Rise of the Savior: Acolyte of Truth

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Chapter 7

A week passes, and Logan is finally out of the hospital and at home with his family. Everyone is still in shock and awe at Logan’s amazing recovery from an inevitable death. While Jean thinks it’s a miracle from God, Amanda and Saira know the truth.

Everyone is eating breakfast at the kitchen table.

“Your father and I are going out tonight. We’re going to take advantage of his second chance at life. We all know now how short and valuable life is, and we should take advantage of it. Any of us could leave this world at any given time.” Jean starts to tear up. “I’m sorry.” She gets up from the table, wiping tears from her eyes, and goes upstairs.

Logan wipes his mouth with a napkin. “I’ll go check on your mother.” Logan gets up and goes upstairs.

Amanda takes her fork and fills her mouth up with spaghetti. “It’s crazy how quickly everyone forgot what happened. Within days, Dad’s entire scenario in the hospital changed, with no trace of his previous diagnoses or proof of what happened. He was admitted for minor injuries from a car crash, and they labeled me with the same thing. They even took out that I had surgery and healed quickly, leaving no scars. Everyone thinks we’re crazy, including Mom and Dad, so we should stop trying to convince them of what happened before they start trying to give us meds and taking us to see doctors.” Amanda spits food out of her mouth while talking, hitting Saira in the face. Saira struggles to put a smile on her face.

“Oh my god! Is that a smile? Haven’t seen one of those from you in a long time. You must be proud of the good advice I’m giving. I’m starting to think like you.”

Saira wipes her cheek with her hand. “I’m just working on my facial muscles. I stopped listening to you because you’re repeating something I said already.”

“I’m happy you’re feeling some type of emotion. It’s kind of boring, talking to a machine all the time.” Amanda makes robotic movements.

“I still feel no emotions. I’m reacting the way I think I should for a situation. This is my new hobby since Mom took away my laptop for a few hours. Your pretending-to-be-normal dog and Boop no longer interest me because they can’t provide me with any new information.”

“How come I’ve never seen your deity?”

“It didn’t listen to me before, but it sort of does now that I’m not scared of it. If you really want to see it, I should be able to make that happen.” Saira twiddles her thumbs.

“Yeah, hurry up and make it appear before they come back downstairs!” Amanda claps with joy.

“If you insist. Boop, show yourself to Amanda.” They both wait around, and nothing happens. “It follows me around. I can’t always see him, but I know he’s watching and can feel him breathing on the back of my neck right now.” Saira shivers.

“If you say so. What do you want to do now?”

“I’m going upstairs to lie down and go to my kundalini’s realm.” Saira gets up from the table and heads upstairs.

“Well, that sounds boring. Hey! I’m not cleaning all these dirty dishes.”


Amanda is watching TV with her parents when they hear a bunch of knocking and bumping going on from upstairs.

Jean sighs. “Amanda, go check and see what your sister is doing.”

Amanda gets up off the couch. “Heard you loud and clear. Punch her if she’s doing something bad. Got it.” Amanda begins creeping up the stairs.

As she continues up the stairs, she begins to hear strange warping noises coming from her sister’s room. She reaches the door and listens outside for a few seconds, then quickly opens the door and catches her sister disappearing and ending up on the other side of the room.

Amanda grabs her hand and leads her to her room. “Everything’s fine. About to play games in my room,” Amanda yells downstairs, then continues pulling her sister until they’re in her room.

“Your room is right above the living room, so they can hear everything we do and some of the things we say. It’s safer to talk in my room. What was going on in there? Are you Goku now?” Amanda sits on the bed. Saira follows her.

“You’re right. I guess I do have instant transmission. Watch this.” Saira extends both palms toward the TV on her nightstand. In the blink of an eye, both she and the TV vanish. Amanda plants her hand on the bed, preparing to leap forward, but in the next second, Saira crashes onto the nightstand, while the TV lands right on top of Amanda’s hand.

