Bitter Sweet

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Chapter Six; Blossoming Escape

Where flowers bloom, so does hope~ lady bird Johnson

Makailas pov

He walked out leaving completely furious at him, I hated this bond we shared it mean I couldn’t overrule an alpha and meant I was tied back to this horrid place. All I could think about was how they slaughtered my innocent parents.

Shaking my head out of the dreary thoughts that swamped my mind I inhaled a sharp breath and began to remove my clothes.

But then realisation dawned upon me I had forgot to bring any belongings with me, well I had no choice since Mason practically stole me.

Sauntering over to the wardrobe I saw a large black tee which I presumed was Mason’s. Grasping the soft fabric I gently tugged it off the hanger and slipped it over my head.

The tee managed reached just below my underwear, it was better than skipping around the house half naked I suppose.

I wandered over to his dresser, a photograph caught my attention. A man and a women stood central. A little boy which I presumed was Mason were rested on the women’s knee, she was stunning.

Soft blonde hair sailed down to her waist, her blue eyes looked at her son in admiration and the little boy shared the same look. Behind the women was a man, he had the similar features as Mason. Messy raven hair and emerald eyes, his arm wrapped protectively around the women’s waist.

They all looked so happy, especially the little boy. Children always seem the happiest, completely oblivious to the dangers that the real world holds.

I remember when I myself use to be that gullible. I thought that I’d grow up with my parents by my side and meet my perfect mate; oh how I wish I were still a child.

My stomach grumbled viciously reminding me that I hadn’t eaten at all today. Trailing over to the door, I plodded down the hallway and guided myself around until i had finally found the kitchen.

Two boys were seated at the table, one was staring at the phone screen where as the other was scribbling something down on a piece of paper.

I strolled over to the fruit bowl and grasped an apple, rubbing it against the tee I was wearing.

The blonde boys eyes lifted off the paper and locked onto me, a small smile appeared on his lips but he then dropped it back down the the paper.

Once thing I noticed about blonde was his eyes; electric blue with a gold ring around his pupil. They were gorgeous.

Taking a bite from the apple I sat down on the chair In front of them, I could make out a better view of the other boy who was on his phone earlier.

He had dark brown hair with lighter brown streaks, his eyes were a grassy green but he didn’t once look up at me.
What’s his problem.

“Hello” I mumbled and took another chunk from the apple.

“Hey, you must be new. I’m Cody and that’s Ryder. Don’t mind him he’s an anti-social arrogant ass” the blonde spoke up and this time slipped the paper in his pocket.

“I’m Makaila” I replied and returned the small smile.

“Shit. You’re Mason’s mate, the Luna. If he catches you here with us we’ll be alpha chow” Cody spoke, he became a lot more tense.

“So? I mean what’s the worst he can do” I smirked and went to take another bite.

“Wouldn’t you like to know” a growl erupted through the room as I was suddenly knocked into a strong chest.

Both boys immediately rose from there seats and bowed in respect, then my eyes landed on my poor stranded apple that was on the floor.

“Alpha, we’re sorry! We didn’t know she was the Luna I mean she hasn’t been-” Cody was suddenly cut off.

“I don’t care! You now know, next time I see you touch or even look at my mate wrong I shall personally rip your throat out” he snarled and tightened his all ready killer grip around my waist.

Ryder exited the room without a word and made sure to give me an almighty glare before leaving. Yup that boy definitely isn’t a fan of me.

“Leave” Mason growled through gritted teeth and Cody immediately obey, scampering out the room.

I squirmed in Mason’s grip so I was now facing him, tingles flowed through my body but I forced them away. Now wasn’t a time when I should be imagining me all over this god; I need to be annoyed.

“What was that all about? I think greeting people Is a way of communicating you know, I wasn’t exactly inviting him to bed was I?” I mumbled miserably but the shoots of electricity was battling back.

“You’re mine Makaila I don’t care what he was doing. You’re in a shirt that barely covers you whilst your around mateless males” his emerald eyes shifted from their soothing green complex to a mixture of golden yellow.

He scooped me up effortlessly and padded into the bedroom, no matter my futile attempts to escape his grip just tightened.

Oh the perks of alpha strength

He placed me gently on the bed and began to tug off his shirt, my eyes drifted to his defined chest. He looked like he was perfectly designed, from his tender eyes to his broad complex. Whilst checking him out I didn’t notice that I had been obviously staring.

“Don’t worry sweetie, it’s all yours” he smirked and slipped into the bed beside me.

I opened my mouth to defend myself but there was no point arguing. It was obvious I was physically attracted to him and this stupid bond didn’t help either.

Snaking his arm around my waist I sighed deeply, he nuzzled his head into my neck and I found myself melting against him.


I woke up the following morning with that fuzzy feeling gone, although I was glad Mason wasn’t there next to me I was somehow disappointed.

Running my eyes I sat up as my bones cracked into place. The sheets on Mason’s side were pulled away and hung slightly over the bed.

I shuffled into the bathroom and glanced at myself in the mirror. My hair stuck up in different directions. Grasping the tooth brush I squirted a little toothpaste on and began to brush my teeth.

Putting it back in its holder I fixed my hair into a pony tail and entered back into the bedroom. What on earth was I going to wear, since all my resources were back with Oscar and there was no way to gather them since I was locked away in this stupid pack.

As if the moon goddess heard my plea, I noticed a pile of clothes folded neatly on the dresser. Inspecting them I saw I had been provided with some black skinny jeans and a loose fitted white tee and a small cream cardigan. It didn’t take me long to fit into the clothes as I was now plodding down the stairs.

