The Tale of Magni

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The famous bearer of the title Magni, Nathaniel fights for his vengence with the Angel of Justice, Malthael against the dreaded and notorious Dragoons.

Fantasy / Scifi
Henry Luong
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I raise my sword and yell, ” On guard!” and rush toward the giant.

Theodor raises his sword as well. He stands steady, readying himself for my attack.

Suddenly I find myself before him, green and far too eager. He lowers his blade to counter my first attack. Our blades meet with a deafening clang, causing me to scramble to regain my footing. I quickly thrust my sword toward his center, but he deflects it with one swift movement. Suddenly I feel wind rushing by my face, as quickly as I realized what was happening I hit the ground with a bruising thud. When I finally sit up I see my father walking toward me from where he and I had been sparring a few feet away.

He lets out a bellowing laugh as he exclaims, ” Come on, son. You gotta do better than that to get me!”

I ram my sword into the hardened soil and slowly get back on my feet, begrudgingly pulling myself off the ground. Theodor is the most powerful man in all of Tristram, which earned him the title of Thor.

“One of these days, I will beat you and I will relish it. ” I declare as charge my towering father once again.

I see him with a smirk on his face and he responds. ” Yeah, I’m betting on it. You’ll get me someday, but you’re only 10 years old.”

He raises his sword yet again and slashes against mine. Our swords clash, causing a standstill.

He looks down at me with smiling eyes and adds, ” I know, someday your day will come. But it’s not today! ”

He swiftly gains the advantage and edges over me, adding more and more pressure fast. Our swords grind against one another. The sound of steel against steel makes a cringe worthy sound. With a snap, my sword breaks clean in half. The blade and part of the fuller flew away from the shaft, lodging easily into the ground. As though everything in the universe slowed down, I watched my father’s face as he takes in the whole scene. Suddenly realizing the sword was headed straight for my head, he lifts his sword up from mid-swing. The sword strikes my face. Leaving a cut on my cheek.

Eyes wide, my father curses and backs up a couple steps. ” Oops, sorry about that son. I guess I still don’t know my strength. Please don’t tell your mother. ”

Still shocked I slowly back away. I touch the cut and it hits me with a pinching pain. It stings each time I touch it. It was a shallow cut so little to no blood was coming from it. After a short while, I burst out laughing and say ” That was a close one! ″

Then all of a sudden, a voice is heard from our house a couple meters away. ” What was that noise? ”

My dad jumps up at the voice and yells back, ” Nothing dear, just training our son here. ”

My mother, Mary soon follows out of the back door and is horrified at the sight of my broken sword and the cut on my face.

” What did you do? ” she yells while running toward me. she quickly embraces me and looks at my head.

My father quickly says ” Sorry dear, I was just training him for a little bit and then the sword just broke. ”

He lifts the broken blade of my sword so she can look at it. She was worriedly inspecting my head for any cuts.

Finally, exasperated over all the fuss I say, ” I’m ok mom, at least i’m not dead right?” She gives a half smile while she strokes my hair and says, ” Ahh yes, that’s true. Come on. Get inside the house and go clean yourself up. We are having dinner soon. ” she replies while patting me gently on the back.

We walk past father, and mom quickly looks at him dead in the eyes and grabs the two broken pieces.

She inspects the two pieces of metal and says,” You gave our son this hunk of junk? Come on. You better get back to work and fix this. And while you’re at it, finish that quota of swords you were suppose to make. The soldiers can’t fight without their swords and especially with this one. ” throwing the sword on the ground.

” Is dad having dinner with us? ” I asked while looking at her.

” No dear, I’m afraid he has a lot of work to do. ” Mom says while slightly nudging me back inside the house. ” But maybe after dinner you can bring dinner to him out where the forge is, only if you promise not to work with him though. ”

My eyes filled with excitement, ” Really? Ok! ”

I run to the bathroom to wash off the dirt from my hands and face from the pallet of water for a few minutes and then run back out to the dining room and sit down at the table. As soon as mom lays out dinner in front of me I feel my stomach rumble. It’s my favorite, soup made of cabbage, carrots, and peas. I quickly start chowing down on my mother’s homemade soup. With a big grin, I look back at my mom and say, ” Thanks you mother! this food is delicious! ” I then go back to eating my dinner. ” Thank you dear, and be sure not to eat the spoon while you’re at it. ” Mom replies back, watching as I shovel spoonful after spoonful into my mouth.

