Bitter Sweet

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Chapter Eight; Escaping My Nightmare

Don’t judge me for escaping the cruelty and stresses of the world differently than you do~Dan Pearce

Makaila’s pov

Shoot I had just beat Oscar, I’m in for it!

Oscar lay there grasping his stomach in a pained groan, he closed his eyes tightly.

“Missed you too” he mumbled and coughed loudly as he attempted to sit up.

“Sorry! I thought you were one of the pack guards or something” I shrugged innocently and grabbed his arm, pulling him back to his feet.

“That’s an insult! I’m so much more better looking” he grinned and dragged his free hand through his mop of brunette hair.

I rolled my eyes at him and dusted myself off. My clothes had began to turn a dirty colour but what did I expect I’m in the middle of the freaking woods.

“What you doing here anyway and do you know those other rogues that have been spotted near the North boarder” I asked him as I supported myself against a tree and fastened my boot up.

“I met them when I was looking for you, their leader was in a slight situation so I helped out. They owe me so are now creating a diversion whilst I came and got you” he explained as we began walking side by side.

Suddenly Oscar paused and stood still, he seemed as if he was mind linking with someone. His features were hard and his eyes staring down at the ground.

“The plan backfired, they managed to capture three of Heath’s rogues. He’s coming to meet with us, we need to get out of here Kayla” Oscar gripped my wrist and began dashing through the woods.

I ducked under low branches but the uneven terrain made it more difficult to keep up with the sprint at which Oscar was running at. It would be much easier if I could run without him clutching my wrist.

The sprint came to a slow jog, we stopped in a small clearing and there stood a tall man. He had dark brown hair that was nearly black and sharp piercing green eyes.

He wore baggy joggers and was shirtless, his torso and arms were dotted with small scars but the main one was jagged across the whole length of his cheek.

“Heath” Oscar nodded at the male but he stood firm, scowling at me and Oscar.

“This better be worth the hassle for that girl they managed to capture Darcy, Asher and Adrianne” he narrowed his eyes into slits and growled under his breath.

Just for a brief second I thought I saw a hinge of sadness trail through his eyes but there wasn’t enough time for me to properly decipher the emotion because I didn’t want to be that lunatic who stares looking like I want to eat his face.

Heath turned away and so I was staring at his bare back, yet again more scars decorated it.

“We need to move as far as possible from the boarder. There’s a good number of wolves out here and they’re already familiar with my scent” Heath spoke and began pushing through the branches.

There was nothing else said, we all began following behind Heath without another word.

Oscar sent me the odd few side smiles, but I was too lost in my own thoughts to acknowledge his goofy grins. This bond had really toyed with my emotions my heart was battling my brain to run back to Mason but I simply couldn’t go back to a pack that brought back so much hurt.


We all stayed quiet for a good hour, I spent that time staring at the dry dirt that my boots often scuffed and dragged along stones. I miss the disappointing TV.

“Wait” Heath suddenly paused, his hand mid air in front of my face. He tensed and trailed his eyes across the surrounding area.

“Dallius come out” Oscar smirked and pushed Heath’s hand down.

Heath’s eyes hardened at Oscars actions and restrained the growl that eagerly wanted to escape his mouth.

The bushes rustled and out from the leafy mesh stepped out a male. His eyes were an icy blue, almost white. Brown hair was styled and shaven as the sides.

Why on gods holy earth were most males around here buff, yet there’s me who looks the equivalent of a whale.

Dallius was covered in small open wounds across his arms but a large one was slashed across his chest with a large rip in his tee.

“What happened?” I squeaked, trying to make myself sound less like a pathetic she wolf in front of all these ripped males.

“Darcy, Adrianne, Asher and myself began to just roam around the boarder and then a good few wolves attacked us. One of them caught Darcy and Adrianne stepped in to try and free her but they caught her too, Asher like the stubborn ass he is refused to leave so tried to take them all on” Dallius grunted, wincing in pain as he pulled his shirt over his head.

Great now he’s shirtless, at least Oscar has some dignity.

I span around to see now a shirtless Oscar. Really?!

He stuck his tongue out and pushed past some branches to reveal a large lake, the water looked crystal clear and tall grass brushed my bare arms.

