Bitter Sweet

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Chapter Seven; Aggression

Anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die~Buddha

Makaila’s Pov

Cody had now left me to my own accord, he claimed that he had some very important business to attend to so now I was stranded on my own.

I entered the living room and flopped onto one of the sofas. I grabbed the remote that was placed on the coffee table and began flicking aimlessly through the channels.

TV had never really been a big thing to me and living most of my life in the wilderness, having something electrical was a privilege. But unfortunately this privilege was a little disappointing, there were no channels that caught my attention.

Exhaling loudly, I slumped further against the leather. I think any further and the seating could of claimed me as its own.

“Hello Luna” a familiar voice chirped and sat on the sofa next to me.

I wrestled my way out of the sofa, that I was currently falling into and turned to see Riley. Her bruises seemed a lot more calmer than before but they were still very apparent.

“Hey Riley, please call me Makaila I hate that name” I grunted displeased but smiled at her gently.

“Oh sorry, I thought it seemed more respectful to call you by your title since you’re the alphas mate and all” she grinned at me and shrugged her jacket off. Yet again displaying the long jagged scar on her forearm.

My eyes looked at the scar deeply, it looked deep but what could of caused such a gash.

“How did that happen?” I questioned, and finally lifted my eyes up to meet hers.

“Let’s just say Ryder and I aren’t on good terms” her eyes flashed with some emotion but she but bit her lip and faked a pained smile.

“What does that mean?” My brows raised and I knew I was walking on personal ground.

“Me and Ryder are mates” she mumbled lowly and dropped her gaze to her feet.

My eyes widened In shock horror as the remote slipped from my hand and broke the silence by landing with a loud thud.

“You’re telling me the ass who beat you up and is so rude to others is you’re mate” my mouth still hung open as my eyes were as wide as saucepans.

“Uh-huh, he doesn’t really want a weak mate so he’s trying to toughen me up. It hard you know Kayla, having a mate that doesn’t give two donkeys about you but is more worried about his precious title. At least Alpha Mason loves you Makaila it’s obvious just the way he looks at you, he adores you” I noticed the unshed tears that lined Riley’s eyes, she forced a smile and got to her feet.

“I’m sorry about all that Riley” I wanted to slap myself for saying that, I couldn’t of said a worse comfort if I tried.

I wasn’t good with the whole emotion situation, I was so used to being reserved and shielded that this was a whole new me trying to comfort someone.

“It’s fine, he’ll come around eventually” she nodded at me and plodded out the room.

That was some gossip that I was not expecting, who knew that a beautiful girl with a heart of gold like Riley could be mates with a cold hearted mutt like Ryder. Wait actually I can, I’m mated with a person who I swore I’d avoid.

Oh mood goddess how you need some medical help.


“Marie?” I yelled through the halls, I had spent the past hour trying to find her.

The whole issue with sleeping with Mason was bugging me and with a house this big they were bound to have a spare room somewhere.

“Mar-” I quickly stopped my wailing, I shuffled backwards and glanced through the open door.

There was Ryder, he seemed to be glued to a computer screen with numerous papers circling around him.

Time to strike.

I welcomed myself into the room and stood a few meters away from Ryder, keeping my arms crossed firmly over my chest.

“Ahem” I grumbled to get his attention.

His hammering on the keyboard seemed to halt as he twisted his way around in the chair to face me. His eyes narrowed into slits as he gave me a very displeasing look.

“How can I help you Luna” he grinned at me darkly, not in a friendly way but more in a I can steal your soul kinda way.

“Makaila” I corrected him “Riley tells me you and her are mates” I raised my eyebrow and allowed myself to lean smugly against the wooden desk behind me.

“Yes, your point being” Ryder’s jaw clenched as he rested his cheek against his knuckle.

“The way you treat her is horrendous, you need to learn to treat your mate with more respect. Beating her is just awful, how can you bring yourself to even lay a hand on her” I growled, sinking my nails into the wood of the oak desk.

He rose from the chair, if looks could kill I’m sure I’d be six feet under by now. His face scrunched and he looked deadly, Ryder approached so he was merely a few centimetres away from me.

