Rise of the Savior: Acolyte of Truth

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Chapter 12

The TV’s blue light flickers in the dim room, bathing an unconscious Logan in its glow. The remote has fallen out of his hand and now lies upside-down on the floor next to his armchair.

Pathetic, thinks Jamie from his view inside the walls. Lazy. I give him a second chance at life, and this is what he becomes. He reaches one skeletal hand out of the shadow cast by the frozen television screen, clamps it on the edge of the set, and steps onto the dirty carpet.

“With all that new life flowing through your veins, this is what you decide to do with it?” Jamie asks, startling Logan.

Logan screams when he sees the stranger in front of him. “W-what are you doing in my house?” He tries to move out of the chair.

Jamie points his skeleton finger at Logan. “You move, you die; you scream again, you die; you talk without being spoken to, you die. Now, do you remember who I am?”

“No!” He tries to adjust himself in his chair, but his palms are so sweaty that his hands keep slipping.

“Allow me to jog your memory. I’m the reason you’re still alive right now. I’m sure you remember being in a white void and making a deal with a strange version of me keeping you alive.”


“No reason to keep you alive, then.” Jamie reaches his skeleton hand toward Logan.

“Okay, yes, I remember.”

“Good. I saved your life, giving you the chance to live many more years in exchange for a favor. I’m ready for my favor. I need you to bring your youngest daughter to me, and if I were you, I wouldn’t say no. Doing so will cause you to die instantly, and I really don’t want that.”

“Bring my daughter to do what? I’m confused.”

Jamie pauses. “Doesn’t matter. That’s a small price to pay to keep your life, right?”

Logan notices Saira at the door and pauses.

“I’m not even sure why I wasted my time asking. This was a good intervention. I realized I waste too much time being nice, trying to give people who don’t deserve it a chance to live. Look here, you piece of shit. I’m no longer asking—I’m telling you. Give me your child so I can kill her and feed her to my son.”

Logan hears a loud church bell ring and covers his ears. “No!” He instantly begins to decay. He panics as he tries to stop the spread, clutching his cheeks and feeling his own protruding teeth. He screams until he can’t scream anymore, then turns into dust.

Saira begins to back away. Jamie cracks his neck, turns around, and begins limping toward her. Saira dashes to the door as Jamie limps faster, trying to capture her, but she runs out the door and down the street.

A dragonfly flies toward Saira at full speed, until a bird flies in and eats the dragonfly. Jacob’s naked human form appears from inside the bird, causing it to explode. He falls from the sky and turns back into a dragonfly, then flies into Saira’s hair and turns into a tick.

Saira continues to run but is cut off when Jamie appears from a shadow created by the streetlights. His pupils change from white to a sparkling red. Saira backs away in fear.

“Boop,” Jamie hears behind his ear, then the sound of snickering. He turns around and sees Boop. Before he can make a move, Boop lifts one claw and backhands Jamie with enough force to hurl him into the sky. Boop begins inspecting Saira’s hair.

Saira waves Boop out of her hair. “Get out of my hair and get me out of here.” Boop grabs a tick out of Saira’s hair and throws it on the ground. Then, Boop picks her up by her waist and flies into the sky.

Jamie continues to fly through the air until a portal opens, and Chigaru catches him and brings him through the portal, which then closes. Saira is carried by Boop into the city.

“Boop, carry me to the top of that skyscraper hotel.” Boop carries her to the top, and she looks through the window and sees it’s empty. “Doesn’t look like anyone is staying in this one. I’m going inside.” She points her hands at a pillow on the bed and switches places with it, landing on the comforter along with Boop.

“Boop, did you hitch a ride with my teleportation? Didn’t know that could happen.” She gets off Boop, pulls out her cell phone, and dials Amanda. It goes to voicemail. She immediately calls back, and it goes to voicemail again. “We were right. The doctor who worked on Dad is an acolyte, and he’s trying to kill me. He turned Dad to dust right in front of my face. If you don’t hurry and come get me, I’ll be a pile of dust next, too. Mom doesn’t know yet either. She can’t protect me. You can,” she says in her monotonous way, then hangs up.

“I bet that doctor got Amanda already. Oh well, nothing I can do about it.” She lies on the bed. “Boop, keep watch for me. Make sure no one tries to get me.” She closes her eyes. Boop gives her a salute and vanishes.

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