Saira grimaces in pain while rubbing her back. “This is frustrating. I still need to work on landing.”

Amanda shakes her hand. “Ouch, you smashed my freaking hand! This is amazing! How did you get this power?”

“Training with my kundalini in its realm, then coming back here to train my mind and body. Although you’re able to perform the techniques with ease in their realm, doing them with your physical body can take a toll on you.” Saira focuses her eyes on the remote on the dresser, then sticks both of her hands out toward it. Veins begin bulging out of her forehead all the way down to her eyebrows and around the outside of her eyes. Tiny black hooks sprout out of her skin where the bulging veins end, hooking onto the corners of her eyes and eyelids and pulling them to make her eyes larger. Amanda stares in amazement.

Saira disappears, and a portable basketball hoop lands in Amanda’s room, crashing into a window and shattering the glass.

Amanda recognizes the hoop and hurries to the window. She sees her sister outside on the ground, rubbing her back.

“Hey, get this freaking thing out of my room before someone comes up here,” Amanda hisses through the broken window.

“I think I hurt my back again.” Saira sits on the concrete, rubbing it, and her eyes go back to normal.

“You’re going to need a new ass after dad whoops you! Now, get this out of here!”

“I can’t see it. Try getting it out the window.”

“A piece of it is out the window!” Amanda says, worried.

“That’s not enough. I can barely see it. Hurry, the neighbor is driving down the street.”

“Do I look like Wonder Woman? It’ll take twenty of me to lift this heavy thing.” Amanda maneuvers her way under it and props the rim higher up with her feet. “Woah! Well, hello, new strength.” Her sister sees more of the rim, puts both of her hands out, and swaps places with it. Amanda peeks out the window and sees the neighbor pull into his driveway and step out of the car. It’s Jacob. He looks at the tipped-over basketball hoop and the broken window and shrugs his shoulders, then goes into his house.

“Good. I don’t think he saw what happened. If he did, I’d pound his face in with my new strength. Did you get any stronger?” Amanda asks.

Saira flexes her bicep, which looks like an egg. “Slightly.”

“Intriguing.” Amanda rubs her chin. “I thought you had to see something to swap places with it. How the heck did you swap places with that?”

“All my powers are vison-related. One wrong twitch of a muscle, and something like that happens. With more practice, I’ll be able to use them according to the situation.”

The bedroom door opens, and Jean peeks her head through and shakes her head in disbelief. She looks over at the broken window, then at her children. “I think I’ll get your dad for this punishment.”

“Let’s just say we both did it. He can’t punish both of us,” Amanda says, staring at the door.

“But he can, and I just went blind,” Saira says, unfazed.

“Hmm. That’s going to be a hard one to explain.” Amanda rubs her chin.

What?” Amanda and her sister hear their dad scream out. “These kids are going to be the death of me.”

They hear him coming up the stairs. Then, the door swings forcefully open. Logan looks at the window.

“Alright, who did it?” he asks angrily.

“I did it,” Amanda says.

“How?” he asks.

“No, I did it,” Saira interrupts.

“Oh, how cute. The two sisters are sticking together like glue. Well, guess what? You’re both grounded until I think of a way to torture you that doesn’t involve me strangling the life out of you!” Logan slams the door.

“Hmm, not as bad as I thought it would be. You’re full of surprises today. First you smiled, and now you’re doing what sisters are supposed to do—have each other’s back. Thanks for that.” Amanda pats Saira on the head.

Saira moves her head. “I’m not a dog. What type of torture could be just as bad as strangling us?”

“Chopping off our big toe.”

“That’s not worse.”

“Walking around like the Penguin from Batman seems pretty bad. You’ll walk around like this forever.” Amanda gets up and wobbles across the room. “Right. You’re blind. If you weren’t, you would be laughing at what I just did.”

“Doubt it.”

Amanda pouts. “I know.”

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