Bitter Sweet

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Chapter Three; Mates With A Psycho

If you chase I promise I’ll run slow~Unknown

Makaila’s pov

I ran as fast as my small legs could carry me, brute strength was not my thing I was better at running. My small, light frame meant I was more nimble, swift than all the other heavy pawed werewolves.

Approaching a small stump, I abruptly plopped down on it and removed by bow from around me, propping it against the tree. A gentle breeze ruffled through the leaves, making a soothing rustle echoed around me. This was one of the rare days I enjoyed, just having me time instead of constantly being on watch on enclosing packs was a lot of stress.

Slipping a small sketch book from my small bag I began to draw a rough outline of the scenery around me. This was the only way I could calm myself, otherwise I would be running circles in the forest like a headless chicken and more than likely running into that snarling, slobbering mutt again. I was all at peace until a loud bellowing howl was heard close to me. Jolting to my feet I threw all my things into my bag and started running again.

I wasn’t willing to bump into the wolf that my arrow embedded it’s self into and certainly not wanting to be caught again. My boots thumped hard against the soft earth as I pressed further away, every so often I would glance over my shoulder in sight of any following wolfs.

But none, the forest was back to it’s quiet state. Birds finally settled back into the trees, a gentle breeze brushing through the long blades of grass at my feet. Peace...

“I love to Chase” a brittle voice whispered from behind as a hand suddenly shot over my mouth.

There was no way I was going to hide my strength, twisting around in his grasp I slipped through the small gap underneath his arm and swung my bawled up fist at him. He dodged my fist with ease and firmly clasped my wrist knocking me off guard and onto the floor.

A small growl escaped my lungs as I firmly gripped the dagger hidden within the confines of my boot, as soon as the shiny blade made it’s appearance the males eyes widened. Despite him being slightly shocked he still didn’t back away and continued to closely approach me. As my eyes wandered to his arm I could see a blood stained rag that occupied the wound; then it hit me.

The puncture wound was only deep enough to be caused by an arrow; my arrow.

Pushing myself to my feet, I began to grip the blade tighter in my grip. Testing the wolf’s patience I slowly walked circles around him taking in ever detail. From his dark raven hair that captivated the sunlight perfectly to his emerald coloured eyes that also began to lock onto me.

Of course deep down I felt intimidated but I wasn’t going to act like a normal female and cower away. Sliding my dagger menacingly close to his neck, I knitted my brows tightly together.

“Hold it” the males voice thundered and quickly swiped the blade from my grip, this was easy for him because my recent running had caused my hands to become clammy.

Great I’m not defenceless against the big bad wolf, how ironic.

“Give it back” I growled, edging further away from him, attempting to sound intimidating whereas internally I was cowering like a small child being scalded.

A deep grin extended across his lips, it made me feel more cautious around him but I was still determined to gain my weapon back.

“What’s a beautiful lady such as yourself doing out here all alone?” he laughed deeply, spinning the dagger around his finger.

“Listen here fluffy, I’m no delicate flower and if your nose doesn’t betray it I’m a rogue Einstein” I really wanted to slap the silly smirk that had possessed his lips.

“I’ve heard all about you and your doings. They call you ghost, since you strike unnoticed, even the most well trained trackers haven’t been able to hunt you down” his voice was like poison, as he spoke he traced the end of the blade across my neck and back into his hand.

“But that will soon change, I shall bring you back to my pack and prison you there. That will benefit both you and I, getting rid of my packs paranoia and since it’s against my moralities to harm a lady” he began sheathing the blade up in a loose rag.

That’s when I did something I’m certain to regret, the palm of my hand collided with his cheek. Quickly a reddening mark began to blossom but the reaction was the park I weren’t expecting.

His eyes immediately darkened from their grassy shade of green to a pure gold colour. The blade fell from his grip to the floor.

This is where I thought it was my death day, I had just slapped an alpha.

Placing his hands on my hips he pulled me to his chest and nuzzled into the nook of my neck.

“What are you doing you freak” I shrieked attempting to push him away but his hulk like strength kept me rooted in place.

“Mine” his voice was deep and husky and that’s when it hit me, it was like a bullet train straight to my nerve endings. I wanted to turn away, to push the brute off me but I simply couldn’t there was a small hinge of pain that spiralled through me at even the small thought of it.

Shaking my head in disbelief Oscar’s words played in my head when I was younger “When you touch your mate, spark will emit and then you’ll know what love is Kaila”.

Slapping was technically touching so it was confirmed;

I’m mates with a psycho.

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