The Irregularities

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Every June From 1993 to 2003, there was an epidemic of children that were born with these unexplainable gifts in New York City. Why was it only in June for only ten years? No one really knew, but when they were born, they were all left by their parents, because nobody wanted a child that was born in the "Mutant Baby Epidemic". Normal people decided that we needed a whole generation named after us, even though there were only 22 of us. They called us the Irregularities, and it stuck pretty well. My name is Ryan Rivera. I'm 26 years old, and I live in New York City. My birthday is on June 1, 1993. I was the first Irregularity. After I was born, there were only 21 others that were born into the Irregularities. Not a whole lot of us. We were secluded to a house in the middle of nowhere, no adults to take care of us. But in 2011, our house was raided and we were separated. That’s our history. This is our story.

Fantasy / Action
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The Girl In The Splatter Print Jacket

"God your eyes are beautiful," Scott said as he watched me fix his desktop.

"No," I said, dodging his question before it was even asked.

"You don't even know what I was going to say."

"You were going to say: "god your eyes are beautiful, the splattered white on the black. You know I have gold flakes in my eyes, we have so much in common, you should go out to dinner with me sometime." Then I would've said, "don't click on ads again and your computer won't crash." Then I would've gotten up and walked back to my desk because that is what I've been doing for the past four times you have asked me out." I stood up.

"Don't click on ads again, or else you will have to fix your own computer." I walked back to my desk and sighed, Scott walked over and I dropped my head.

"What do you want, Scott?" I asked.

"One date, that's all." he leaned on the side of my desk on both palms.

"No, Scott." I groaned.

"Why not?" he asked.

"Because I don't like men." I looked up at him.

He looked at me confused.

"I'm gay Scott, do I have to spell it out for you?"

"No, I got the message, I'll stop bothering you about it." he walked back to his desk.

I nod my head once and turn back to my computer.

After work, I started walking home. I put my headphones on and raked a hand through my silver hair. I looked around, it seemed to be a normal day.

Suddenly, someone ran into me and we fell to the floor. I groaned, my headphones were knocked out of my ears.

"Get Up!" I heard a man yell.

The person on top of me was pulled off and pushed against the wall, I got up. Mr.Cardamone was holding a girl about my age against the wall of a building.

"Give me back the food or pay for it!" he yelled, shoving her against the wall by her jacket.

"Not at the amount you're charging." She said.

The girl looked familiar, she looked at me pleadingly, I knew exactly who she was. I got up.

"Mr.Cardamone, wait." I stepped between them.

"what, you're gonna help this little thief?" he looked at me.

"Athena happens to be a good friend of mine, I doubt she would have stolen anything without good cause." I turned to him. "how much for the two loaves and the two hams?" I asked.

"$34.56," he said.

I grabbed his jacket and pinned him to the building,

"I've been in your store, people start finding out you're charging three times the price to an innocent woman, business is gonna go down. give me a real price," I said.

"$7.99," he said.

I grabbed three dollars that were in my pocket, I shoved it into his hand and let him go.

"That's for being an absolute prick," I said. "come on Athena," I grabbed the loaves of bread that were on the floor and we walked away.

"Thanks, Ryan," she said.

"No problem, he's an ass for doing that and you're my best friend." I looked at her. "Where are you staying?"

"About a mile away." She said.

"How about we take my car, it'll be faster," I said.

She nodded and we got into my car. She told me the directions and I parked in front of an old warehouse.

"This is where we're all staying." She said.

"We? How many of you are staying here?" I asked.

"In total there 21 people living here." She said.

I looked at her, "you found all the Irregularities?"

"Yeah, they were scattered around New York, but I found all of them."

We walked into the warehouse, I looked around. The place looked run down but also looked like it was being renovated.

"How long have you guys lived here?" I scanned the room.

"About two or three years." She said.

I sighed, "and you never needed any help or anything?"

"Not really, you taught us so much, we've been using that to get by." We walked into a kitchen.

I looked around, there was a fully functioning kitchen there, Athena put the bread in the cabinet and the ham in the fridge.

"Have you guys been renovating this place by yourselves?" I looked around.

"Yeah, it's been going pretty well but it's taken up all the money we have."

I smiled a bit. I heard a door open and voices, about 8 people walked in; I recognized them all.

"Ryan?" Tyler, the third oldest of the Irregularities asked.

"Hey, guys." I smiled.

They all walked over and pulled me into a hug. They were all so grown up.

"How have you guys been?" I asked after they all pulled away.

"We've been great, fixing up this place piece by piece," Tyler said.

"We do as much as we can per week," Athena said.

I smiled at them, "you guys have done some good work here."

"Couldn't have done it without you teaching us."

"Yeah, you taught us everything."

I smiled. More people walked in and I looked over.

"Oh! Look at how big you've all grown!" I smiled.

Everyone looked over at me, they smiled. They walked over and hugged me. I looked at all of them. Everyone had grown so much taller since I'd last seen them.

"Where have you been?" Tyler asked.

"I've been trying to make it in the world, I got a job and an apartment near by, I made some friends and some enemies along the way but, I'm doing pretty well so far." I had my arms wrapped around Athena and Tahlia.

"What are we having for dinner?" Tahlia looked over at Athena.

"Sandwiches." Athena answered.

"I refuse to let you guys eat sandwiches for dinner only, I'm making you dinner, and you guys are catching me up on everything." I stated.

"You can cook?" Tyler asked.

"Yeah, I can cook. I've been cooking for you guys since you were born and I've been cooking for myself since I've learned." I said.

"So what are you making?" Athena looked at me.

"What do you guys want?"

"How about tacos, we'll help you set up everything, all you'll have to do is cook the meat." Tyler suggested.

"Tacos it is."

Athena and Tyler drove with me to the store to get the stuff we needed for the food. Then we went straight back to the warehouse. I started cooking while everyone set up everything else.

After eating, we all sat around talking. Suddenly, my phone rang a news update. I grabbed my phone from my pocket and looked at it. I was suddenly confused as to what I just read. I sat up straight.

"Is everybody here?" I asked.

"Yeah, all 22 of us. Why?" Athena asked, confused as to why I asked.

“Breaking News: An Irregularity Just Attacked Time Square. 25 People Injured. 1 Dead."
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