“My poor eyes” I grumbled and covered my eyes at the sight of a bare chested Oscar.

“C’mon Kayla you know your big brother is hot” Oscar chimed proudly and dived head first into the lake.

With out hesitation Dallius joined him but seemed to completely forget about the large cut on his chest and began cussing under his breath.

“I feel sorry for your poor mate Oscar, wherever she is. Let’s hope she’s educated in special help” I grinned at the glare that was shot back at me from sweet Oscar.

“Now Einstein” I crossed my arms and gave Dallius a pointed look “let’s get those wounds patched up before they get infected”.

Dallius rolled his eyes at me, he looked back over to Oscar for some back up but Oscar gave him nothing. That’s my boy.

Sulkily, Dallius rose from the water and sat on the bank beside me. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Heath sat leaning against a tree, staring at the sky. His features were soft and that same look of pain from before was still evident.

I knew how he was feeling, I missed feeling the comfort of having Mason so close to me. Sure he was an ass, but this bond that tied us together made a dull ache pang in my chest. I just wish things were more simple but in fact they couldn’t be more complicated.

I’m a rogue, Oscar, who I wouldn’t leave out here alone, is also and the idea of packs has never really settled well with us. The moon goddess couldn’t of got it more wrong if she tried, only she knows how Oscar is going to react when he finds I’m mates with an alpha.

“Hey Makaila..” Dallius waved his hand in front of my face. I shook my head from my thoughts and blinked hard.

“You’ve been starting at Heath for about two minutes, you feeling okay?” he looked at me with raised eyebrow and smirked slightly.

I slapped his chest, guessing that he thought I had the hots for Heath.

“Ow shit!” Dallius hissed viciously and then I realised that he was injured and inconveniently in the place where I had hit.

“Sorry!” I shrieked and took his ragged shirt and began tearing it even more into smaller pieces.

Since we had no supplies or first aid kit I would have to improvise with what I had been presented with.

“Oi soggy mutt” I yelled over to Oscar who was still prancing around in the water like a fairy “Bring over some water so I can clean this wound”.

“Aye aye captain” Oscar saluted and moments later came plodding over with a flask.

“Thanks. Could you get a fire going, you’re both going to be freezing” he nodded and disappeared into the woods probably looking for dry wood.

I dampened the cloth and began to wipe away the smeared blood around Dallius’s wound.

“So how long have you known Oscar, when he told us about you he said that he found you and from that point you’ve been the only family he’s ever really had” Dallius looked at me softly and I paused mid wipe remembering finding him.

I smiled slightly “I was about eight when he found me, we were both still kids but he was extremely educated on the wilderness. He taught me everything I know, if I didn’t find him when I did I’d of been a goner” I told him and finished cleaning the wound.

“How about you, how’d you meet everyone?” I asked and took another large piece of fabric and wrapped it around his wound.

“Heath found us, me and Adrianne came from a pack but were banished after we were blamed for homicide that we didn’t commit” he growled slightly and sunk his nails into the soft earth of the bank.

“Heath found us, at the time Adrianne was sick I doubted she would pull through the night. Heath, Darcy and Asher nursed her back to health. We owe him our lives”.

I didn’t say anything else, I knew everyone had been through a lot. That’s the thing packs don’t see about rogues, we all aren’t bloody thirsty savages. We are outcastes, broken and damaged that packs don’t think we have any use anymore so they dispose of us.

Pulling a lace from my boot I secured the bandage and tied it tightly. Dallius winced slightly but didn’t grumble much more.

“Let there be light!” Oscar yelled, attempting a powerful voice. Raising his hands as a tiny flame licked at the wood.

“Great, the almighty Oscar Seisin has cast a mighty flame” Dallius teased and waved his hands in fake shock.

Oscar just narrowed his eyes at him and continued to feed the flames with dry leaves.


We spent a few hours gathered around the flames, laughing and joking. I enjoyed this carefree life, being able to laugh and socialise without worrying about an alpha going all possessive.

Oh if Mason saw me gathered around a fire with two shirtless males and one clothed. I’m sure I wouldn’t hear the end of it.

