Rise of the Savior: Acolyte of Truth

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Chapter 18

Jamie is tied down to a gurney with an IV in each arm and several heart monitors on his shirtless chest. The agency is filled from top to bottom with acolytes waiting for him to be executed.

A short man with glasses and a single curl on his head walks in front of Jamie. “Allow me to introduce myself, Jamie. I’m Ramond, and with Richard’s absence, I’m in command now. As you can see, we have a full house this morning. Every single employee who works here is in attendance, minus a few, and there’s nothing we love more than to see someone who intentionally harms a child be put to death. I know you may think this punishment is unfair and coming too soon, but I’m sure that’s exactly how the child or children felt when you were about to kill them. Just the thought of that breaks all our hearts. Your death will be prime time entertainment for us. You’ll be dying by lethal injection, as it’s the most humane way to go about doing this. It’s painless and a very peaceful way to go—a way you don’t deserve. Begin the process.”

Two female medical personnel wearing medical suits walk over to Jamie with a small table and a silver tray with two syringes on it. One has blonde hair, the other blue.

The blonde-haired nurse leans over to the other nurse’s ear. “Let’s give the people the show they want to see.” Each takes a syringe and connects it to one of the IVs in Jamie’s arms.

“If you can feel any pain, just nod your head.” The blonde nurse makes eye contact with the other and raises her brows. She pushes the liquid in the syringe into the IV. The other waits a few seconds, then pushes her syringe.

Jamie nods his head, then slams it back against the headrest as a violent reaction to the drugs sets in. His eyes bulge out of their sockets, his skin turns purple, and he begins to drool. His chest heaves as he gasps and chokes, his back arching off the gurney. The muscles in his jaw, neck, and abdomen react spasmodically. Half the audience looks on in extreme horror, while the other half looks on in approval. He continues to gasp and violently gag until he stops moving completely. Everyone stares at the heart monitor, waiting for the flatline to go across the screen.

Jamie ends up in the world of his kundalini.

“Looks like you finally did it. Took you long enough. I told you dying wasn’t so bad,” Grim says.

“I’m dead! Now what? I get to spend eternity here, staring at you?”

“I’d kill myself if I were stuck in here with you forever. Death has brought you to seventy-five percent of your full power. Just one more step, and you’ll be unstoppable. What you need to realize is that death is a natural-born assassin. He creeps in the shadows and takes the lives of those who don’t expect it, but not you, and for that reason, people just don’t fear death anymore. There are too many people out there who think they’re invincible and can beat death. Everyone should fear death—old and young, friends and foes, family and strangers. No one should be off-limits. In many ways, his work is beneficial. When people fear death, they cherish things more. They spend more time with their family or ask a person to marry them; they realize time on this Earth is short and nothing should be taken for granted. I mean, killing children is okay, but most of them are just considered missing. It’s not reaching people on a global scale. But until you have nothing else to lose, you’ll never reach that level. Until then, starting with these acolytes, let them all know that permanent death is meant for everyone but you. Dying comes with an extremely useful new ability. It’ll activate once you leave here and every time you die. Now, go out there and give the people what they’ve been waiting for: your last dying breath,” Grim says.

Back in the real world, the flatline appears on the heart monitor. Everyone in the facility begins to clap. The blonde assistant reaches up and takes the power-suppressor collar off Jamie. Everyone in the building hears a loud church bell ring. They all look around and talk amongst themselves.

The nurse with the blue hair snatches the collar away from the blonde nurse. “Hey, not yet. Stay focused. You know the incinerator takes the collar off for us. No one can survive the injections, but it’s just an extra safety precaution!” She prepares to put it back around Jamie’s neck, but his jaw falls open, and purplish-black smoke erupts out of his mouth. It quickly fills the building, decaying everyone and everything inside.

The bomb in Jamie’s chest decays away. He steps down off the now-rusted gurney, and his bracelets begin to thread away the skin on his hands until he has skeleton hands. He places his skeletal hand on the ground, and a large ray of purplish-black energy comes from the ground, engulfing the entire facility. The whole building begins to decay and crumble to the ground as he walks over to a shadow and disappears into it.

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