Rise of the Savior: Acolyte of Truth

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Chapter 6

After leaving the commotion in Logan’s room, Jamie heads to the parking garage. I can’t believe it actually worked, he thinks to his kundalini. I feel unstoppable. This is how a giant or God must feel.

“My friend, this is only the beginning. You have yet to scratch the surface of your powers. What’s next on your agenda?” Grim asks.

We have a long night ahead of us. My son is being discharged tomorrow, and I need to make preparations. I’m going to tell Megan about my powers and plan.

“You think that’s a good idea?”

I don’t have a choice. I already know this isn’t going to go well. Medical interventions will not help my son like I can. He’s depending on me as his dad to help him.

“Then talking to her is pointless. Things would be better if she weren’t around at all.”

Tell me something I don’t know. Jamie makes it to his car, starts it up, and begins to back out, but notices a brown-haired child in oversized adult clothes in his rearview mirror.

Where the hell did he come from? He rolls down his window. “Hey kid, get out of the way.”

The kid begins crying and wiping away his tears.

“Hey kid, are you lost or something?” Jamie asks in frustration. The kid doesn’t answer. Jamie rolls up his windows and shuts the car off. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me right now. I’m too busy to be stuck being a good Samaritan.”

“Hey Jamie, maybe this is a good thing. Lost kid equals more time for your son,” Grim says.

Not now. I don’t have anywhere to hide a kidnapped kid.

“If Megan wasn’t in the way, you would.”

Jamie gets out of the car and kneels in front of the kid. “Hey, where are your parents, little guy?”

The kid doesn’t say anything; he just keeps crying. Jamie stands up and begins looking around the garage.

“Thank goodness you found my baby! I am one lucky lady,” a woman’s voice says from behind the doctor.

“You startled me.” Jamie turns around and sees a woman dressed in a sexy mime outfit. “A little early for Halloween, isn’t it?”

“Put your hands up,” the mime says, pointing her fingers like a gun at Jamie.

“You should put that weapon away before you hurt someone.” He chuckles. “You look a little too young to have kids. What are you, a teenager? Is this your brother?”

“Give me your car keys and your wallet, or get your knees blown off with a rocket.” The mime pretends she’s holding a rocket launcher, and Jamie gives her a puzzled look.

She puts the rocket down, then pretends she’s holding a baseball bat. “Last chance to leave unharmed, or get your head knocked into my partner’s arms.”

“Did you really think you were going to rob me empty-handed? What is this, some type of sick joke?” Jamie looks back behind him, and the kid is gone. Instead, there’s a grown man with a thick beard wearing the same clothes as the kid. “Alright, joke’s over.”

The skin from Jamie’s hand begins to be threaded off by the fibers coming from his bracelet, turning them into skeleton hands. He notices a shadow on the ground coming from his car next to his foot, and before anyone can react, he places his foot on it and fades into it. Deep in the darkness of the shadow, Jamie can still see the mime and man.

“Where the hell did he go?” the bearded man asks. The mime shrugs her shoulders.

Jamie appears from the shadows holding a green scythe with black roses on the shaft. He stabs the man with his scythe, and he slides off the blade, leaving behind a stain of blood. The mime backflips away, then pretends she’s holding a gun, but Jamie quickly closes the distance between them. His eyes sparkle a bright red, making the woman tremble in fear.

“I’m sorry! Please don’t hurt me! I won’t bother you again. I promise!”

Jamie swings the blade into her. The mime meets the bearded man in the white void with Jamie’s kundalini.

Two portals open in front of Jamie. A pair of white gloves floats out of one, and out of the other slouches a man with skin as white as snow, long black hair, and dirt-filled eyes, mouth, nose, and ears.

“Oh. This could be a problem.” Jamie looks bleak as he stares down the two deities.

The pair of white gloves begins to grow, and one glove starts pounding the other, doing rock-paper-scissors. After the third tap on the hand, it holds up the scissors sign, and a large gust of sharp red energy flies toward Jamie. He ducks, and the red energy slices one of the pillars. A portal opens in front of him and Chigaru jumps out, growling and flexing his claws.

“You should have run, boy! No acolyte can defeat a deity.” Chigaru lets out a loud roar toward the two deities.

“Chigaru, I’ve got a plan. Don’t kill them.”

“Taking orders from you will get us both killed,” Chigaru growls.

The gloves continue to play rock-paper-scissors, landing on “rock.” A strong red energy comes from the glove, knocking Chigaru through concrete and flipping him through the air. He stops flipping and floats in place. Vines begin to grow rapidly out of the dirt-filled deity’s mouth, reaching Chigaru and wrapping him in them. They sling him all over the place, banging him into different things.

