Harmony Act V: Pride

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Scene XXIII: Moments

Concordia (borders), Void of Chaos. 2014, May

Yujin made his way across the desert with a hand pressed against his hip. His palm dug against his ache whilst he moved, albeit unsteady. He stiffened, withholding a groan of pain when he stumbled, automatically stamping his foot down and sent a twinge of pain up his leg and into his hip.

The fall from the cliff had ended somewhat softly. He had missed every jutted rock and boulder on the way down and had landed on a mound of sand swept against the cliff’s edge from years of collection. He had rolled down the dune and awoke later to find Chini had vanished.

Since waking up, Yujin had been making his way towards the crowd in the distance. His red eyes narrowed against the sun above him, making the details up ahead hard to decipher. All he could see were blurs and shadows along with the light glimpse of Magick and faint calls and cries.

He tripped, missing the jutted rock sticking up from the earth and landed on his face. This time he was unable to prevent the sound of pain from slipping past his lips and he cupped his hip with both hands, rolling onto his back to stare at the blue sky.

“Not long now…” Yujin grunted to himself, closing his eyes as sweat ran down his forehead. He forced himself back onto his stomach and pushed up. “Almost there.”

He began moving once again, this time taking care where he stepped. The sounds ahead were louder and the fact he would need to fight his way through was almost definite. He made a small vow to himself under Concordia’s sun that he would never – repeat, never – get involved with anything relating to the Void, Yuugen, the Council, Muzai Aibori, Hokori, Senbo and Yoku. Especially Yoku.

Perhaps when all this was done and over with, he could move away to a different country and relax for the rest of his days. The idea was so perfect that Yujin knew it would never come true. Things like that just never happened. Who even came up with the idea that people get happy endings? Who invented the phrase ’and they all lived happily ever after’? Yujin made a mental note to track down whoever thought of such a thing and give them a bloody nose.


The harsh groan filled Yujin’s ears, crashing his train of thought. His heels dug against the ground beneath him in a sharp, abrupt halt and he turned to face Chini. He was breathing heavily, arms dangling at his sides as if they were broken and his legs were bent awkwardly; mainly from the fall off the cliff – clearly having been unfortunate with his descent.

“….Toi…” Chini wheezed. His red eyes were glazed and dull. His tear ducts were swollen, and a tear managed to slip past his hungry expression and run down his cheek. “Kill me… please….”

Yujin’s face was stoic as he watched Chini struggle towards him like a puppet on a string. He never moved, not even when Chini’s arm rose to cast a spell that he never wished to conjure in the first place. The attack flew through the air at a wrong angle, missing Yujin’s face by inches. The ends of his hair wafted against the ferocity of its force.

“Toi…” Chini choked on his words, caught up in a small sob. The tears that tracked down his face were not false, nor were they part of Yoku’s twisted experiment. They were genuine. “Please…”

Yujin turned his head away and slowly raised his arm. He dropped it back to his side the moment he aimed his fingers at Chini and groaned, turning to wipe the sweat and frustration from his face. His fingers tugged back his hair and he grit his teeth, closing his eyes when Chini sent another spell to strike the earth at his feet.

“I can’t… I can’t.” Yujin whispered, raising his head to see the twisted figures in the distance behind Chini; desperate to spread The Enchantress’ virus, and they were heading his way.

Swearing, Yujin turned on his heel and began to limp towards Hokori’s Coven. He moved with speed now, despite the throbbing in his bad leg. He had looked back once to find Chini being sucked into the moving herd of twisted figures. As much as it hurt to think about it, Yujin preferred it that way. Out of sight, out of mind.

He turned back in time to see Muzai running up to hug Tsumi and he gasped, noting The Parasite standing behind them with his arms raised to strike them down. All were oblivious to Senbo’s assassination plans – or appeared to be. The moment he released his Magick, Tsumi wrapped her arms around Muzai and jumped in the air. The spot they had been standing in was engulfed in The Parasite’s fury, leaving the earth charred and cracked.

Hokori ran over, wrapping his arms around Senbo’s waist. He held him tight, despite the pathetic squirms and cries. Senbo was far too weak from using so much power that he had no drive left to disappear and went limp; legs giving out and arms dropping at his sides. Hokori held him up and The Parasite’s jaw turned stiff, glaring at Muzai.

Tsumi unravelled her arms from around Muzai after ensuring her safety. She was stoic as ever when her multicoloured eyes glinted beneath the sun and landed upon her Conductor. Her aura was teething with hate and disgust. The longer she stared, the stronger her hate became.

The air was filled with a sickly scream before Tsumi had the chance to do anything. Everyone turned their attention to follow the cry’s source and found the herd of Chiba’s infected audience had finally caught up. Tsumi gasped when she saw Yujin and all thoughts of disposing Senbo were dismissed when she ran towards the herd.

“Tsumi!” Yujin reached out, grabbing the girl’s arm. “Chini is still following-”

Tsumi hushed him sharply, lacing her arm around his shoulder to lead him away. They moved towards the boulders furthest from the oncoming threat and ducked through the battle which commenced between Kobi and Nara. Gently, Tsumi leant Yujin against the boulder beside Yumi and Aisu, patting his shoulder.

“Are you alright?” Tsumi deadpanned.

