Bitter Sweet

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Chapter Five; Possessive Mr Alpha

possessiveness is the outcome of true love then anger is the outcome of true care~Uknown

Makaila’s PoV

Thankfully the rays of sun were strong and dried the majority of me off but my hair still remained a soggy mess. It clung to my cheeks and dripped down my back I still couldn’t believe he threw me off a cliff.

We finally made it to his pack, everything was just a I remembered it. Large flowing stream in the centre and the old bride that crossed over it. I could remember when I was little I would drop twigs into the stream and chase them. Also the large tree which still had its old rope swing attached, my father had helped the alpha build that for me and the other little children, the swing would have me occupied for hours on end.

“Welcome to my pack” Mason spoke up, it made me laugh at the fact he had no idea I probably knew this pack just as well as him.

But I didn’t answer I just followed him to the door of the pack house, he swung the large wooden door open and welcomed me In. I took a few steps in and observed the details, nothing had changed it still had that old wood smell.

“Mason is that you?” A gentle females voice asked and appeared from the kitchen, she was a women I had never seen before. She had loose long wavy auburn hair and bright blue eyes.

“Marie. This is my mate, Makaila” he replied to the lady. A large grin smothered her face as she brought herself to me and looked at me closely. I felt awkward under her gaze but I didn’t want to be rude and move away.

“She’s a stunner I must give you that Mase” Marie looked at him and shook my hand gently “I’m Maria Selts, I’ve been your mates nanny since he was a wee pup but just call me Marie if you find that easier” she spoke soothingly.

I could tell by the way she spoke about Mason that she admired him greatly and since she had been with him from diaper days they shared a special bond. She seemed so kind natured that she reminded me of my mom, a few pained tears stung my eyes but I blinked them back.

“Gosh, my dear why may I ask are you so drenched?” a look of pure concern crossed her face as her hand skimmed over my dripping clothes.

My eyes glared at Mason who was awkwardly staring at the floor “Blame that on your beloved Alpha he decided that jumping off a cliff was a great idea to get here” I spoke gently and wrapped my arms around myself trying to keep the warmth with me.

“Mason Kaden Levi Seisin! You know better than to dunk your mate in a river! Especially in this weather, she could of caught a chill. Now go get the poor girl some blankets” Marie scalded, Mason at first hesitated. His inner Alpha did not like the tone Marie had used with him but he knew better to defy the women that had raised him from a child, so with that he stomped up the stairs like a toddler.

A small grin had embraced my lips, I loved seeing Mason being put in his place because deep down I knew I had no chance of standing up to him with this stupid bond in the way.

“He’s a sweetheart really, just one with a bad temper” Marie laughed lightly, her chest rose as she laughed “What pack did you come from dear?” she asked and wandered into a door nearby, beckoning for me to follow.

I followed cautiously, I didn’t like the fact I was back with this horrid pack that brought my parents to their early death but to keep that all masked I better like it or lump it. My feet shuffled against the polished marble flooring and I entered the kitchen; still nothing had changed.

“I..uh, I’m from the Lengal pack” I lied, it was the closest I could come to the truth I mean Oscar was supposed to be the future alpha meaning I could be part of it, sort of.

She turned to face me, a stunned look pasted her frail face. She placed the pot of hot chocolate onto the counter “How did you survive? The Lengal are ruthless heartless wolves with no hint of mercy, you poor child” she wobbled over and pulled me into a tight embrace.

I suddenly stiffened, I wasn’t use to such affection. I mean me and Oscar shared the odd embraces but that was extremely rare so I had become use to not being given any. My hands patted her back awkwardly and thankfully she pulled away before I could feel uncomfortable.

“Ahem” a husky voice rumbled throughout the room, his mere voice alone made a feint trail of goosebumps arise on my arms but I quickly rubbed them to rid them.

Mason approached me with a bundle of blankets clutched close to his chest, he handed me them and then span around to face Marie. The words he were saying to Marie was completely lost under the pleasure of the soft material around me, the pure warmth was so enjoyable against my shivering skin.

“Follow me, I shall be showing you your room” he informed me and took me by my wrist dragging me closely behind him, I had to quicken my strides to make it up the steep stairs safely because if I remained with my short, slow strides I would of been sure to faceplant the solid marble stairs.

He guided me down a corridor, the marble floors were covered in a red velvet rug making the place seem regal. Mason paused in front of a door and slowly opened it, his hand shot to my back as he gave a light shove to enter the room.

As soon as I entered I was hit by a strong scent, there was a king sized bed that stood grandly in the center of the room and large book shelves that just missed the ceiling all of them where crammed with books of all sorts of genres.

“Wait, this is your room” I span on the balls of my heels and crossed my arms across my chest and shot him a glare.

“Yes?” he said in a duh tone.

“I’m not staying in this room! I’ve just met you and I think I deserve my privacy” I shrieked and let a little growl under my breath.

Suddenly he shot at lightening speed and in no time I was pressed against the wall with Mason’s hand either side of me preventing any escape, his eyes changed from his usual Icy blue to a gold.

“Sweet little Makaila, I’ve been very gentle with my approach so far. I understand you’re a rogue and you’re not use to how a pack is ran but you are my mate and I am your Alpha you will respect me. What I say goes, you will be sleeping with me” his thumb brushed against my cheek and trailed to the sensitive spot on my neck.

My breathing suddenly hitched from his touch, my legs felt like they were about to buckle. A deep grin grew on his face, he seemed pleased with what effect he had on me but I on the other hand was trying to gather up the will power to argue back.

“Fuck you, I’m not a possession” I growled and placed my hands trying to push the ass of me but the stupid mutt didn’t budge. I just seemed to anger him more, just my damn luck.

“Oh Darling I think you are, you belong to me and I’ll make damn sure you remain mine” a dark challenging look flashed through his eyes and he lifted himself off me, exiting through the door.

Look like we are drawing, Fluffy butt 1-1

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