“The welfare of my mate is not your business, I suggest you keep that pretty mouth of yours shut before it gets you into a lot of trouble because Luna you shouldn’t bite off more than you can chew” his words were said like venom, a low growl sounded from me and I stomped out like a little girl.

I grumbled curse words all the way down the hall, a distasteful look smothered all over my face.

“Stupid little ass thinking he can overrule me I’m the god damn Luna” I seethed angrily, my footsteps harsh against the wooden flooring.

“You said two curse words!” a little voice chirped from out of no where, scaring the living day lights out of me.

“Sweet baby Jesus you scared me” I puffed a breath of shocked air and placed a hand on my chest.

My eyes landed on a small frame, a little boy who looked around the age of eight stood gazing up at me. A cheeky grin complementing his beautiful dough brown eyes. Raven locks were tousled and flopped over one of his eyes.

“Sorry Luna” he lowered his head as a small frown hugged his face.

“No no it’s alright and please call me Makaila” I crouched down so I was at his height and swept the hair from his eyes.

“But Alpha Mason said that everyone must call you that because..uh.. I forgot the rest” he mumbled and smiled at me sheepishly.

“Of course Alpha would say that” I rolled my eyes and lifted his head up “what’s you’re name sweetie?” I stood up this time as the flow to my legs were decreasing.

“I’m Noah, Ri Ri is my big sissy” he giggled and clapped his hands joyfully.

“You look just like her, well Noah. Do you know where Mason is?” I rubbed my hands together as the cold air nipped at the little warmth I had left.

Noah paused for a moment as his brows furrowed, little creases formed between them making him that little more adorable.

“Ri Ri said he was in the garden I think” Noah shrugged then skipped off merrily in the opposite direction.

I usually had a low tolerance for children but Noah was just too darn cute for me not to like.

Plodding towards the garden I saw a shirtless Mason lounging in a pool that was situated a little further from the gazebo. Wait since when was there a pool, shows how observant I am. Pushing towards it, Mason seemed to sense me and turned around to face me.

“What are you doing out here?” he glanced at me, droplets of water sailed down his face and landed to drift down his defined chest.

Stop drooling Makaila!

He placed his hands on the side of the pool, his muscles tensed as he hoisted himself out. I seemed to just remain silent my eyes fixed on his angelic features.

“Makaila. Are you alright?” Mason waved his hand in front of me, a impatient sigh drifting from his mouth.

“Oh, yes I’m good I just needed to talk to you about something” I muttered and forced myself to stare at the stone tiles that were now drenched from his dripping wet body.

“Go ahead” he grinned and pulled a cream towel off the railing and began to rub his hair dry. His locks stuck up in different directions as a vicious blush broke out onto my face.

“First put a shirt on” I grumbled “I’ll meet you in your office” I told him and entered back into the house before I had the chance to drool like a dog. How ironic.


An hour my lovely mate had me waiting, I had spent the time sat at his desk sketching the scenery out of the large window behind me. Mason’s office was surprisingly neat, everything seemed to have a place and was neatly stacked. His desk contained a basic apple mac and a phone beside it, oh if only Oscar had a phone and I could be saved yet again.

I wish I had my sketch book with me, it contained some personal sketches but now only goddess knows where is is. Stranded in the forest probably being worm food.

“Hey” Mason’s husky voice spoke as the door closed quietly behind him.

A sudden yelp escaped my mouth as my heart nearly shot out of my chest. I slumped against the chair slowly recovering from the sudden fright.

“You scared the cheese out of me!” I glowered at him “I’ve been expecting you” I mocked and swiveled around in the chair to face him.

Mason walked closer so he was on the other side of the desk, he placed his palms on the wood and leaned over, being inches away from me. I could feel the warmth emit off him, just the mere closeness of him made me feel at peace. I just wanted to pull him closer so this painful tormenting space wouldn’t be bothering me.

Makaila stop thinking about the bond and back to getting Ryder’s ass handed to him!

“Okay so explain the basics of the Luna role” I leaned back in the chair, creating more space so I could concentrate and not have any bad thoughts despite how much the bond protested.

“Whats there to know? You’re the Luna, my equal. Everyone will treat you how they treat me. Simple” he shrugged and spoke in a tone that made me feel stupid.

