Another Chance

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Daphne Moris grew up working for everything she ever wanted in life. Nothing came to her easily which helped to forge her personality as a strong and independent young lady. She takes pride in whatever she does but not forgetting to be humble and respectful towards others. But everything changes when she bombs into a complete stranger that'll change the course of her life. What will happen? Robert Dashwood leaves London for America after college to live a simple icconito life away from royalty and fame. Succeeding in settling both socially and financially, he's ready to have a fimily of his own. But what he forgets is that you can't hide permanently under the sun.

Fantasy / Romance
Louisa Nim's
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

“Wake up you good for nothing lazy ”

“Mmm let me sleep a little... two more minutes please? ”

“Nope sleepy head we’re running late for classes ”

“Urghh fine”

Hi I’m Daphne and this is how my bestie and roommate Briana wakes me up almost every morning. I won’t say I’m complaining coz I love the fact that she cares a lot about me. But she’s annoying sometimes as she acts like she’s my mom (lol)

Tossing my sheets aside, I rush to the bathroom to perform my morning rituals. Getting out of the bath, I clean myself dried and put undies and wear a white loosed crop top and skinny black jeans trouser with a pair of grey sneakers coz I love sneakers. I pull my hair up in a neat puff coz as an Afro-American its not easy to style your hair in less than no time.

Grabbing my bag, I rush to the kitchen where I spot Briana making us takeaway breakfast as we’re running late for classes. She’s wearing a yellow flowery gown with flats and her hair is as perfect as always beign normal considering the fact that she’s biracial.

Running out of the apartment, we get into her car and she drives us to school which is just a twenty minutes walk from home. Pulling into the parking lot we both head to class. As soon as we’re setlle, Mr McCain our lecturer for Accountinggets in and Briana gives me the all knowing smirk which causes me to roll my eyes at her.


After four long hours of accounting and business management class, it’s finally lunch break. We head to the smoothie bar across the road and as soon as we get in we spot our usual seat empty. Once settled, we pass our orders mine beign a banana milkshake and a donut while Briana orders a chocolate milkshake with two cupcakes.

“How’s your mom doing? I heard you guys on the phone last night but I was too lazy to come greet her.” She asks while biting in her cupcake

“She’s doing good, tho her blood pressure is a little high but she’ll be ok” I respond with a smile

“And my siblings?” She retorts

“They’re perfectly fine ma’am. Why are you even asking me that can’t you call them yourself?” I ask with a little laugh

“Coz I love them more than you do and I’m just double checking ” She rolls her eyes at me

Briana is the only kid to a wealthy family and assuch she tendsto consider mine as hers since we were in middle school. It’s funny to see how she finds joy in spoiling my two kid sisters with gifts and treats them like princesses. While on the other hand she respects my two older sisters and treat them with love as well.

Yeah yeah I’m the third kid out of five to mom. Well Dad abandoned us 10years ago leaving mom to carter Amber, Celine, Sophia, Anabella and I.

Ever since Briana and I have been bestfriends, she’s been a great friend through the rough times I faced and...

“Ouch! Was that necessary?” I ask her whilst rubbing my arm as her slap brought me outof my thoughts

“Yes coz you were outzoning again idiot” She says trying to put an angry face whichcauses me to chuckle

“Oh am I funny?” She asks with a challenging look

“Uh... no sorry. So what were you saying?” I ask her trying to sound serious

“Oh! I was just saying that I’ll be leaving for London to go marry a prince” She says in a sarcastic tone but we both know I’m the queen of sarcasm here so I just decide to laugh that away for now

“That’ll be a great idea but I think ‘Jamian’ won’t take it lightly as you’ll definitely be a widow before you marry your prince charming” I answer her with a smirk which causes us to burst out in laughter

“Oh please I won’t want that to happen. And on a serious note I love Jamie” They’ve been dating for 4years now recalling back from our days in highschool

“Seriously girl what were you saying? ” I ask again

“Ah yes, that I’ll be spending the weekend at Jamie’s so you’ll alone at home”

“Oh ok that’s nice”

“But I’m a phone call away if you need anything tho” She says with concern dripping in her voice

“Please never mind. You can prolong your stay there for two more weeks I won’t mind” I wink at her.

“You surely are crazy if you think you’ll bring some random guy into our apartment and... wait what am I even saying? That’ll be great if you do so considering the fact that you’ve never been in any sort of relationship” She says with a wide smile

“Shut up! You know I’m not interested in getting one now and my parents experience isn’t encouraging either. But to make you feel better, I haven’t found a mature guy enough so chill” I smile at her

“You know you’re not getting any younger right?” She asks with a raised eyebrow

“I know” I respond flatly

“And that we’ve got only one life too. it to the fullest” She taps my arm in sympathy

“I know but thanks for the constant reminder tho” I give her a playful wink which makes her to shake her head

“You’re unbelievable ” she says in resignation

“I know” I smile widely

After finishing our lunch with a little chit-chat over several topics, we head back to school to attend the rest of our classes. At the end of the day, we got back home where we complete the rest of our evening infront of the TV watching ‘The Vampire Diaries’ while eating dinner.

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