“I’m fine.” Yujin grunted, brushing Tsumi’s hands away. His glare hardened. “Chini spoke to me. He asked me to kill him… but-”

“Don’t talk.” Tsumi cut in. “Not about him.”

“Hey!” Kiba piped up from his squat in the shade beside his sister. “Where did that cry come from?!”

Tsume shoved past her brother to get to her feet, still groggy from the previous events. She brushed her fringe from her eyes and inhaled once before charging forward, willing all the energy she had been previously known for before getting ill.

“Yoku’s experiments. We gotta help them!”

“Tsume!” Kiba snapped, panic ringing in his voice.

From beside him, Aisu raised a hand to press her palm against his arm. She smiled, eyes drifting towards a different direction rather than up to Kiba’s face and she nodded. “Go ahead. Yumi and I will be fine.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Kiba stood, arms spreading at his sides to enforce his Lupus Armour. Its light glow spread across his body, engulfing him in a flickering image of blue. Its visage was similar to a wolf’s skin covering his body, emanating from pure Magick running through his veins. He bared his teeth like a dog and darted forward, grabbing Tsume’s good arm as he passed by and the two took the lead, protecting their pact from harm.

Tsumi watched the wolves move across the battlefield and her eye turned red. She said nothing to Yujin before pushing away from the boulder to begin casting her own spells, following Kiba and Tsume’s examples of targeting the source of infection among the crowd’s arms and legs.

Hokori took the chance to drag Senbo away once Tsumi was distracted. He grabbed The Parasite by the shoulders and hauled him to stand before harshly slamming his body against a nearby boulder.

“Will you never listen to reason?!”

Senbo whimpered, craning his neck to stare off towards Tsumi. “You don’t understand! I need to see her! I need to see Tsumi! There’s something I need to tell her! She needs to know!

“Shut up!” Hokori snapped, grabbing the man’s chin. He forced Senbo to turn his head away from Tsumi and back up to him. “You need to leave. This place is no longer safe. You were never supposed to show up in the first place!”

Senbo pressed himself against the surface of the rock beneath him and gulped. His eyes flickered and his fatigue only grew more obvious as he forced himself to go still with defeat. He whined, lips trembling and head lolling to the side against the hand on his chin.

“I cannot afford you to be hurt here, understand?” Hokori sighed, lowering his hand. “You may have other opportunities to speak with Tsumi, but now here. Not now. She is powerful; fast. And right now, she may be losing people she cares for. Her mind is delicate, we both know this.”

“You’re… probably right.” Senbo mumbled, raising his bloody hands to tug at Hokori’s shirt in attempts to calm down. He smiled, a crooked expression behind distant eyes as he turned in on himself; returning to the docile personality he submitted to whenever he lost a game. “I need to get back to Yuugen. Need to… need to go back to my room. I’ll see you again sometime.”

“I hope so.” Hokori nodded, bending down to kiss Senbo’s forehead, then another small kiss to those pale, cracked lips he adored so much. “Goodbye, my love.”

The God of Chaos conjured a spell, sending Senbo away from the Void and back to the Dabbler world. He inhaled deeply before pushing away from the empty boulder and surveyed the area; eyes soon finding Kin.

Kin had watched his Conductor with eyes of sympathy. Katsubo was beside him, resting on his side in a ball of comfort as he slept off the pain. Kin had been kind enough to heal him to the best of his Familiar abilities and he moved down to press a small kiss to Katsubo’s temple before standing to limp his way over to The God of Chaos.

“Your leg,” Hokori gestured. “Are you quite alright?”

“Eh, I’ll live. Me leg ain’t our main problems right now.” Kin chirped, nudging Hokori with his elbow. “Come on, Boss. Let’s do what we do best, yeah?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Miryoku had never had the intentions to abandon anyone when they were swallowed into the Void. He lost Yoku and Nara a while back and had only grown bitter since his encounter with a certain someone on the train tracks. He had intended to follow Yoku and see exactly what her sick little mind called her greatest experiment.

As far as he was convinced, The Enchantress had no plan other than infecting the crowd and avoiding their clutches to prevent herself from getting bitten. Familiars were the targets. Yoku was a Familiar. It was like she had invented the greatest game of dodgeball in the world just to look powerful enough for dodging every attack.

When Miryoku came to the dune slope where Yoku lay, his brows rose. It was almost ironic to see the woman laying out in the open, dress hiked up and lips parted in an unattractive pout. She had been punched or kicked across her face – Miryoku knew that much by the bruise against her jaw and for the longest time, he did nothing but stare.

Only when The Enchantress’ wounds healed, and she raised a hand to her forehead did Miryoku actually do something. He shoved his hands into his slacks’ pockets and strode over. His shadow cast over Yoku’s face, shielding her from the sun when her eyes opened.

“What happened to you?” Miryoku asked dully.

“That damned Kokutan, I failed to see her coming.” Yoku scoffed, moving her fingers under her nose and cringed at the feeling of dried blood. She dropped her hand as she sat up. “And you? I had begun to worry.”

“I doubt that.” Miryoku grunted, reaching out to offer a hand. He proceeded to pull The Enchantress to her feet and rolled his eyes as she smoothed her fingers against the inside of his wrist. “Are we done here? Only, things are getting kinda out of hand-”

“Hush, we will be done soon enough.” Yoku cut in. She turned back to the dune slope and noticed the slowly dying sounds of her experiments groans and cries. “I just have one final experiment to test.”

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