Bitter Sweet

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Chapter Ten; Blue Haired Beauty

Pain changes people~Uknown

Makaila’s pov

“Makaila I asked you a question, I expect an answer” Mason growled and began to stride towards me, he paused so our chests were mere inches apart.

His finger grazed under my chin and lifted my head so my eyes met his golden gaze. I swallowed hard, trying to remain relaxed but this whole aura of authority was crushing.

“I..uh.. Of course I know, I’m ghost after all and I knew there was more of a reason to be hunting me down. Why would a powerful pack be after one rogue, you thought I killed your mom” I grunted, trying to keep my icy glare fixed on him. Totally didn’t visit Oscar.

Mason sighed and this time his eyes began to return to their grassy complexion. His arms wrapped around my waist as he gently tugged me into his chest.

“Makaila can we start over, I know I’ve been stern and not very understanding but this is all new to me I want you to accept me” his hands smoothed down my waist and rested on my hips.

His touch was driving me insane, I nodded agreeing to try and cooperate because I knew this was a perfect chance to get my friends free.

“Good, tonight is the ceremony where you accept your responsibility in the pack and where the pack accept you as their Luna” Mason caressed my cheek and tucked a strand on my raven hair behind my ear.

My eyes widened, I had completely forgotten about that. I have to stand in front of Mason’s whole pack and accept my role. I’m not good in front of large groups, let alone a whole freaking pack!

“Uh...How many wolves are there exactly in your pack” I held my breath and pushed my head further into his chest dreading what he was about to tell me.

A small hearty chuckle rumbled through his chest as he kissed my hair “Kayla there are about two hundred of us but my sweet they will adore you, stop worrying” he whispered into my ear and began to rub small circles into the small of my back. My worry seemed to wash away as I smiled against his chest.

“You’re so beautiful Makaila” Mason lifted his head and wrapped his arms tightly around my waist.

I wanted this. I wanted to be able to accept him and be happy but he had just caused so much pain. His father took away my parents, he took away my freedom and my friends can I ever learn to love him with such a bitter mind like mine.

“Something wrong? You’re really tense darling” Mason pushed me back slightly so he could observe my features closely.

“My need to let them go, please!” I pleaded as my head drooped so I was staring at the rusty wooden flooring.

“Makaila it’s not that easy, one of them could be the rat that killed my mother and my pack take the death of their Luna as I do. My mom was like a mother to all, once you connect to the pack they will have the same mind towards you” he smiled at my proudly and brought his lips to my forehead.

“How and when will they be released! They are all I have Mason” I grunted and squirmed out of his embrace.

He took a sharp intake of breath and dragged his hand through his hair “They will all go through the same process all wolves do, a trial we will all decide whether we think they are guilty”.

“One condition” I spoke sharply and crossed my arms over my chest “No more beating them,feed them properly or I swear to you Mason lay another hand on them and I shall make your life hell” I spat.

Gosh Cody was right, I’m so bipolar.

“Fine, the ceremony commences at seven o’clock. I shall send Riley to help you get ready” He nodded at me and exited the study, I almost wanted to run after him and throw my arms around him.


After the whole study scene I had decided that I needed to get away from the pack house, I needed to do something before this boredom became the death of me. So I began plodding around the house in search for someone to take me out.

“Cody give me it or I swear I’ll whoop ya-”

“Ahem” I cleared my throat with an amused grin plastered on my face, I had managed to stop Riley screeching at Cody. Cody looked like he was a scared mouse about to be mauled by the big bad cat; Riley.

“Cody give the girl her phone back Or I’ll allow her to maul you” I grinned evilly as Cody quickly threw it back to her.

“I thought you loved me!” Cody faked cried and slumped over the sofa.

“I put up with you there’s a difference” I winked and dragged him back onto his feet, the mutt took a mighty haul but finally he was up!

Riley stuck her tongue out a Cody and proudly grasped her baby, putting it back into her pocket. I was glad to see Riley so happy because when she was around Ryder it seemed as if all her happiness had been drained from her body. In other words Ryder is a Kill Joy.

“Could we get out the house, all this Luna business is enough to drive anyone insane” I grumbled and took the elastic out of my hair allowing my brunette locks to engulf my shoulders and back.

“We could go shopping!” Riley sang happily “You need some new clothes and a dress for the Luna ceremony” she clapped her hand in excitement. This girl seriously confused me, first she was the ass kicking lead warrior then the next she is a bubbly shopping insane psycho.