“Alright Amigos I’m exhausted, think I’m gonna hit the hay” Dallius clapped his hand and rose to his feet. Turning back towards Heath he settled beside him a few meters away from us.

Heath was worrying me, not once had he approached us or even moved from that spot. He just stared at the sky and ignored our fooling around.

“So how come you didn’t try and make a dash for it earlier Kayla. That’s not like you” Oscar gave me a raised eyebrow and poked the fire keeping it going.

“The pack’s huge Oscar, guards were patrolling every second I was there” I lied and gazed at the bright flames as they snapped and crackled.

“Since when did that stop you. You’re Ghost for god sake, the rogue that strikes un-noticed. You’re hiding something Kayla” he muttered and joined me at staring at the hungry flames.

“Get some rest Makaila” I tried to debate but I simply didn’t have the energy. I lay down beside the fire and fell into a deep sleep.


“Makaila get up!” A pair of hands ragged me from my sleep, I swatted the hands away and curled up tightly.

“Kayla get up now, pack wolves are nearby” Oscar yelled and began shaking me vigorously.

It slowly sank in, mornings had this effect on me. Wait pack wolves, Mason. Shoot.

I jumped to my feet, not having time to swipe the sleep that hung around my eyes and began running through the woods with Heath, Oscar and grumpy looking Dallius. I know the feel pal.

Growling began to approach closer, I glanced over my shoulder and saw three wolves pounding as fast as they could. Suddenly one lunged forward, Dallius suddenly whipped around and tackled the snarling mutt.

I mouthed a small thank you and began dashing alongside Heath and Oscar. A look of fear was sprawled on Oscar face, never before had I seen him scared but I knew there was more to it.

A yelp echoed through the woods, it was more of a human noise. Heath suddenly froze and looked behind him, in the distance was Dallius pinned to the ground and trying to keep two wolves from reaching his throat.

Heath turned to face me and gave me a small nod before heading back to the aid of Dallius. I hope they’ll be alright.

“We need to move Kayla” Oscar pushed me forward and began running like our lives depended on it.

My legs felt like they were about to give way, if it wasn’t for adrenaline driving me forward I’m sure I’d be engulfed by a wave of blood thirsty pack wolves.

As we ran a wolf suddenly appeared from nowhere and snarled dangerously. I turned to my side and saw Oscar was now shifted and growling back.

Run Kayla! I heard a whisper in my mind and recognised the tenderness in the voice, Oscar was giving me the same look.

“I can’t leave you Oscar. You’re all I have left!” I mumbled and pulled him, burying my face into his brown chocolate like fur.

Just go I’ll be fine, be brave and don’t look back.

I bit my lip and hesitantly nodded, bringing myself to my feet and running away. A thin layer of tears lined my eyes but I blinked them away, I wasn’t going to let these mutts have the satisfaction of seeing me cry.

My sprint slowed down, I fell to the ground and began panting hungrily for breath. Growling erupted again and I quickly snapped and saw a ashy grey wolf creeping threateningly closer.

His jaw snapped as I could feel the cold glare on me but I didn’t dare look up from the ground. I refused to show the dog how weak I am.

It pounced and I could sense his movement, quickly I matched it by colliding my boot with his jaw.

I dared to look up, those eyes. Green and sharp, shooting daggers straight at me. Ryder.

Oh it’s on Mr Beta.

I jumped to my feet and ran at him, I grappled onto his neck and fired my bawled fist at his jaw. The mutt began throwing his head around like a wild bull at a rodeo but I tightened my grip.

I slid my claws and delivered a slash to his snout, this just angered him more. My hands grew clammy and my grip slackened, the raging bull managed to throw me off and I collided with a tree.

My back cracked in a sickening way, I pressed my hands against the earth and tried to push myself up but every part of my body throbbed.

I dropped pathetically to the ground and lay there watching a pissed off Ryder come closer. He raised his paw ready to swipe when a furious growl sounded from behind me.

Ryder backed away and lowered his head, my eyes drooped and dots began to cloud my vision.

A pair of arms wrapped around me and my aching seemed to fade away, that familiar blanket of warmth engulfed me.

After that everything around me seemed to disappear and I was plunged into darkness.

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