I found myself turning the corner and entering the living room, although I had spent my early childhood in this pack house the majority of everything had been refurbished. The living room had four modern sofa’s surrounding a black coffee table and a flat screen tv was fastened to the wall. At the far end were a pair of crisp patio doors that seemed to lead out the garden, I pushed the doors apart and exited into the garden.

This seemed to be the only place that the modern touch didn’t affect, everything was as I remembered it. Tall trees surrounded the garden shading it from any prying eyes and a wooden gazebo stood central, I remembered as a little girl some of the younger pack members and the children would roast marshmallows under the gazebo. Times like that I missed dearly, being able to socialize and make friends is something that is now difficult when you’re a rogue.

Most packs despise rogues they just see us as disobedient wolves that don’t want to follow the authority of an alpha, which to be honest is half true but they also think we want to over throw an alpha for their power which is a pretty stupid accusation.

I stood under the grand gazebo, trailing my fingers against it’s smooth- well kept wood. Lowering myself onto the bench I could see vines that had started to entwine themselves with the supports, giving it that little more magical feeling.

“Hey again” I heard a voice say from behind and quickly I span around to face Cody. My heart sped up and I let out a shaky breath.

“God you scared me! I thought the big bad alpha banished you from talking to me” I smirked, pulling my knees to my chest as blonde took a seat next to me.

“Well a girl needs friends doesn’t she?” Cody teased and nudged me with his elbow. It hit my ribs and I let out a sudden yelp of show and the slowly glowered at him.

Rubbing my sides from the pressure he simply resorted by sticking his tongue out at me. He sat beside me and looked at me with a slight confused look.

“What’s wrong, you seem deep in thought which I suspect is unusual for you” he grinned at me cheekily. His smile was adorable, small dimples blossomed on his cheeks and he had a perfect pearly white smile.

“Oh no, I’m just enjoying the garden since the almighty alpha left me this morning” I grumbled and crossed my arms over my chest.

It angered me that he left without an explanation, not even a note! If he really thinks I’m going to be swooned by him in a day he can think again.

“Oh Alpha Mason had a pack meeting to attend. You need to give him the benefit of the doubt Kayla things for him are gonna be a little weird too, I mean he’s so used to being an independent Alpha that he finds it strange that he needs to depend on you to calm him. Just let him get use to this okay?” he smiled at me gently and this time rose from the bench.

My eyes followed him, the cream tee his was wearing showed off him impeccable build but his blonde hair danced across his forehead messily; he was a stunner all right.

“Since the Alpha has plans already how about I show you around the pack” Cody grinned and began trailing around the side of the pack house. Oh how I wish he knew I already knew the majority of my way round.

“Oh, uh sure” I muttered, getting stiffly up from the stone bench, my legs wobbled as they became used to movement and the blood flow reached my butt again.

Cody lead me to a near by building, this was a part I was unfamiliar of. It was yet again a modern structure, clear glass doors and grand supports seemed welcoming as we pushed inside. When we entered I picked up a few pained grunts as a young girl was sent flying backwards and landed with a painful thud on the nearby sparring matt.

The female sprawled out on the matt as her chest rose and lowered at her pained breaths of air. Her raven hair was tied into a messy pony tail and light bruises began to flourish on her cheek. I’m glad I didn’t have to face the wrath of who ever beat her.

I turned my head to notice a male who was stood a few meters away from the defeated girl, a smug grin hugged his lips as he dragged his arm across his brow. It was the brunette from the breakfast table. Whilst he was stood up I realised just how small I was, to him I was a hobbit and he a frickin giant!

“Hey Ryder I think Riley has had enough, look at the poor girl” he stretched his hand out to the limp girl who smiled at Cody appreciatively. Cody strolled over to her and grabbed her forearm, hauling her to two feet.

Riley grumbled and placed her hand on her lower back, mumbling a few curse words under her breath. Once she was stiffly stood up I could get a better look. She had deep brown eyes, the fact of the black eye circling around her right eye made her eyes stick out a lot more, god knows what the poor girl did to get this sort of beating.

“I think you should introduce yourself Ryder, since this is our Luna after all” Cody stared at Ryder wide eyed trying to hint him with some kind of telepathic force, if only that was a thing.

Ryder grumbled and shuffled towards me keeping his eyes narrowed at Cody. Wow this guy must have some sort of grudge against me he’s not once smiled or made any eye contact and glaring does not count.

“I’m Ryder Grants and the beta” he finally looked me in the eye and he gave off a wave of power that made me want to cower away.

“Hello I’m Maka-”

“I know who you are, welcome Luna” he spoke bitterly and turned away, exiting the training compound.

Cody sighed deeply and shook his head at Ryder’s childish behaviour, I simply shrugged and turned back to Cody.

“What’s his problem?” I grumbled and tucked a brow lock behind my ear.

“Ryder’s not very let’s say friendly to new people so don’t take it personally” Cody mumbled and dragged his free hand through his hair.

“Took me a year to get where I am now and look at me, beaten like an egg” Riley spoke up with a grin on her face.

“How come he did this to you seems a little extreme” I asked as my eyes glanced at her various bruises and scuffs.

“Mr beta thinks that a lead warrior shouldn’t be a female, so he puts me through extreme ‘training’ sessions to try and prove to Alpha that I’m not good enough” Riley muttered and shrugged off her jacket.

Her upper arm had a long scar that formed from her shoulder down to her elbow. It seemed slightly faded indicating that the scar was old.

“Well I better get you back before Alpha Mason does what he promised” Cody spoke up and began to guide me towards the pack house.

“Goodbye Luna” Riley waved stiffly and winced as she waved at me.

Great back to see me delightful mate.

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