Cody groaned in disgust and began to tip toe away out of the room, the floor boards creaked and Riley whipped around giving him a sinister glare.

“Cody you’re our designated driver, can’t leave all the work to us girls carrying the heavy bags!” Riley pouted and Cody just rolled his eyes, retrieving a set of his keys from the confines of his pocket.

We plodded out of the pack house as Cody led us to a medium sized building that was attached to the side of the pack house. It had rusty looking bricks and a bright white garage door, so this is where they’ve been hiding the goods!

Cody pressed a small button on his keys and the metal door responded with a mechanical churning as it slowly opened. As it opened further my eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets, a black Range Rover (auto-biography), a red mustang and jaguar. This pack is loaded!

Another button was pressed and the Range Rover flashed in response, it was amazing. It’s black shimmering coat was calling my name.

“I don’t think I’ve seen a girl drool over a car, boys are understandable” Riley stuck her tongue out and slipped into the back seat. I welcomed myself into the passengers.

“Next stop my death” Cody groaned and reversed out of the garage.

“Can we go now! We’ve been in this shop for half an hour and you’ve still not chosen anything” Cody stomped his feet and leaned against the mirror.

“Shopping is an art my dead child” I stuck my tongue out at him and ruffled his hair into a blonde birds nest.

A low growl muffled from his mouth as he span around and began to adjust his hair to the way it was before.

“Makaila! I’ve found the perfect dress!” Riley squeaked and began to fight past some people who were helplessly thrown aside.

She scampered over and showed me a gorgeous dress, it was a cream strapless dress that had small pearls sewn onto the upper half. The skirt was a slightly darker shade of white and floated elegantly when moved.

“I love it Ri! How much is it?” I cooed and caressed the soft fabric. I loved the colours they would suit my pale skin making me look less of a vampire.

“Uhm.. let me and Cody handle the price. Take the bags to the café, we shall meet you there!” Riley placed the keys in my palm and shooed me out of the shop. Cody looked helpless, I wish I had the money to provide for myself instead of living off of pack members pockets but I highly doubt the big bad Alpha would let me get a small day job.

I scooped the millions of bags off the floor and plodded out of the shop, I popped my head around the corner trying to adjust to my new surroundings. I wasn’t used to being around so many humans before, sure I went to the odd few joints for food and drinks but I was in a massive mall full of them! I bit my lip and guided around the number of bodies that stood in the way!

Why did they have to stop in the most inconvenient places, I mean surely you wouldn’t stop in the middle of a road whilst driving to catch up with your long lost friend so why do it in the middle of a busy mall! This was one of my pet peeves.

I arrived in one piece into the café, I entered and sat at a table situated on the far side of the room, there were a few people busy in conversation but not enough so I could draw any attention to myself. For an ass kicking rogue I am really self-concious around other people.

A waiter approached me, he had aqua dyed blue hair and black glasses framing his ironically blue eyes. He wore a plain white shirt and a black bow tie, he grinned at me cheekily and lifted a notepad from his pocket.

“Hello I’m Adrian, I’m your waiter for today. Can I take your order?” he spoke politely in a broad English accent. It took me a while to clog he was directing the question at me.

“Oh! Sorry..I’m in a world of my own, yes can I have three hot chocolates please” his eyes widened slightly and hesitated slightly before scribbling down the order.

“Chocoholic are we?” he stuck his tongue out at me, slipping the notebook back into his apron.

“No, I have friends coming! Wait where are they..” I swirled my head around the inspect the café but blonde and scary female where no where to be seen.

When I turned around Aqua had disappeared, I frowned slightly now at the fact I was alone. I began rummaging through the bags, inspecting what had been bought.

Currently my wardrobe consisted of, flannels, shirts, skinny jeans, boots, underwear, bras and the odd few dresses. All of which had come off Cody’s bank card; poor blonde.

Soon the bell of the café door chimed and in skipped a happy looking Riley followed by a miserable looking Cody. Seems Riley had won again.

They took a seat opposite as Aqua returned with the hot chocolates. Riley waggled her eyebrows at him as his face heated up and he scurried away.

“Great now Riley’s scaring the waiter away” I teased, grasping the hot chocolate to my lips and savouring the sweet aroma.

Things like shopping and hot chocolate was a private for me, when I was living life as a rogue I’d live off what ever we could hunt or steal off other packs; hot chocolate unfortunately wasn’t on the list.

