questions innocently .

" Um ...I don't know...I guess " he says not sure what to say . She gets down from Alex's back and sits down leaning against the bed and patting the space beside her on both the sides , indicating the two giants to sit beside her .

Alex sits on her right side as mason takes the left . " Ok so introduce yourself mister squirrel " she says as she turns towards mason leaning on Alex comfortably .

" Hey !! I'm not a squirrel ! " He whines . She giggles " but look at your soft and fluffy cheeks , they remind me of squirrel " she says as she cearses his cheeks lightly and cups them .

Mason turns to Alex and questions him " Is she on drugs ? " . Saee heard him " yes ! You didn't know ? I'm high on a drug which is known as scarcasm " she replied sassily .

" Wow , Luna is such a sassy ass . I'm looking forward to see others reactions " mason chucked .

Alex lets out low throaty growl though he knows that it was just mason and he won't do anything his possessive ass couldn't control himself .

He pulled her back in his arms and as she was about to get back up he said 'no' in a serious way and she pouted at that and went limp in his arms . Mason decided to get back to his room and talk with alex later .

It was too much now , he dismissed mason and picked her up bridal style and layed her down on bed and told her to sleep . She closed her eyes and fell asleep shortly .

He decided to take a shower first and then retire for the day . He took a quick shower and came out to see his mate sitting in the middle of the bed sobbing .

" Hey , what happened ? Why are you crying " he cooed to her . " Thi-s clothes a-are un- comfortable " she sobbed .

"What do you usually were to bed ? " He asked . " Just a t-shirt " she mumbled quitely , " what ? " He asked again . " Nothing ! Just a t-shirt " she said and hiccupped .

" Then would you like to were mine ? " He asked her and she looked at him with glossy eyes , " Y-You will give me yours ? " He nodded and she smiled .

He took out a shirt and gave her and she shook her head . " It has buttons ! " She said with a scrunched up face . He then looked around and saw that the only shirt without buttons was the one he was wearing .

He took it off and gave me she took at looked at him " what will you wear then ? " She asked with a cute frown . " You sleep , I'll see what I can wear or I'll borrow a shirt from mason . "

What do you usually wear she asked " nothing , I don't were anything " he said . " Then why do you wanna wear today ? "

" I thought you won't be comfortable with me wearing nothing " she made a oh face and tried to remove the hook of her top from back which she didn't seemed to open .

Alex was about to exit the room but she stopped him . " Heyy help me removed this hook " she said and turned her back to him , her hair taken to one side .

He went near her and saw at her exposed neck , he bent and removed her hook as he got a whiff of her scent which drove him crazy .

As he removed her hook she stood up on her knees and removed her top , giving him a clear look of her upper body and the black lacy bra she wore wasn't helping him .

He gulped at the site in front of him , not that he was complaining but he didn't wanted to see her when she wasn't even consious of her actions but his wolf being the horny ass he is didn't allow him to look away .

She unbuttoned her skirt and removed it too . Sitting there only in her lacy undergarments . Alex's pants were getting tighter and the temperature in the room was rising .

He was on verge of loosing control but he saw a bruise on her left side which stopped all his lustful thinking and he frowned .

His hand lightly touched her bruise on instinct before he could stop himself . " What happened ? " He asked softly , the thought of anyone hurting her raged him .

She wore the shirt " I'm really clumsy , so I bumped into the table real hard " she explained with a little giggle and finished with a pout .

He chuckled at her childishness but decided that from now onwards he would be with her until the very end protecting her from her own clumsy self .

As he was lost in thinking he failed to notice his mate who had felt asleep beside him , holding his hand tightly like a small child . He smiled to himself as he slept beside holding her tightly .

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