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The Flower

Looking through the window at the sky that dropped endless water on the ground which made everything look so fresh and natural, I smiled thinking about the days I'm going to spend here. The clouds were dark and the sound of thunder made me flinch. "Lily, come quickly. Dinner is ready!" I heard my mom's voice from the basement. "Coming" I whispered before getting up from my bed and opening the door of my room to go outside. As I was heading downstairs my eyes caught the sight of a door which I didn't see before. "What's behind that door?" I asked myself as I went near it. I grabbed the handle and turned it around.

Locked. It was locked. Maybe its a store room or something, I thought and decided to forget it. I went downstairs in the basement to have dinner with my parents. My parents are both doctors so they barely can get free time. But this time they got one week holiday so we decided to spend this week in the mansion that I'm currently in. This is an ancient and big mansion which my dad took on rent for our stay. Its our first day here and I am already enjoying the stay as there are forests surrounding us from all directions. "Thank you for dinner." I said after I completed the meal and got up from the chair to head to my room. As I went upstairs my eyes again went to that mysterious door beside my room.

I am really curious to see what's inside. I suddenly remembered that there is a big bunch of keys hanging in the living room. My feet automatically took me to the living room from where I grabbed the bunch of keys and rushed to the door. I started trying the keys one by one. After about 30 keys I got tired and decided to leave the door. As I was taking out the key I had inserted I heard a 'click' sound. My eyes widened and I turned the handle around. It opened. The door opened. I excitedly went inside but froze at the spot. There was no room there. I had entered into a forest area. I looked up. The sunlight was really strong for my eyes.

Wait! Sunlight?! I gasped as I realised it was daytime here. I turned back to go back in my mansion but there was no door, no mansion, nothing. I was damn scared. I remembered it was night at the other side as I just had dinner. Then how is it daytime here? I decided to look around to find someone who could help me. There was complete silence. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet. After a long time when I was about to faint due to tiredness I heard a voice. "Are you lost sweety?" I turned around at the melodious voice and found a man standing infront of me. Am I on another planet? Because as much as I know earth doesn't have such beautiful people. He looked like an incarnated god. He cleared his throat which made me come back to my senses. "Y-Yeah. I don't know where am I?And who are you?" I asked. "I am Mino. Nice to meet you. Don't worry. Come with me." he smiled. There was something behind his smile which made me believe him blindly. I followed him while staring at his face. After sometime he stopped. I looked where he was looking and Almost jumped from shock. There was a beautiful village infront of me,with wells, a lake and animals.

"C-Can you lend me a phone or something so I can call my parents?" I asked without looking at him as my eyes were fixed on the scene infront of me. "You will not need it. Anyway, you look really tired. You should take a rest and after that I will take you to your home." he dragged me to a small cottage and told me to lay down for a while. "Here take this. It smells nice." he handed me a beautiful flower. I looked at it confusingly but kept it in my pocket. "Bye Lily" he said and left. HOW DID HE KNOW MY NAME? WHAT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING?! I am sure I am dreaming. I brushed away the thoughts as sleep took over me.

My eyes slowly opened. I fully opened my eyes and looked around me. Hah! I was in my room inside the mansion. I knew all that was a dream. People that beautiful like that Mino doesn't exist in real life.

Next Day

I was reading a book in my room when mom came in. "Lily, I found this flower in your pocket?Where did you find this? It smells really good."

"So it wasn't a dream?"

By Oma

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