Bitter Sweet

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Chapter Nine; Depths Of A Dark Mind

You have to have darkness for the dawn to come~Harrison Ford

Makaila’s pov

I fought an endless battle trying to gain consciousness, but my futile attempts failed. It was like there was a strange force pushing down on my limbs preventing my escape from the choking darkness.

It took time but soon I managed to gain sensation in my arms, heat began flowing through my hand and branched out around my body. My eyes flew open, a bright light shone and blinded me.

“She’s awake” a familiar women’s voice sounded “go get the alpha” the voice sounded again.

I winced as a sharp pain began shooting from my stomach. Pushing my hands against the bed I managed to sit upright.

I focused in on Marie who was smiling at me warmly, I didn’t have the energy to smile back. Then it hit me, Heath, Oscar and Dallius!

My breathing sped up, I flailed around in the covers and pushed myself out of the bed. My feet were bare as the coolness of the laminate began to eat away the heat I had left.

“No no Luna don’t get out of bed, you’re still very weak from the attack” Marie grasped my shoulders and tried to urge me back into the bed.

I pulled myself out of her grasp and began to panic again, the walls cream; the floor wooden and that smell. I was in Mason’s room.

“Hey hey, Luna you’re alright, you’re safe now. Those nasty rogues are being dealt with” her smile at me widened, I could tell she was growing increasingly tired with me.

“No those rogues, t-they helped me. Oscar he- wait where’s Oscar!” I began screaming helplessly, my body began to shake with fury but all this didn’t help the throbbing in my stomach.

I ran weakly towards the door. I needed to find the others, I needed to know they were safe. Without knowing I ran straight into a strong build, my balance caused me to topple backwards.

The arms wrapped around me and saved me from the humiliating fall. Warm sparks circulated through my body, numbing the pain. Mason.

I lifted my head up, tears lining my glassy eyes, and looked at him closely. His raven hair was messy and stress lines visible on his forehead. I wanted to reach out and rid him of all his stress but then I remembered.

He was the one who sent the attack, he was the one who took my friends away, his pack were the ones who slaughtered my parents.

My soft gaze soon turned cold, I raised my hand and slapped him. The slap echoed around the room and every eye and mouth widened. Déjà vu.

“Where’s Oscar!” I screamed and pushed him away from me, it wasn’t my movement that caused him to back off but the pure anger emitting off me.

His eyes turned from the light emerald shade to a dark vibrant gold. Masons jaw clenched, as he turned and punched the door beside him.

“Everyone leave” he growled and gripped my wrist with a deadly strength.

I bit my lip trying to keep the pained cry from escaping my mouth, I refused to show my weakness especially to Mr High and Mighty.

Everyone who was recently in the room scurried out the room like puppy’s with their tail between their legs, Cody brushed past Mason and gave me a small smile.

“You’re quite fond of those Rogues aren’t you little one” he seethed and thew me back onto the bed.

“Where are they” I raised my head and glared at him, keeping my shaky body still.

“The place where all rats deserve to rot, behind bars” he spat and turned away from me.

“It’s time you learnt your place rogue” he smirked darkly at me and slammed the door.

I growled in anger, running straight to the door I gripped the handle and began to rag at it. But no matter how much I tried, I was far too weak to even nudge it.

If he wants to know the definition of Rogue Mr Alpha is about to see.

I’ve been locked in this hell hole for three days, people have come and gone but I didn’t breath a word to any of them. Food was brought, but remained in the place where it had been left.

My body was becoming increasingly weak, not having food or water in my system had it’s toll on me but I refused to co-operate in any form until I knew everyone was safe and healthy.

The door creaked open, a pair of electric blues peered in followed by a mop of blonde hair.

“Hey Kayla” Cody welcomed himself into the room and closed the door closely behind him.

I removed my eyes from the door and crossed my arms staring at the wall. I didn’t want to ignore Cody but he could of been one of the wolves that helped gathered them all up. I was not going to show any kindness to anyone.

“Look Makaila I know things are tough but-” he placed his hand on my knee and I quickly swiped his hand off me, narrowing my eyes at him.

“Don’t tell me things are tough” I interrupted “I’m mates with an ass, my friends have been put behind bars and having goddess knows what done to them plus I have no one who I can trust. So yeah things are a little difficult” I spat and turned away from Cody.

He sighed deeply and dragged his hand through his hair “Look I’m not really suppose to do this but the guards who stand by the prison are due to switch anytime. It takes about ten minutes for the next shift to begin their hours, giving you some time to see your friends”.

My frown dropped and my eyes widened, I finally looked at Cody, he looked exhausted but still kept that goofy grin up.

“I-I, Thank you!” I squeaked and threw my arms around his neck. Cody stiffened but then let out a hearty chuckle, patting my back in return.

“Gosh you’re so bipolar” he grinned and rose from the bed “Well we better be going or you’ll miss the opportunity” Cody plodded towards the door and held it open for me.

I nodded thankfully and exited the room. My legs were still a little shaky but three days of doing nothing had allowed me to heal pretty quickly.

“Remember ten minutes Kayla or Alpha Mason will turn me into a fur rug” Cody glanced at me sidewards and stuck his tongue out.

The rest of the walk was silent, Cody had informed me to stay behind him so I could stay out of the eye line of any other wolves that may snitch.

“Wait here whilst I check the guards have moved, I’ll whistle when it’s cleared ok?” Cody looked down at me waiting on my reply.

“Alright” I rested my weak body against the wall and Cody quickly whipped around the corner.

Seconds felt like an eternity, I began to stare aimlessly at my feet. As promised I heard a ghost of a whistle, my head poked around the corner where I saw a set of stairs leading down to some sort of basement. At the bottom was Cody, beckoning me forward.

