The Empress

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This is a story about a woman who craves to have the world at her feet. She had it all until she met him...

Fantasy / Humor
Queen Of Hearts
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My father was a rich man, he bought me a beautiful mansion for twenty-third my birthday. I had it all to myself. This is the best gift he's gotten me to get rid of me. I loved my father until the age of fourteen. That's when I discovered that he's been disloyal to my mother. I caught him with our housemaid on the kitchen counter. He thought that I went to school that day. I pretended to go, but I sneaked in again. I was certain no one was around. My father was always in his office getting work done usually around the time I'm supposed to be in school. When I got hungry and went to get myself something to eat, that's when I saw him between her legs. Her skirt was pushed up far, exposing her pale thighs. Our housemaid was a beautiful woman, but not as gorgeous as my mother. I didn't understand what drove my father to betray her this way. I dropped to my knees when I saw them. I began to cry and scream as I watched at them. My father stopped kissing her neck and pushed our oh-so-loyal maid to the floor. She fell hard on her ass. He quickly fixed his pants behind the black marble counter and rushed over to me. He crouched down in front of me and said, "You're not supposed to see that" I just glared at him. "Why? Why would you do this? Why her? Daddy, why?!" I cried loudly. He came closer and put his hands on my shoulders. "Don't touch me!" I screamed at him. He slapped me. Shocked and disappointed I stared to the floor as my cheek burned. He's never hit me before. "You better not say a word about this to Delilah." Hot tears rolled down my cheek. "Look, Hel, I'm sorry. Your mother never has time for me these days and she just doesn't do it for me anymore... If you tell her, you'll ruin our marriage!" He breathed fast. He was panicking. I slowly got up and shouted at him, "You already ruined it!" I slapped him hard in the face and quickly ran upstairs. He turned red in the face and ran after me, "You get back here, you little swine!" I nearly tripped over one step and he almost caught up to me. Luckily, I was fast enough to run inside my room and lock the door. My father stood outside my bedroom door, banged on the door and yelled at me, "Open up you little bitch!" I was sitting on the floor behind the door and hugging my knees. I had no idea who was behind that door, he was not my father because my father had never raised his hand at me or spoken to me like this before. I don't know this man. I sat there, silently crying while he banged on the door. "Hel? Helen... I'm sorry." He sounded soft and like he regret what he did. I slowly got up from the floor, put my hand on the lock, almost ready to— "I said I'm fucking sorry!" Nevermind... the banging got even louder. "Open the fucking door! You know what, fine. Rot in there! You're gonna have a piss eventually and you will get hungry. In fact, you are hungry. That's why you found me fucking our maid in the kitchen right?!" I didn't answer him, I just sat back down with hot tears staining my face. "I'm gonna keep fucking Camila now, and if you interrupt me... You're gonna wish you were still in my ballsack!" I heard him walk away and call for Camila. I didn't know what was happening, I never seen my father react like this. It shocked me to the core. I was frozen for a moment until I eventually broke down and cried myself to sleep.

I woke up a little drowsy and thirsty. Why didn't father give me the room with the inside bathroom? I needed that but no, Camila needed it more. I don't know what's so special about Camila anyway, my mother was a excellent woman. She was well-educated, had great sense of humor, she was classy and she was perfect in my opinion. I wanted to be just like my mother when I grow up someday. But now, it seems like that isn't enough. My mother would be deeply hurt to find out what my father has been doing all this time while she remained faithful. I don't know what to say or how to go about it. My father would probably hurt me, judging by the way he acted earlier today. I'm terrified of him now. I'll never see him the same again. Camila should be fired. She practically ruined my life. I don't know who I hate more, her or my father. Camila is only twenty five for heaven's sake. My father is in his late forties and my mother is in her mid-thirties. Does my father even love my mother anymore? I can't say. He cheated on her with someone younger. How could he? Mother still looks good though. All these thoughts were rushing through my head and I suddenly had to go to the bathroom. I feared that my father would see me, so I hung my ass halfway out of the window and pissed outside. I'd rather let random strangers look at my ass than face my father again. When I was done shaking my butt out the window, I took a pink handkerchief from my drawer and wiped myself with it. I threw it in the blue sparkly glitter bin. I heard my mother downstairs. Only she walked in heels that made such a loud sound with every step she took.