I kept eating the soup, although it really only took me a couple minutes, and slurped the last drop. I gave the empty bowl to to my mother with a big smile across my face. “ Thank you mother. ” I said gladly. “Anytime dear. And now you go bring your father some dinner. And no running! ” She called after me in my rush out the door.

“ Ok! ” I said and then walked with the large bowl slowly toward the door, trying not to spill any of it. I walked around the house and started heading toward the heat of the forge. I come across some scratches on the wall of the house. I examine it with a closer view. It looked like bear scratches along the wall, but the cuts seemed finer and deeper cuts. Plus some of the markings had curves and holes in them, almost as if they were symbols carved by a sword. It probably father just testing out his swords. Mom won’t be happy. I thought to myself with a smirk.

I paid no mind to it and started walking back toward the forge when I heard the clashing of metal and grunts. It was probably father fixing my sword. I cut the corner of the house. In the distance, I looked for father at his usual spot in the middle of the forge, hammering away at the steel, but he was not there. Nor were the other swords he had worked on, they were always placed on a rack that welcomed visitors to the forge. I walked quickly to the forge and surveyed the area around. and then with a sudden boom, the houses nearby had exploded. knocking the bowl and me onto the ground.

I looked around and saw many people running. I heard screams and moans in the distance. We’re being attacked. I push from the ground and stand and shout ” Father! ” at the off chance of figuring out where he has gone.

“ Get outta here Son! ” My father howls at me.

I look around and see his bulky shoulders behind the forge and my eyes followed his shoulders to his gloves that he used for his smithing to his sword.

He let out a cry, ” Mary! Get him out of here! ”

Mom runs out the back door to me and looks at her husband fighting something. Her eyes bulged and her jaw opens wide. She let out a moaning gasp and looked toward me. She darted for me and harshly carried me away. As she struggled to carry me, I looked toward the thing holding its own against my father. It held a blade that looked as though a khopesh of the old age that I’ve seen in books and stories. It had armor that looked like it was burned many times like charcoal, slightly covering and protecting its scaly body a short and narrow head that looked like an alligator’s head, the physique of a human, aside from the long and thin tail that looks like it can be a whip. It was a giant red lizard. Almost overpowering my father.

I watched as my father strained against the lizards attacks. I try to push away my mother and help him, but with little effort, my mother holds on tighter and runs away from the disaster.

” Let me go! ” I shriek at my mother as she desperately tries to get me away.

I struggle more and more until I had no more strength. Then a few moments later, both of our bodies stopped and jerked backwards. Another one of the lizardmen had grasped my leg with its scaly hands and I jerk forward and back, trying to shake off his hands. My mother and I drop to the ground as the thing pulls harder and harder. Finally with a large rock, my mother bashes the lizard in the head. The thing lets out a groaning roar and lets go of my leg. My mother tackles the lizard and held down its arms.

She looks back at me and shouts ” Run! ”

I ran and ran with those words tumbling in my head. run, run, run.

I ran with adrenaline fueling my body until I had reach the outpost near the Capital. There were more of those lizard things. Fully clad in armor, they were battling those guarding the building. I somehow made my way to the captain near the main gates and tugged on his mantle.

Exhausted, I struggled to catch my breath, I yelled out, ” Captain Rumford! you have to help my mom and dad! ”

He then slashed at the lizard man behind me. I watched as a dark red blood spewed from his open wound after it had let out a terrifying cry and collapsed onto the ground

Then the captain looked back at me and exclaimed,” Now is not the time for that! ” His eyes widened a bit and looked toward one of the soldiers who wasn’t fighting and yelled,” You there! You take this boy into the Capital. And be careful with him. He is the son of Theodor, who bears the title Thor. Guard him with your life! ”

He saluted to the captain and replied,” Yes Captain. ”

He picked me up and carried me through the giant, heavy doors that led to safety.

I struggled to get him off me,” Let me go! I need to help them!” the soldier replies back with,” I can not do that. It’s too dangerous and the captain gave me my orders. ” I watched helplessly as the doors behind us started to close.

Captain Rumford glanced as the doors were almost completely closed, he still managed to get a few words passed them. ” Go on and live, live for your mother, your father, your town. Live on young Nathaniel! ”

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