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The Hunter (From Sphere To The Fragments Book-1)

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Adreil is normal 18 year boy with a job of part timer and bounty hunting - far from the gruesome reality of this world. The world made of myths which grew many races including two times taller giants than any normal human, magical elves, bloodlust orcs and many other mysterious creatures within itself, where evil dwels within shadows of the anomaly coming near and near with his every single breath. Revenge was just an I initial illusion with mysteries beyond imaginations. The war which was going to engulf whole world was finding the one who was chosen to make peace. This is just the beginning of decade long epic.

Fantasy / Action
West Fragment
Age Rating:

The Hunt Begins

Chapter - 1

Long long ago there was a world made of ever lasting fantasies. Where Giants, orcs, fairies, humans and elves coexisted. But good and evil are two sides of a coin.


This story is about a person named adriel. Who was leading normal life of a bounty Hunter and part time tavern waiter until the day his all the dreams went into the deep abyss and something
unnatural occured.

Sun is shining bright in the sky after some good night's sleep. Adreil is steel having some difficulty waking up for his tavern job. THAK THAK THAK, someone knocked the door brutally. Adriel steal couldn't make energy to lift his finger when she holded him high from his collars. She really jerked him extravagantly, he jumped waking with fearful screams.

His sleepy eyes became stable on her and said,
"Teresa, let me sleep there's some time left until tavern opens." Fell asleep again.This time teresa rensecked him from top to bottom with her muscular hands. He woke up, wore his gray shirt took his long heavy sword and Teresa put him out of his hut and pet him in the back.

Adreil looked at her with some smile on face.
"Work hard, and take care, be safe." Teresa exclaimed with some caring smile. Said bye walking down some stairs and disappeared after some moments. But as usual Teresa was still there shaking her hand with smile of joy. Her pretty face was more prettier when she was smiling.

Normal chitter-chatter there was on the streets around tavern, his working place. Just when he was about to open the door, someone pulled it from inside and there was a friendly face standing in unfriendly manner in front of him.

"Hey, Rita. Sorry, I know I am little late again but, Teresa wanted my help in her work and we were up for the whole night. You know I can't say no to her."
He excused with some dull face.

"But tomorrow you said you went to say goodbye to her because she was migrating to another mountains!!!" Looked at him, giving ears to his another excuse since this one's wasted.

She was also wearing a waitress uniform.

Another male waiter passed by him whispering with rage, "get, ready, now."

After a look at her to say sorry he rushed to the male dressing room and came out holding a tray of bear glasses in hands wearing his uniform. Rushing from one table to another fulfilling customers' demands as fast as he can.He was more handsome doing that.

It was filled with customers today because some new hunters wanted to watch face of their superior.

At the first sight he asked the other hunter with him, "is this kid the best hunter in morberos?? What a shame."chuckled looking at adreil.

He done the same which pissed that hunter off.

"Wanna have a duel? Only you and me, no one will interfere."

Adreil looked at the hunter sitting beside this new fella. Answered with pity for new hunter. He stood up Walking past adreil trying to influence him with his taller athlete phisique.Un questionably that changed nothing.

Other one said,"Meet you at the bounty wall."As they were friends.

Half a day went without anything special. His tavern job ends here. He took off his uniform wearing normal gray shirt and black pants with some letter belts around left thigh and other two cross shaped on the chest, took his sword - Terra. Here his job as hunter begins.

The wall of bounties was the place where bounty papers were sticked to the long old wall where bounty hunters accept whatever bounty suit them taking that bounty paper and doing what it tells them to.

So many cracks and it's worse condition were telling it's age of hundreds of years. Around the wall there was a little houses cause it was on the edge of the southern end of morb. Kingdom. The terrain here was plane soily with some rocks burried deep in the ground by natural flows. Hunters were using this plane surfaces as there duel ground where they compete with each other to finalize one above all of them. Ultimately adreil was known as undisputed one for years now.

The crowd started gathering around the circle where adriel and his opponent were competing. This wasn't new to the spectators. Almost every new hunter after adreil's arrival, couldn't accept him as the best of morb. They always fought him to fix the score but it never did.

Even though the rules of dueling hunters give them permission to use any weapon they are skilled in adriel Terra - the sword of adriel never used against fellow hunters by his hands. But opponent wasn't going easy on him. Having a mace against someone without weapon is heavy advantage though no one can interfere cause that was the rule. And duelist sure was making use of it.

They were standing in there places. Challenger made his stance holding his heavy mace with both the hands facing adriel. Left leg little bent forward with other leg behind. On the flip side adreil was standing formally without any stance totally in relaxed position, which made the opponent feel uneasy.

His eyes couldn't see through adriel's arrogance , it couldn't see the reason. His mace came close to adriel tearing the silence but the movement speed wasn't enough to make I work. He grabbed his wrist which was holding the mace, moved it dexterously to his left side horizontally rotating the pace of it he bumped it into challenger's right jaw.
using his attack against him. that was the strategy adriel built. The battle couldn't even made it to the beginning.

After this thwarting defeat hunter went to the wall tearing a single piece of paper from it. came to Adriel, his ego challenged adreil to defeat the person on the paper.

At a single glance adreil could say that the person on paper was 'Gitto the bandit', who don't know the one who killed countless innocentes for his precious gold coins. A year ago when this war general started going against his own people, becoming completely blind in his lust for power no one had the courage to go against him, stop him. Killed his own soldiers running away from the royals. In just a year he was powerful enough to make a pack of around more than hundred bandits. No pleadings for mercy could peirce his heart. that's how monstrous he was.

"yeah, alright. I was going deal with him anyway" said adreil lacking horror or anything which was predicted by the hunters in front of him.

There faces were giving him a clue of what they might have thought.

They were saying, "this will be the end of his undispute or maybe even of his life!!!"
at least they believed so.


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