The Green Guardian

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🥇 1st place in the Meet the Authors Awards, Sky Awards, and Royal Tiara Awards Part 2. Who is the Green Guardian? The fae are an ancient race in Pinta Country, but no fairy is as old as the Green Guardian. Sixty years ago, she trapped a little boy in time. Now she begs for the Pebble Masters to rescue them. Eleven-year-old Evie Amanda Madison and twenty-one-year-old Mateo Brook are part of a specialized camp aimed at training aspiring Pinta Park Rangers. Evie, who has a dream to be just like her hero Ranger Anthony, is unaware of the danger she is about to walk into. There is a basilisk loose in the Paperblank Forest. It's a monster of old magic that dates as far back as the Green Guardian herself. Together with a talking Red-Crowned Crane named John Golden, Evie and Mateo must find a way to free the time travelers if there is any hope to defeat the monster. Little do they know that this is all part of a prophecy-a prophecy held dearly to the people of Paperblank Village. Sixty years ago, history changed forever. A dark shadow is looming over Pinta Country, but Evie and Mateo are the only ones who can reverse the past. *Gorgeous cover made by @LucidDream99 on Wattpad!*

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Author's Note (Important Message At the End)

Like any of my other most well-loved novels on Wattpad, Quotev, and Inkitt, this story is something I have been working on for a long time. It’s original title was The Enchanted Forest... Then I switched it to Mystery of the Paperblank Forest, Euphorbia: The Green Guardian, and now it’s just The Green Guardian. I wrote the first draft all the way back in 5th grade (yeah, you read that right!). Since then, it’s been edited and re-written so many times. My writing skills are improving, and this story is my guinea pig to put everything I’ve learned the ultimate test.

The Green Guardian is actually a spinoff story from a series I wrote through elementary and middle school, Maglin Arts High, but it can easily be read as a stand-alone. The original Maglin Arts High was a total of ninety-six stories, so I know this world like the back of my hand. With this novel, I’ve tried to include many unique Fantasy elements: fairies, monsters, talking birds, talking trees, and even a magic pebble, but I still want it to have the same charm as the original Maglin Arts High books. It takes place in the medieval-modern kingdom of Pinta Country, where there are special rangers named Pinta Park Rangers. Their job is to keep the magic in the country stable, and they go through intense training to become one.

This story is a lot of fun to write, and I hope all you Fantasy lovers out there will enjoy it too. I did some major math and research into how family trees work in order to write it because family is such a big deal in the plot. I wanted to make sure I got ages right. Finally, get ready for one of my most favorite characters I’ve ever created to light up the stage...John the Red-Crowned Crane!

Be patient with me as I try to combine writing with my schoolwork. Updates for the story will mainly depend on how much schoolwork I have to get done. Nevertheless, I hope I am able to transport you to a beautiful but dangerous world.

With that said, see y’all in Pinta Country.


Catherine Victoria Christie (@CroodsGirl)

Please do NOT plagiarize this story! I have worked very hard on her, and she does not deserve an insult like that! I do NOT want to have to turn on my bad side. Just FYI.

*Secondly, I do NOT tolerate any forms of bullying! You won’t be able to fool me. I’ve attended plenty of writing camps, classes, and workshops, so I know the difference between constructive criticism and a straight up bully. If anyone bullies this story or my writing style, there WILL be consequences. Don’t get me wrong... I love constructive criticism. It’s the only way how I’m going to improve. However, I have seen so many wonderful online authors get bullied (me being a victim myself), and I am tired of it.*

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