“Damn it. I’m really starting to get pissed.” Chigaru uses laser eyes to cut the vines. The mummy wrappings on his wrist extend and wrap around the deity with dirt in its mouth. The gloves play rock-paper-scissors, land on scissors, and cut the mummy wrappings.

“Alright, now I’m pissed.” Chigaru starts to get a purple aura around him, but before he can let off an attack, the mime and bearded man wake up, both completely healed.

“No need to fight anymore; everything worked out perfectly. These two accepted a deal to stay alive in my kundalini realm, so they work for me now, which means we have an extra set of deities on our side. Tell your deities everything is fine and we’re no longer the enemy,” Jamie commands.

“Dirt man, cool out,” the bearded man says to his deity.

“Gloves, make amends and pretend he’s our friend,” the mime rhymes. The gloves give her a thumbs-up.

“What type of acolyte are you?” the bearded man asks.

“That’s none of your concern, Jacob; not yours either, Nancy. Looks like you two made the right choice! Welcome to the team. We need to have a long discussion, but I have to get home to my son. Meet me at Trinton Park at eight in the morning two days from now. I’ll have a clearer idea of what’s going on by then.” Jamie gets into his car.

“Why?” Jacob shouts.

Jamie rolls down his window. “What?”

Jacob gives Jamie a grave look. “Um, I meant no disrespect, sir. I just wanted to know why.”

“Doesn’t matter. I expect to see you there on time. If you’re not there, that’s a breach of contract and cause for immediate extermination. See you at eight; don’t be late!” He smiles at Nancy, then pulls off. I didn’t know there would be others like me! Soon I’ll have an army to help save my son.

“There’s still one problem that needs to be taken care of, and talking will not solve it,” Grim says.

Grim, I think I’m going to take your advice. Jamie pulls the car back around and parks it back in his spot, passing Jacob and Nancy in the process. He gets out the car, and the two go silent, looking at Jamie side eyed, as if they’re up to no good.

“I don’t care what you’re doing or talking about, just don’t touch my car.” Jamie steps onto a shadow and begins to slowly sink into it. “If you do, the consequences will be dire.” He sinks all the way into the shadow. Once inside, he begins moving across the concrete as a shadow, seeing his surroundings as he travels.


Jamie arrives at his house in his shadow form and finds an extra car in the driveway. He goes through the window and moves across the floor until he finds Megan on the couch, watching TV. He becomes enraged—she’s not alone. Justin is next to her with his arm wrapped around her.

What is he doing here? She’s just going to bring him in my home and let him watch my TV? This is what I was going to walk into tonight. This is disrespectful on all levels. They could have at least gone to his house.

“Seems like a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone,” Grim suggests.

Yeah! Wait, I can’t do that.

“Do what?” he asks.

“I can’t kill my son’s mother. He needs her in his life too.”

“And your son needs you to make the best decision possible for him. Having her and that guy around will only interfere with the care only you can give him. Plus, she obviously doesn’t respect you. That man is your replacement and will influence her thoughts to further hurt you. When you do make your son better, she’s going to try and take him away from you. Custody battles and limited time with your son—I’m sure you don’t want that. He’s at a young age where anything he hears is believable to him. Constant bad-mouthing about you from his mother will leave a negative impression about you in his head. He’ll begin to despise you and never want to be around you again, but that will only hurt him and will lead to his demise in the end. The sands you give him won’t last too long—they’ll need to be refilled, but you won’t be around to do it, all because you let her live.”

Jamie creeps out of the shadow created by the TV light one leg at a time and tiptoes forward until he’s directly behind the couch, hovering above Megan and Justin’s heads.

This still doesn’t feel right.

“Your son can live without a mother, but will die without you,” Grim advises.

Megan and Justin hear a loud church bell ring and cover their ears, then look around. As soon as they discover who is behind them, Jamie grips their heads like two basketballs for three seconds.

“What are you doing? Let go of me,” Megan commands as she jerks her head away to stand up and glare at Jamie.

Justin pulls his head away. “You think that’s funny or something?”

Megan begins to scream in agonizing pain, and Justin turns around to see what is going on. “Oh my God! What’s happening to—” Justin begins to squeal.

“Don’t worry, the pain is only momentary. Death will follow.” Jamie looks at them both as their skin begins to melt away inch by inch, all the way down to the bone. Megan’s eyes decay from her eye sockets, while Justin’s lips disappear, displaying his teeth. They both continue to holler as the decay spreads to the rest of their body, stripping everything down to the bone, and even that soon turns to dust. Finally, the only sound in the room comes from the TV and Jamie’s soft weeping. As the lights from the TV flicker, he backs away and disappears into a shadow on the wall.

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