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Soul Ties

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Destiny says Tatianna and Luke belong together, and it was made known by way of a prophecy the Sybil gave rise to centuries before Luke was born. And since then, Tatianna has been waiting with bated breath for him. Now he's here, but he doesn't believes in her existence. Why would he though? When as far as he's concerned, vampires were not real. And with him being the leader of the infamous and deadly 'Ace of Spades' mafia, he did not have time to be chasing non-existent beings. To him, she was just a myth, a production of someone's overactive imagination. There was no way in hell that he would be her mate, and he wanted nothing to do with her. But he couldn't have been more wrong. Tatianna was very much alive. All the while, staying hidden but watching his every move closely, and she saw everything. From his ruthless killings to the savage sex he had with various women. Now she's had enough; and, out of jealousy, decides that the time has come for her to claim what was rightfully hers. But it all goes wrong when she underestimates him. And now all hell breaks loose. Will destiny be fulfilled? Or will Luke write a different script?

Fantasy / Romance
Mara Xcellent
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Chapter 1

“Hey, watch where you’re going!” she yelled angrily as we both watched helplessly as I sent her drink flying to the floor.

“Fucking lunatic, look what you did!” she yelled again.

I arrived at "Secrets" to find the dance floor loaded at nine o'clock. I came to grab a drink while I waited for Renegade and the rest of the team to bring me this afternoon’s collection when I had accidentally bumped into her because I was too busy tracking a shipment of guns on my phone. Regardless of being at fault, her tone shocked the shit outta me. And now everyone who was in earshot seemed to be frozen on the spot, watching with bated breaths as they were now wondering who on this earth would be stupid enough to speak to me like that. I was curious. I mean, everyone in this damn city knows I could slit their throat from ear to ear in the blink of an eye if they even look at me wrong. Placing my phone in the top pocket of my shirt, I slowly turned my attention to the woman who was now in front of me, fuming mad. It was then that our eyes made contact, and I swear I saw her eyes change colors.

Butch, my bodyguard, and a most trusted friend were about to grab her by the throat, but I held my hand up, stopping him in his tracks. He didn’t question it, but I saw the curiosity in his eyes. Usually, when Butch comes into play, people would start cowering in fear, as he was a big motherfucker. Weighing at least 400lbs. If I wasn’t who I am, and he wasn’t a friend, shit, I'd fear this motherfucker too. But the woman in front of us wasn’t even the slightest bit angry, and my curiosity was now piqued. I watched as her eyes went from Butch to me without having an ounce of fear in them. And believe it or not, that shit made my dick hard as a fucking rock!

She stared at us expectantly, as if she was waiting for an apology or something.

“Well....aren’t you gonna buy my drink back or even apologize?”

“Do you know who the fuck you’re talking to?” Butch roared at her from behind.

“Do you know who you're talking to?" She asked, sounding so smooth that now my ass was in awe of her.

This bitch is ridiculous." Someone from the crowd muttered.

"It could even be freakin president; I don’t care. He needs to repurchase my drink!” Now her voice was so demanding that I chuckled in amusement.

“And what the hell is so funny?” She asked, with her brown eyes blazing and burning into me.

By this, Butch was beginning to get annoyed, and I could feel his restlessness behind me. I know him; he wanted nothing more than to grab her and maybe heave her ass across the room. But I couldn’t let him do that. Something about this entire encounter was appealing to me, and I wanted to see how this would play out. By now, the music stopped, and suddenly you could hear a pin drop as every single person in the club's eyes were now on us as they wondered how I would handle the situation.

I took one step forward and was now in her personal space, and there it was, it happened again. Her eyes changed colors, and I felt like being caught in a daze. My body froze, but she broke the moment by taking two steps back.

"Do you know who I am?" I asked, which sounded weird to my ears because I've never had to ask this question before.

And, as if sensing the impending danger, she visibly calmed down and replied in a more subtle tone.

"No...I don't. But I need you to repurchase my drink!"

I smiled at her boldness, which in turn made her gasp. Yeah, I was a sexy bastard who had this effect on EVERY woman. I grabbed her throat and sniffed her face. She also had a very tantalizing aroma that made me want to lose myself.
"Hmmm, you smell good."

"Let go of me." She demanded.

But I paid no mind to her request.

"You know I could bust ya throat open right now for all this loud shit that you just pulled?"

She rolled her eyes.

"I'd love to see you try. You think you'd be quick enough?" She coaxed and the entire bar gasped.

"Ooooooo, this bitch must be crazy." I heard Butch gave out from behind me again.

He and everyone else must be wondering what's taking me so long to teach her a lesson. As we all know that if this were a man who was speaking to me like this, the discussion would've been over long before it even began. I was known as Luke the ruthless for a fucking reason. I was heartless, cruel, and just downright evil.

She took her phone out, and as soon as I saw it I grabbed that shit from her,

"Ahh ahh, don't even bother wasting your time calling them. Police don't come to this side of town, and even if they do, they won't set foot in my club." I told her sinisterly, and I swear I saw the defiance in her eyes increase ten folds. But alongside the defiance, there was something else, but I just couldn't put my finger on what it was. All I know is that it was so fucking hot that my dick was now fighting to be loose from the prison of my pants. It is evident that she was not around here, and I'm glad cause I've never liked the local bitches. I mean, I demand respect, but they are way too easy.

"I like your fire; it turns me on," I whispered in her ear. "Come to my table and drink with me."

It was an invitation that I knew she would turn down. I depended on It. Not that I needed a reason to take her, but having one makes it more fun.

She stepped back some more, but space was limited, and the back of her legs hit the chair, and she stumbled. I attempted to catch her, but the little woman was faster than any other woman that I've met. And before I knew it, I felt the side of her hand under my throat. One stiff, quick jab, and I was almost breathless. Luckily for me, Butch was quick on his feet and was able to grab her as she tried to escape.

"Take her to my office!" I instructed while trying to catch my breath.

"Alright, the show's over. Get back to whatever you all were doing." Butch shouted in his usual coarse voice, and they all scattered at his behest. He then threw the woman, who was now having conniptions, over his shoulder with ease.

I signaled to the bartender, who quickly brought my drink.

"Clean this shit up now!" I barked while pointing to the broken bottles on the floor. And, like clockwork, one of the workers was there getting it done.

After gulping down my drink, I headed straight to my office, eager to see my mystery woman. From the moment I opened the door, I could feel her eyes on me even though her long, dark hair covered sections of her face.me,

"Leave us!" I said, without even looking in Butch's direction. He immediately got up and exited my office. I rolled up my sleeves and wasted no time. I grabbed her hair, forcing her to look at me. And like a fucking expert, she reeled out of my grip and was throwing multiple hits on various sections of my body, weakening me with every touch.

What the fuck?! I was stunned out of my mind.

"Who the hell are you?" I asked out loud.

"You'll find out soon enough. But right now, I'm just a simple woman who wants an apology and a drink," She replied as she slipped through my office window like a fucking ghost.

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