I hesitantly followed, my feet shuffling against the rough cobble steps leading down to a dark room. The temperature seemed to drop from a cozy warm to an icy cold.

“You’ve got about ten minute Makaila, make sure you hurry alright” Cody skipped back up the steps and stopped at the top.

I entered a large room, every inch had cells. The lighting was dull and the bulbs seemed that they could go out at any minute.

“Kayla..” a voice whispered, it seemed as if they couldn’t believe it was me.

“Oscar!” I hurried over to the bars, Oscar was pressed up against them and outstretched his hand towards mine.

Clasping his frozen hand I began blowing warm air onto them. Lifting my head from his hand I took in his features, his eyes were dropped and warm. Violent bruises were visible on his cheek, dry blood consisted around his lip.

“What have they done to you” I said in a shocked tone and pulled Oscar closer so our foreheads were touching. He seemed so thin. Oh Mason is going to get it.

“I got the easiest, you should see the state of Heath and Asher. They refused to co-operate and got a bad beating” Oscars legs began to shake as he slid to the floor weakly.

Tears lined my eyes, Oscar was weak and malnourished; I couldn’t do anything about it. They all came here to save me but I just caused them to suffer.

“Why are they doing this to you? You’ve done nothing wrong” I choked out, trying to keep my tears from falling.

“They think one of us killed his mother, he wants answers yet he doesn’t believe we’re innocent” Oscar coughed and rested his head against the bars.

“Of course he wouldn’t we’re rogues” I cursed under my breath and rose to my feet looking down at Oscars weak frame on the floor.

“I’ll find a way to get you all out of here. I promise” I clenched my fists and ran up the stairs where Cody was leant against the wall.

He turned to face me, the battle against my tears was lost as tears began to wildly sail down my hot cheeks. Cody’s thumb skimmed across my cheek and caught the tears in time.

His arms suddenly pulled me into his chest and then I felt myself breaking down, sobs broke out as my frame began to shake.

“Hey,’s alright Kayla” Cody cooed quietly and began to rub small circles into my back.

I lifted my head, drying the remainder of the tears that were spilling and lifted my head up to look at a sympathetic Cody.

“Now let’s get you something to eat before you’ll be bed rested and I’m sure you want the strength to beat Alpha Mason’s ass” Cody grinned as a small smile appeared on my lips and we made our way to the kitchen.

The smell of something mouth watering lingered in the air and remained me just how hungry I was. My stomach broke out into an orchestra of whales.

I seated at the breakfast table and as Ryder glanced he immediately grabbed his plate, throwing it into the sink and stomping out.

Before he completely disappeared out of view I noticed the long jagged cut on his cheek. Oh yes Makaila has struck!

I span around in my seat and saw Marie cooking what looked to be scrambled eggs. My stomach growled further as I patted it trying to keep it silenced.

“Wow looks like someone’s hungry” Riley sang as she skipped in a took a seat beside me.

“I’ve seen what you’ve done to Ryder, I applaud you Kayla finally put him in his place” She giggle with a mischievous glint in her eye.

It was good to finally see Riley happy, with her mated to a ass she always looked unhappy or scared about small things.

“It wasn’t purposely that ass attacked me, there’s something going on Ri. He knew who I was and yet nearly killed me” I spat and frowned as a small shoot of pain reminded me of the fight.

“That shouldn’t of happened, Mason told everyone not to attack unless provoked” Riley’s brows furrowed as she placed a hand on her chin.

“Here you go” Marie sang and placed the plate in front of me, I quickly grabbed the fork and began to shovel in into my mouth.

“Well since you’re contempt now, I’m going to find Noah goddess knows what that little devil is up to” Riley shook her head and pondered out of the room.

Slowly I could feel a force pushing into mind, it felt like someone was trying to mind link me but from the small sparks I could tell who it was. Let’s see what he wants.

Makaila come to my study we need to talk.

Uh no, after what you have done to my friends you can go fuck yourself sweet alpha. I was mentally high fiving myself.

If you do not come I will come and get you myself. Little Mate you must watch that mouth of yours.

Come get me mutt. I spat and cut off the connection with him, if the dog wants me he can fetch.

Suddenly the door was shot open as it slammed against the wall, I furious Mason was revealed, his sexy face scrunched and his defined jaw clenched.

Bad Makaila. Very bad. Do not check out the hunk of a god that’s now standing in front of us..oh sweet baby Jesus.

“Oh hey..” I smiles innocently and scooped more egg onto the fork but before I could consume it I was swooped off the stool and pulled into a hard chest.

He didn’t say a word, all eyes were on us as he exited the kitchen and stomped up the stairs like a two year old.

“You do know I can walk and that you have some serious anger issues” I grumbled and tried to squirm out of his grasp as he pushed the study door open. Quickly locking it behind him.

Great trapped with a psycho.

Mason turned and stood in front of me, the Sparks were now erupting in the pit of my stomach. I bit my lip trying to keep the bond away.

“Why are you being so difficult, I know those rogues didn’t take you we were too well guarded. You ran off, why!” he spoke in a low growl and gripped my shoulders.

“Maybe because I hate it here, those rogues you have captured and beaten are the only family I have!” I pulled myself out of his grasp despite how much my body refused.

“You wouldn’t understand..” He punched the desk and hung his head low.

“Oh I do understand what it’s like to loose someone close to you. You think that your all grieving should be transferred to blame well both my parents were murdered” I spat and turned away from him.

“Wait how do you know about my mother..” he span around with his eyes a pure gold.

Oh damn..

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