“Yes I know that” I scalded him “But even Beta’s should respect me?” I questioned with a smug grin partying on my face. Oh how I was looking forward to seeing the sorry look on the big bad Beta’s face.

Mason stood up straight and let out a frustrated puff of air, dragging his free hand through his hair “What’s Ryder said this time” he grumbled and finally looked at me.

“It’s not about what he has said it’s the way he treats Riley. They’re mate for goodness sake and yet he feels the need to ‘toughen her up’ by beating the hell outta her” I raised my voice at him, I knew it wasn’t his fault but the anger just got the better of me. It annoyed me how males always saw females as the inferior breed and I’ll be dead before I allow any male to look down at me.

Mason’s jaw clenched, he suddenly stiffened. His eyes flashed different shades of blue until specs of gold dotted around his pupil he brought himself closer to me and snaked his arms around my waist. Bolts of electricity erupted in my stomach as my legs felt like they were about to buckle, I shuddered and instinctively buried my head into his chest.

“Makaila you can’t interfere with people’s business. Ryder has the right to treat Riley the way he wants just like I have the right with you” he murmured against my hair but what he had said annoyed me.

I placed my hands on his chest and pushed him away, unfortunately he didn’t move an inch. I grunted in annoyance and squirmed in his grasp but he damn alpha strength overpowered my own.

“Don’t fight me darling” Mason whispered darkly in my ear, a small shudder tingled down my spine.

“Let me go” I growled and continued to punch and flail around in his arms.

“You need to learn to respect me little one because your defiance can get you in a lot of trouble” he brushed my lower back with his knuckles, his touch left a trail of flames tingling.

I rolled my eyes at him as a knock patted against the door, Mason’s head snapped towards it.

“Alpha Mason” a deep voice spoke from behind the closed door.

It wasn’t a voice I seemed familiar of, Cody’s was less deep and Ryder’s was miserable. This voice seemed to seep with authority and power.

“Busy” Mason growled and kisses my neck. My eyes narrowed further as I slapped his chest.

“Alpha Mason it’s important” the same voice spoke again, but this time growing more impatient.

Mason grumbled muffled word under his breath and sighed defeated.

“Enter” he commanded as the door opened revealing a tall male. His hair was a light auburn colour, revealing his shady brown eyes.

“What is it Damon” Mason seethed and gripped tightly around my waist.

Damn could of made my escape.

“Rogues have been spotted close to the boarder, roughly about six of them” Damon informed him, keeping his gaze locked onto Mason and not once noticed my existence.

“Try and round them up. Only attack unless provoked, I want them behind bars and see if we can finally get some answers” he grunted and released his grip around my waist, walking towards the door.

Before he exited the office he glanced over his shoulder “stay here” he instructed and padded out the room.

Am I really going to follow that order? Uhm no.

I looked around the door frame and checked for fluffy butt but thankfully I could sense he was already out of the pack house. Fastening my cardigan up I skipped down the stairs and opened the front door.

There were rogues close by, that meant there was a possibility Oscar could be one of those rogues and has come looking for me.

The weather was perfectly clear, the clouds were no where in sight leaving a perfect blue canvas for the sun to display on.

Leaves littered the floor, as they crunched beneath the pressure of my boots.

I was looking forward to seeing Oscar, I had missed him a hell of a lot and it had only been three days. Normally I’d be so use to seeing him everyday so not waking up to his foghorn snores was unusual.

I made a dash for it, running at a fast speed. There were no guards on the boarder where I was heading since they were occupying the north where the rogue sightings had been.

Finally I passed through the boarder and into a thick mesh of trees. Distant howls sounded as birds took flight at the sudden uproar.

I had no idea where I was, everything looked the same as tress and wildlife passed.

Quickly a pair of hands grabbed me and yanked me into a strong build, my heart nearly jumped out of my chest as a muffled scream shot from my mouth.

I bawled my fist up and managed to land a punch to the cheek, the strangers features were still unknown as my back was to him.

A pained groan came in response as I whipped around and served a painful knee to the persons gut. They abruptly fell back and lay sprawled on the floor.

I brushed the hair from my eyes and saw a beaten Oscar.

Oh shoot I’m in trouble!

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