Bitter Sweet

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Chapter Two; Piercing Through The Air

Maybe some girls aren’t meant to be tamed, maybe they are suppose to run wild until they find someone just as wild to run with~unknown

Makaila’s pov

The harsh coldness of the bitter wind was the cause of my unexpected awakening. Puffs of cold air fanned out from my mouth as my eyes slowly fluttered open. Propping myself up from my sleeping position, I examined the area around me.

Roaring flames that bared us heat and light last night had now been extinguished, leaving burnt black twigs and leaves around it. Trees were swaying to and fro, whilst the wind ragged hungrily at the trees.

The camp was strangely quiet and the normal sound of muffled snores from Oscar was not to be heard, which in some ways is a good thing since he sounds like a fog horn! But instead uncomfortable silence embraced me.

Yawning groggily I staggered onto two feet as my bones cracked into place. Rubbing my eyes I allowed them the cool air to engulf me, scattering goosebumps along my bare skin.

When I observed Oscar’s tent closely, my instincts were correct he was not in his tent. Shrugging on my jacket I grabbed my bow, arrows, and dagger, making way deeper into the forest.

Prowling further into the forest, my instinct were on high alert and I would be ready to attack at any slight hint of movement.

Soon I came across a hare, it was on the fairly skinny side but we couldn’t complain it was still food. More and more packs were claiming land so the herds became claimed by them, they did this purposely they didn’t want the blood of rogues on their hands so starving us was their alternative.

Quickly I relived my bow from my back and abruptly loaded the arrow. The hare gave me one last pleading look before the arrow was deeply imbedded in it’s chest. I hated killing, but it had to be done for our survival.

Gathering the lifeless prey I decided to take a small stroll and admire the lush greenery around me. I always loved spending some alone time in the forest it made me feel closer to my parents and the happy memories we used to share together.

After jerking myself away from my deep thoughts I found myself stumbling across a river. It’s fast flowing current gushed downstream and once I looked up a huge waterfall followed it.

Kneeling down on the bank, I lay my weapons and food on the side as I plunged my hands deep into the water retrieving a small handful of water.

The cool water was gentle against my face making all my tense muscles relax but that was all ruined once a snap of a twig sounded.

My head snapped in the direction of the noise from the other side of the river and quickly I loaded my bow.

I was like this for a few minutes, pointing it in numerous directions still keeping my eyes fixed in the area. My heart rate kept up an unbalanced rhythm, it beat that fast that I was sure it was going to jump from my chest.

How could I let my guard down so easily? It was the first thing Oscar was sure to teach me before he taught me to throw a punch, he would always say that a weak warrior was one whom let their confidence and safety get the better of them, that a warrior should always be in the mind set that they were always in danger.

Stupid Makaila!

Suddenly a glowing pair of Amber eyes gleamed from the near by confines of the nature and that’s when I released the arrow. I snapped my head away from the arrow, trying to assure myself that the arrow would scare whatever was out there. Taking a sharp breath and slowly turned my head back.

The arrow was sent hurtling in the direction and as soon disappeared as loud thunderous growl came in response. The deafening growl sent the birds in the trees to take flight and my small frame to cower under the uproar. Quickly I jumped to my feet and began to once again run like my life depended on it, which at this moment in time it did- I winced slightly as my joints ached from yesterday’s chase but I couldn’t let that slow me down.

Hunching over, I ducked beneath a low-lying branch and continued my frenzied pelt across the uneven forest floor, the branches reached out like desperate hands and snagged on my hair; that caused me to briefly slow down whilst I released the branched grasp on my locks.

My breath was hurried, I could feel whatever I hit around me but it was still in the shady bushes, leaves rustled and branches snapped. I felt like I was the prey being stalked by a large hungry predator; oh how the circle of life is cruel.

Soon a large black paw outstretched from the canopy, it’s grimy claws sinking into the moist earth- leaving behind a mould of it’s paw print. The beast’s back hunched, lowering itself under the brush and crawling dangerously closer to me. My arrow stood proud in the wolves shoulder, a large pool of blood soaking it’s pelt but it hardly seemed phased by the crimson mess trickling down it’s body- in fact the way it’s lips curled into a snarl seemed like a sickening grin.

Knowing that it would only make me more delayed using my bow, I slipped it over my head and grasped the dagger, it;s silver shone under the feint light of the sun that was shaded by the tall towering trees. Lunging forward, I neared the haired beast in attempt to slice any part of it but it seemed it was one step ahead and easily sidestepped from my attack.

Once it landed on all fours again, it snapped around in it’s tracks and galloped at full speed towards me, unfortunately I was too slow in dodging the collision and soon my back was met with the floor. My head rocked back harshly against the forest floor, the uneven terrain from the tree roots sank into the back of my neck causing me to whimper slightly.

I forced the pain back, lifting my free hand and using the handle of the blade to hit it harshly in the snout, this small blow delayed the beasts feral jaws and enabled me to easily slip from underneath it’s crushing weight. I didn’t look back, I couldn’t. Instead I ran as fast as I could away from it.

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