Bitter Sweet

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Chapter Four; Heart vs Mind

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies~Aristotle

Makaila’s Pov

The bond had just started to hit me, it felt truly amazing. His voice was enough to send shivers down my spine let alone his touch. My wolf was literally yipping away at the back of my mind and she could not contain herself, who could blame her my mate looked like some sort of man God.

He remained close to me, the bark of the tree was pressed against my back making me arch more into his chest. The rough grip that was once crushing my wrist was now a more of a gentle hold. I closed my eyes for a minute enjoying the embrace of my mate.

But then it hit me. He was from my old pack, the ones who followed the alpha that slaughtered my parents. The vengeance bubbled away, coursing through my veins. Pain hit me like a bullet, the visions of the murder felt like it was just yesterday and I could feel the tears line my eyes.

Pulling out of the embrace of my mate, I looked him up and down with a hinge of disgust in my cold glare. I felt angered at myself that I allowed him to breech my walls so easily, that I let my parents death escape my mind. My wolf on the other hand was screeching in my mind to return to him, to allow him to hold us once more but I would not allow it.

“I’m Mason Reed, of the Besin pack” he spoke gently and slowly approached me.

His gaze was soft and tender, I don’t know what came over me but I allowed him to take me in his arms once more. I felt secure and safe in his arms, it was strange how we perfectly moulded together. Bringing his face to my neck, he nestled into my hair this caused me to shudder once more and I could tell he enjoyed the effect he had on me, I could feel thr grin against my neck.

“What is your name my beautiful mate” Mason whispered against my ear.

Inhaling a sharp breath, I bawled my fits firmly at my sides. I was trying to remain shielded, I wasn’t willing to show him any further the effect he had on me because I didn’t want to seem like a typical helpless she-wolf.

“Makaila Haworth” I spoke trying my best to sound bitter.

A frown appeared on his lips, small creases blossomed between his brows. He looked like a vulnerable little boy who was sulking over his favourite toy. The thought of this made a little giggle erupt from my mouth and he noticed, he grinned in response and placed his hands on my hips.

“What a fitting name, for a beautiful smile” he replied “as alpha of the Besin pack, you Makaila Howarth shall be by mate and Luna by the next full moon. Which is in three days” he spoke full of authority and power, he brought his hand to my face and gently caressed my cheek.

My legs began to go weak and he was driving my wolf crazy. But I was still remaining defiant, I refuse to participate in a pack that contributed towards the slaying of my mother and father. There was only one thing to do to prevent myself from being a part of it; rejection.

“I reject you Mason Reed, alpha of the Besin pack-” suddenly I was cut off, unable to finish my sentence. He pressed his lips against mine, they weren’t rough or strong. In fact they were gentle and wanting, a small moan escaped my mouth.

Slowly he pulled away and looked at me In admiration, but mixing with his look was also a pained, worried look. I don’t know what it was but I hated seeing him this way a small whimper vibrated through me but I kept it restrained.

“Never do that again” he ordered but didn’t use his alpha tone, it was a more strained. His hand brushed against my cheek and he wrapped his other around my waist. My look dropped down the the floor, I was fighting a loosing battle against my wolf.

She thought that because he was my mate all the pain in the past should just be washed away but the memory of that day still felt fresh in my mind. Why did the moon goddess have to bond me with someone from my old pack and to make things worse he’s an alpha.

“You will like it back at the Besin pack, everyone will be very accepting and make you feel right at home” he spoke with pride In his pack it sickened me to the pit of my stomach that he felt proud in wolves that murdered the innocent.

“I doubt that very much” I said firmly, crossing my hands over my chest and staring at the floor.

He picked up the sheathed blade off the grass and dusted it off, slipping it through the loop of his leather belt. I scowled sourly at him and turned away, I know I didn’t have the choice about going to the pack because knowing him he’d take me kicking and screaming.


The walk wasn’t long but it mentally felt like a treck. Mason continued to drone on about how big his pack is and how he looks forward to settling down with me. But I remained silent, the earth moulded around my boots and formed deep tracks a satisfying look appeared on my face and I prayed Oscar would see them.

Trees surrounded the area, outstretching his hand Mason pulled back a branch and urged me to press in front of him. I ducked below the hanging leaves and found myself standing upon a large cliff face. But just in the far off distance was a huge pack house, it was difficult to make out but I could clearly see a main building and a few other buildings dotted around it.

“Welcome home” Mason grinned like the Cheshire Cat but I on the other hand looked as miserable as scrooge on Christmas Day.

I didn’t want to admit it but the scenery was breath taking, especially from looking down at it from a great height. A long winding river twisted through the edge of the pack and a large water fall gushed just below us.

“How do we get down fur ball” I spoke sarcastically, leaning myself against a tree and supporting one foot against it also.

A smug grin painted his lips as he pointed over the cliff. A look of pure shock horror covered my lips, had he seriously got a death wish. I always knew alphas could be stupid but seriously jumping off a cliff just beat all the rest. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into his chest, I yanked and ragged around like my life depended on it but of course males had to be stronger.

His feet were inches from the cliff edge, rocks rode down the cliffs surface and landed with a crash in the gushing river. Strong arms secured me further into his chest, sinking the heels of my boots into the earth I tried to cling onto the little earth I had left.

“Don’t you dare! Let me go you royal pain in the ass” I shrieked and hammered my fists against his chest but of course he didn’t make the slightest of movement.

I soon felt myself being lifted off the ground, the water became louder as I was being held over the edge. My reaction was by far different from his, I was clinging to him like a petrified kitten but he looked cool and relaxed.

“Enjoy the ride kitten” he smirked and stepped off the edge, the wind gushed passed us as my hair floated around me like a blanket. I retreated into his chest and whimpered slightly, I had to admit it felt right to be embedded into my mates chest but he didn’t need to jump off a damn cliff to make me feel that way the bond was by far enough.

The cold water engulfed us, a shocked gasp of air escaped from me. Cold water began to attack my warm skin soon turning me cold and spreading goosebumps across my skin.

Pushing him away from me, he reluctantly released his grip on me but remained to hold them at my sides protectively. I rolled my eyes at him, if he was being so protective he wouldn’t throw me off a damn cliff!

Placing my wet hands on the moist earth and hoisted myself onto the bank, I glanced back at my reflection in the water and I resembled a drowned rat. But fluffy butt in the water looked like a god, his hair was rustled in different directions. He looked like a model, everything was so perfectly lay out, the setting rays of the sun glistened against the droplets of water on his bare chest. Wait since when did he loose his shirt?

“How was that Kitten” he laughed and joined me on the secure bank.

“Absolutely refreshing” I glared at him, if looks could kill he’d have multiple stab wounds in a body bag and thrown in a dumpster. Gripping my drenched hair, I squeezes the excess water out and tied it into a bun.

“You should really learn not to stand too close to the edge” I laughed and pushed him. He was caught unexpected and swung his arms backwards, the earth below his feet gave away and he fell in butt first.

Makiala 1 - Fluffy Butt 0
I’m winning

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