“Kayla it looks like you’d rather frame it than drink it” Cody teased, picking up the cup and gulping some down.

Riley cocked her eyebrow at Cody before shaking her head and clearing her throat.

“So how are things with you an alpha Mason?” Riley’s grin broadened as she snapped her biscuit in half and dunked it into the rich chocolate.

“Oh just marvellous, I’ve been thrown off a cliff, yelled at and I’ve slapped him twice” I spoke in a huff, watching the froth in the cup swirl around.

“How romantic” Cody cackled and began to scrape the remains of his hot chocolate.

I rolled my eyes and finished the drink, the warm liquid providing a comfort in my stomach. I sighed in bliss, pushing the cup away.

“Alright let’s get you back!” Riley sang and left a ten dollar bill on the table.

“Keep the change cutie” Riley winked as the blue haired beauty stiffened and kept his eyes on the floor.

“Ow!” I hissed trying to keep still as Marie dragged a brush through my birds nest.

I could see Marie give me a distasteful look in the dresser mirror as she continued to style my hair. Behind was Riley organising the dress, shoes and makeup.

“So..uh no one explained to me how this tradition goes. I heard someone call it the taking, that doesn’t sound reassuring” I squirmed in my seat uncomfortably.

“Wait Mason didn’t explain to you? Oh I could tan that boys backside sometimes” Marie muttered under her breath and began to curl the hair that swept on my back.

The way Marie spoke of Mason made the tension disappear, she made me think how she could clout Mason if he was rude. That women must have guts to take on an alpha.

“You accept each other as mates in front of the pack, we as the pack then accept you as our leader and Luna. The pack elder then ties a red scarf around both of your hands to represent the blood bond between you both. Then he claims you..” She dragged ‘claims you’ a little longer then I’d of hoped.

I wasn’t ready for this! I hadn’t fully accepted Mason yet, he was still a stranger to me. I didn’t know anything about him, how he eats (not important but still!..), what his favourite colour is or even how he is in a relationship, actually I know that part; he throws us off cliffs!

I don’t want to be claimed by that monster! The man who took away my friends, his father being the cause of my parents death. It’s so difficult battling two sides of myself, one that wants to accept Mason and always being with him and the other who is sickened by his very existence.

“I can’t do this” I mumbled placing a hand on my stomach and leaning over as a sickly feeling filled my stomach.

“You can and you will Makaila, Mason needs you, we need you. You see my child the pack is weak, vulnerable in fact. Since the death of our Luna the pack has become weaker, Alpha Hudson had to be banished he became insane from the death of his mate and began attacking pack members. He managed to end a life, Mason..he had to take matters into his own hands at just nineteen and without you to strengthen Mason we are weak and could be easily taken out” Marie began to put clips into my hair as a flash of pain shot through her eyes.

I remained silent, I guess I had no choice. I wasn’t going to be selfish and let this pack wither away thanks to me, the though of all those little children loosing their parents as another pack is attacking. I refuse to be the monster to allow that happening. I just nodded.

“Alright, your hair is done and I must say I’m quite proud of my master piece” Marie brought the mirror in front of me.

I didn’t recognise the person staring back, her glossy raven hair was braided at the sides and twisted into a braided bun and her hair that cascaded down her chest was curled elegantly. Her natural make made her baby blue eyes pop out and her light pink lips full and plump. Was this really me?

“My turn!” Riley sang and grabbed my hand ushering me into the en suite bathroom, placing the white dress and black heels in my arms.

She quickly shut the door and left me to change, things were happening so quickly. I slipped the dress on and the petit heals, I took a few cautious steps forward as my legs wobbled. I stumbled but luckily caught myself on the sink.

“Riley having difficulty here!” I squeaked and tried to position myself straight but attempts failed.

In waddled Riley, she bit her lip trying to hide her entertained giggles. She clasped my hand and my balance seemed to improve as I began to walk for myself.

“My girl you look truly beautiful!” Marie cooed and slipped a small shall around my shoulders.

Marie clasped my hand and led me down a marble set of stairs, she halted and gave my shoulder a little squeeze.

“You’ll be just fine my child” Marie sang and whipped away around the corner.

“Silence” a familiar voice boomed from behind the solid large set of wood doors, his voice was husky and it set a flow of butterfly’s soar in my stomach.

“Ladies and gentleman, our future Luna Makaila Howarth” a roar of applause erupted as the doors drew open revealing two hundred keen eyes staring at me.

Oh sweet baby Jesus..

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