The Tale of Magni

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Chapter 4

We all soon enter the flame enveloped town and see nothing but abandoned houses and scattered belonging along with streaks of blood littered across the streets and walkways. I watched as some of my men have horrified expressions as we pass the houses that had been ransacked and torched. It looks as though houses were turned inside out. The tables and chairs of the houses either was thrown outside and torn to shreds or burnt away like some of the houses that were already reduced to ashes.

I keep looking around armed and ready and ask Malthael, “ Where are all the people? ”

As Malthael summon his sword and shield, he observes the surroundings that were ablaze, he then says, “ The people were already gone by the time I had scouted the area earlier atop the cliff. They had either moved on to the next settlement or had their lives taken by the Dragoons. ”

We then hear a trembling roaring that bellowed throughout the time. Shaking and stoking the fires nearby. A couple of the houses nearby collapse at the sheer pressure of the voice. Nathaniel and Malthael kneel down regain their balance while the soldiers shake and quiver as they stand, pulling out their swords and bows. The men on horseback struggle to regain control of their riled up steeds. After moments of Nathaniel and Malthael take cover near a torn down building and the soldiers soon follow. Nathaniel peaks out of a broken window from the building and sees dragoons about 100 meters away. He scans the area around the dragoons and spots one with intricate markings on its head. It commands the scouts to move boxes of what seems like silverware and metals. Probably for more armor and swords.

Eager for the upcoming battle, Nathaniel exclaims, “ Malthael, we should charge these Dragoons soon, while we have the chance of surprise. “

Malthael stops and sits Nathaniel down before he cuts the corner and heads for the Dragoons. “ You might want to be more care with this one. They have a more powerful force here than we are use to. We cannot endanger the lives of our men so readily ” He says as he rests his hand on Nathaniel’s axe.

He lets go and turns his view toward the petrified soldiers. Shakened and obviously frightened by the roar, the men wear unsure looks on their faces by and orders them. “ Why are you shaking?”

One of the men cry out,” We cannot win against this.” Another exclaims, “ They’ll kill us all before we can kill them. ”

Obviously frustrated, Nathaniel pats Malthael on the armor on his shoulder and walks in front of him. With a grimace and announces,” You are all worthless. Because of a bigger Dragoon? I am amazed. You all wear the Mantle of the Throne. You all have fought countless battles and earned victories across many battlefields. You all have successfully defended our wives, sons and daughters to no avail. Do you really want this for your villages? For them to be pillages and your families tortured before they are slaughtered like pigs?

One soldier yells angrily, “ No! ”

Others soon join in. “ We will fight to the death before that happens! ”

With a widening smile, Nathaniel slings his axe on his right shoulder and with the huge thud, he says,” You all are the best men I have ever met. We all have seen what the Dragoons are capable of, but it is them, who has not seen what Humanity can become. We can settle our differences and fight. We can forget about petty rivalries and fight. We can even forget our own selves and embody Malthael’s and the fallen Angel’s raging spirits and be victorious in this glorious battle ahead of us. Although some of you may fall in this upcoming battle and rise up to the Heavens to aid Odin himself in his battle. Make sure you fall valiantly and take down as many of these disgusting lizard bastards with you! ” Nathaniel raise his axe in the air and yells.

The elite soldiers soon follow suit with their bows, spears, and swords. The horses lean back and neigh wildly at the yelling and cheering of the soldiers nearby. We all stood adjacent from the building. Showing off our confidence and spirit. We all let out our frustrations and sorrow in our hearts and charge straight for the Dragoons with only our will to protect our families leading us.

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