I slowly opened the door and crawled to the staircase, watching my parents. I saw my father walk towards the glass coffee table, near the furnace where my mother was standing in a glamorous turquoise dress. Her makeup on point and her long blonde locks were curled elegantly. She smiled at my father. She moved closer, gave him a hug and a kiss. He smiled back at her, "My gorgeous wife" he commented as he placed his hands on her hips. She looked into his eyes, "My love, maybe we could do something more romantic tonight." She winked at him. "My darling, I'm afraid I had too much work to do today. I'm awfully exhausted, love." I felt sad again as I heard him say those words. "Again? We never have time to just enjoy each other these days." My mother looked disappointed. "We need to make time for each other, Mort." I felt a tear leak from my left eye. I wiped it away and continue to watch them. I saw Camila walking towards the door. "Goodnight, Mr. and Mrs. Fantasmas." She looked down and left rather quickly. My mother took off her coat and took a seat on the black leather sofa. "This is so odd, where's Hel?" I quietly crawled back to my room and shut the door. Not wanting to see her or him. How could I tell her what happened? I know how much my father meant to her and I don't know what my father would do to me next if I told her what he did. I heard her heels thumping on the steps. She was coming to check on me. I crawled into bed and pretended to be asleep. I heard her knock on my bedroom door, "It's mum. Can you open up, please?" I didn't answer her. She knocked again and again. I stayed silent. She sighed heavily, and decided to let herself in. I heard the door creaking slowly and her heels thumping on the floor. Coming closer and closer. I shut my eyes close tightly. She caressed my head on top of the blankets and quickly yanked it off of me. I began to shake and my eyes were still closed. "Helen, why didn't you come downstairs like you like usually do tonight? You're growing up to be a big girl, so you're not happy to see mum anymore? Is that it?" She jokingly asked me. I didn't give her a answer. Her voice was soft now, "What's wrong, my little Empress?" She caressed my hair. My voice was shaking, "M-mum... I-I-I... I'm so sorry!" I began to sob uncontrollably, I couldn't find the words to explain it. "Should I fetch your father? He could always cheer—" "No! I don't want to see him" I grabbed her and cried in her chest. "Now you got my boobs wet and ruined my third favorite dress. What happened?" She held me. "I... I can't tell you... I don't know how. You can't tell Dad" my face was wet from tears, my nose was red and my red hair was standing in all directions. I looked awful.

My mother tried to get me to talk, I finally gave up and told her everything from the beginning. She clenched her jaw and stormed down stairs to the kitchen where my father was having a cup of coffee. "You bastard! How dare you cheat on me with our maid and hit Helen in the fucking face?! Are you insane?" She was furious. My father's eyes were wide and he dropped his coffee. The cup broke, staining the floor with coffee and pieces of glass. My father called for me, "Hel, come down stairs now!" I slowly made my way to the staircase. I was too afraid to go downstairs. "Helen, come here now. Why are you trying to cause problems between your mother and I?" I stood there silent, and shaking. My mother spoke up, "What the hell is wrong with you? So it's true that you went behind my back, being disloyal and you hurt our daughter!" My father pushed my mother to the floor. She landed with a thud. "Helen!" He came after me, I turned to run away and I heard him scream as my mother stabbed him in the shoulder with the kitchen knife. I stood there, shocked and not sure what to do. My father pulled out his phone and called the police as my mother stood there, shocked at her own actions. She dropped the knife to the floor. Within five minutes, the police arrived. They came in with guns and back up. "Hands in the air!" The officer yelled at my mother. She put her hands in the air. One of the officers came closer and took me by the hand. "Come on now, nothing to see here." The man took me to the police car. My father's butler was also standing outside, next to the car. He looked at me, "Are you okay?" He asked. "No, I don't know what's gonna happen. What's going to happen to my mum?" I was worried. "She's going to be okay" he held me and rubbed my back as I cried into his shoulder. From that day forth, my life changed forever. My mother was taken to a asylum for four years. I still lived with my father and his butler took care of me most of the time. I was eighteen when my mother finally got out of the asylum and she remarried my father's best friend to spite him. Our house maid packed up her things and quit. My father was furious with her and threatened to kill her if she left. She was never seen again and my father blamed me for it. I stayed with my mother for three years and her relationship with uncle Steve bothered me. I just didn't like the fact that they were together. Their entire relationship was built on spite and betrayal. Not that I cared about my father, but I felt like my mother went about it the wrong way. Why be with someone who reminds her of him? My father was a shithead and I don't trust his friend either.

I was seventeen when I lived with my father again. He would get drunk and cry for hours some days. Most days, he was in his office working and I was out of sight. His butler, Mr. Darcy took care of me most of the time. He took me to school, prepared my breakfast, lunch and dinner. He even kept quiet about my first boyfriend who gave me chlamydia, by the way. He was the first boy I ever kissed and went down on. I solely regretted it when I discovered that I got a throat infection afterwards. Luckily, Mr. Darcy got me the proper medication and treatment for it. I was cured within two weeks. I never trusted teenage boys after that horrible experience. I broke up with Daniel Globerman immediately. I was utterly disgusted by him. I'm so glad I never gave him my virginity. I grew a hate for men quickly. They were all just so disappointing. The only man I tolerated was Mr. Darcy. His purpose was to take care of me. My father said I could have him since he's been spending most of his time tending to my needs. Was kind of funny. In my late teen years, a lot of men and even male acquaintances developed a lust for me. I was a tease they said, because I never agreed to do anything with them. I would mess with them for fun. I met men who has a fetish for humiliation and it suited me well. A lot of men I met loved the idea of BDSM and being submissive. I loved it! The mansion my father got me was a perfect lair for me to be worshipped by these poor lost souls. I found it amusing and more entertaining than anything. I owned fifteen human pets now. Life is perfect.
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